[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Proofread Files Translation German

proofread ‘s next file in 105 minutes.

I still think that some of her errors require proofreading. Some passages are good, so proofreading doesn’t need to take very long, but spot-checking isn’t enough in my opinion/by my standards; while she gets the message accross most of the time, many longer or more complex sentences are a bit clumsy.

I am attaching some comments that may help her, and my earlier comments may help her, too.

I will start a bit on the next files now, and continue/finish them tomorrow.



What do you mean you need to “get” the file?
Your 05_part_304 is in your computer, right? Why do you need to get it?


Sorry for not being really specific.

When I try to send the project (turning it into a .txf file) it never contains the needed 05_part_304.GER. I tested it with the other file which was assigned to me (05_283_DEU.PXF) and there the produced .txf file contains the 05_283_DEU.GER. Something went wrong with the 05_part_304 file and I don’t know what it is exactly. Right now I cant even get a .GER file from my old back up of the 05_part_304 (from which I sent you the file yesterday, but which is not proofread yet). So I will copy & paste segment by segment my translation from my back up into a complete fresh 05_part_304, proof read it again and send it to you. Because nothing else works. I am really sorry that I cause this much trouble, but I really only made some corrections on the translation and since then it does not work anymore.

I hope my delay does not affect the whole project too much.

Again, I am really sorry for all the inconveniences.



Ulrich, there’s a slight change in plan.

Please translate the 01_epsilon_reps file.

Word count is estimated at 5237 words.
01_epsilon_reps_DEU 5,237

This one needs to be prioritized over 01_gamma_77. Please do the reps file first and the other files can wait until after this one is done.

Let’s see, at 5,237 words… it’ll take you until Thursday? Friday?

” Did you try the trick I told you earlier of adding a space and then deleting that space and then saving and sending that file?

Believe me I tried this (and not just only one time) and everything I could think of. Something is broken in the file that prevents that the .GER file is produced. I created new projects, exchanged single files and so on. So copy & pasting every single segment is my only and last solution I can think of right now. ”

I downloaded it. I think it’s possible until Wednesday (if it doesn’t pose extra difficulties).

I will do gamma 77 after. I just uploaded gamma 72.



Take this file:
01_part_079 (2,213)

Download link:


Bah, copying and pasting one by one takes too much time.
I don’t know what’s broken with your file 304, but here, download this instead.


Before you start Transit do the following:
1. If you have started 283, back up the .DEU file. If not, skip this step.
2. Back-up the 05_part_304.DEU from your project directory. I’m assuming that this one is the proofread one. If this one isn’t proofread, skip this step.

Start Transit, Receive the file. This is the assignment that you sent us, but as you said, it wasn’t proofread. Do not open the Language Pair yet.

Now, if you have a proofread copy of 05_part_304 that I told you to back-up in step 2, it’s time to open that back-up. Copy that .DEU file into your project directory. Allow it to overwrite the 05_part_304.DEU

Transit is smart in some respect, but stupid in some others. By overwriting the unproofread file with the proofread file, you just saved yourself some work.

Now try Sending and see if it creates the TXF with 304 in it. If it doesn’t, try adding a space and then removing it and saving and sending. If that still doesn’t work, oh well, I give up. In which case just re-Receive the file again and start proofreading that one.

But hey, you don’t have to copy-and-paste segment by segment.

If you already started file 283 and it’s gone now, re-download the raw file for 283 and then do the overwrite trick with your back-up. That will overwrite the raw file with your translation and you can resume work from there.



Thanks for the feedback.

I actually have the full tags displayed so I wonder how they got mixed up in some places. I’ll be more careful with those in the future. The same goes for the hyphens which must have been just a few though as I usually replaced them with the three circles symbol already.

I’ve got to check my schedule for the rest of the week tomorrow and might ask for another file then.




last upload for today :-), 01_part_001 and 002.

: 30 mins:

seems to be a good translator, left a few segments + or untranslated which I fixed, no other problems discovered BUT the same occasional problems with tags {h. Added a short welcome and a note about that. Did not fix the brackets as you said it could be done in vetting.

Annette: 20 mins:

quite good, but not as flawless as the very good ones I assessed. May not be native? Spot-checked quickly, but had to fix a few minor errors: conjugation/gender agreement, punctuation, and some numbers that were missing from fuzzy match-segments – the translator should make sure to read/edit the fuzzy text carefully before accepting.
Untranslated segments at the end that are chinese, left untranslated.

I’ll continue with the others tomorrow and do my best to hurry. However, writing the comments always takes a while in addition to the actual spot-checking.



I was waiting for an answer on an important segmentation issue regarding delta from Karel, which has arrived only today in the morning when I was at work. I have spotchecked the file so far, but have not done an intensive proofread yet. Sebastian’s quality is high, as always, so this might be enough. If not, I’m afraid I can only deliver it by tomorrow afternoon.
Regarding glossary updates:
Gerald told me he has attached his Add_New so far… any others? I’d like to incorporate them.


All translators we have at least told that they are native German speakers, but of course noone checked their citizenship. What is concerned comments, I do understand that they take you time. Thank you for them. I like the way you perform this part of tasks very much.:)
And sorry one more time for interrupting your translation work. You might have missed it already.

Good night


I didn’t have a “reps” file before. When I open it, it consists only of the “translation extract”, is this right?


He’s the only one I know. Nobody else said anything.

Is there anything I need to do to get Gerald’s Add_New transferred to you? His files are still on the TR site and you can download whichever file has the Add_New from there. But if you need me to do anything, let me know.

As for the proofread, do it. Better to have it proofread.

One thing I am wondering about is how close you are to next glossary update. If you’re very close, we may want to do the update first prior to proofreading delta. That way everyone can start translating subsection delta with a new glossary.

On the other hand, if the glossary is still a day or two away, then please proofread 01_delta_reps first. We can half of subsection delta done in one day.



ok, that’s why I always write “may” not be native. A translator who works from the source on a word-by-word basis too much and does not really change the word order carefully will make it sound like a non-native, non-professional translation, even if they are indeed native speakers…

Happy to hear that my comments are appreciated :-).

Good night to you, too


It worked. Thanks a lot. I tried to swap files before, I do not know why it did not work there, but now it worked. Thanks a lot again. I uploaded the file again as: “05_part_304 German Steffen Translation Final Proof.TXF”

You really spared me a long night in front of the computer.


Yes. An extract file can be either everything in a section that hasn’t been translated (it’ll be huge) or just the repetitive ones. In this case it’s just the repetitive ones. So we also call it a reps/repetitions file.

Please pay particular attention to the segments {h brackets.

I’m told that word order in German is sometimes different from English. So often sentences that goes “word word {hWORDh} becomes “word {hWORDh} word”.

But in our current project the segmentation is such that the closing h} and period (.) are on different segments. These segments are then not included in the reps file because as far as Transit can tell, they’re just a tag and a period. There’s nothing to translate.

Try to phrase things so that there’s no word after the {hWORD in this file. However, if it’s awkward, go ahead and change the word order. It will mess up the tagging slightly, but we will catch them in the vetting stage.

I don’t know if I described things clearly, but if you want an example, let me know.


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