[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Translation Glossary Segment

So which document do I have to read?
The link you sent me gets me to a page that says:

Index of /files

* Parent Directory
* .ftpquota
* BOI/
* FTP/
* French-JD/
* French/
* German-JD/
* Glossary/
* JD_quality.reports/
* Proofreading/
* Temp/
* Z/
* instructions.OLD.html_
* pindex.html

Is it the file “instructions.OLD.html_”?


I will be finish my actual file today so please assign a new one for tomorrow.



here is your new file:

Total word counts:1948

Download link: http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/01_gamma_74_DEU.PXF

Let me now when it will be ready.



You should click on the word “guidelines” in the left black column, and you’ll be redirected to the page with instructions. Ok, or simply click this link http://translationstop.com/files/Z/guidelines.html


I just wanted to let you know that I uploaded my assigned file to the server.
I’ll be great if you assign me a new file.


I will assign you some new files to check in 30 min.

Please, let me know how much more time it could take you to make proper proofreading of ‘s file.


here is your new file:

Total words count: 2093

Download link: http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/01_gamma_75_DEU.PXF

Let me know when it will be ready.



I’ll tell you what you got right so far though.

– what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?

Your answer for this one is incomplete.

– how do we deal with hyphens when translating?

You got this one right.

– how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?

Your answer for this is incomplete. Here are my follow-up questions. The glossary is in a separate file. How do you get it to load in your assignment? Also, Alt-T loads the term one at a time. There’s a way to insert everything all at once. How?

– how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text from the fuzzy window?

Your answer for this is correct. (Not in the guidelines: You can also click on the segment or highlight the segments you want to mark as translated, and then go to Edit -> Segment Status -> Translated. Useful trick when you want to deal with whole paragraphs at once.)

And you haven’t answered the last two questions.

PS: Can you start a new ticket with your name and last name? There’s another  working with us and we need an easy way to tell who’s who.



I have got comments from the proofreader concerned your 306 file. You have to revise it yourself and fix mistakes taking into account proofreader’s comments attached. Then upload it to FS again. Update me when you are done, please


Looks like the CS is still not working right. Forget it for the moment. Try the Google Sheet link?

We do want those remarks and we appreciate your messages. We do want them and we read them and forward them to . But as I mentioned earlier, the current method for forwarding manually to  isn’t efficient. We can’t be certain we got everything forwarded, and  has said that he prefers a single compilation that he can read and take care all at once instead of a couple dozen small files and messages over the week.

We’re trying the Google sheet link to see whether that will suit our purposes, but if you have a suggestion for either the Google sheet or even another method entirely to pass information from the translators to  (and vice versa), we’d like to hear about it.


I guess it may take 2 to 3 more hours to properly proofread ‘s file. Many of the easy sentences seem to be ok. But it’s a bit difficult to estimate.


yes, of course, me and my stupid typos…I am afraid I sent it away too early. I will return it tomorrow in a better quality, sorry. I think, these things will improve soon, because I am better with Transit now.- I twas just my first file.



If you want to work on 306 some more, the files should still be in your hard disk. Just work from there and upload the improved version.

However, if you want to download what you sent us, it’s at:

Just look for 05_306_DEU.txf (or whatever name you send a file as) and tell Transit to Receive it. This will overwrite your German translation with that one. Again, I don’t see why you need to download your own file, as it should still be in your computer.


o.k., you are completely right, I can improve my own file, I still have it stored. I do need to make the whole translation anew, I think, it should be o.k. when I correct it.




Proofread her file properly, so that it was acceptable quality. Then upload it to FS.

” What about simple email? “Susanne, do you actually want to re-translate from scratch? In that case you I recommend the following steps:
1. Open a blank Word file.
2. Open Transit. Load file 306.
3. Copy the entire German side to Word. You’ll have to highlight and Ctrl-C the whole side. There’s no Select-All function in Transit. Save the Word file, this will be your reference.
4. Redownload the original 306 PXF from our server. Scroll-up for the link. Receive it and allow it to overwrite your file. You will lose your current translation. That’s why I told you to copy them to Word first. So you have a reference.
5. Start over.

If you just want to redo certain segments, you can highlight the segment(s) and then go to Edit -> Segment Status -> Untranslated. Transit will ask you if you want to copy things over from the source text. Say yes and those segments will revert back to English. You can use Alt-T to reinsert the glossary terms and then redo just those segments.


thanks for the tips! I think, I will try the second option, but I am afraid, I can not start until tomorrow, because I am incredibly busy this week, sorry. But from Friday on things will got better, and I can do more.


Unfortunately I have to ask you to stop translating for a while. Proofreader says, that it takes him too long to proofread your 305 file. The main issue is:”Word-by-word translations that lead to awkward sounding German sentences”
We need some time to estimate exactly how much time it will take and if we can can affort it for your files. Below is the list of some corrections he has already done.
(Source -> target by translator -> target fixed)
• Poseidon’s -> Poseidon’s -> Poseidons – no apostrophe is used for the genitive -s in German.
• Crashed Claw Meat -> Zerbrochene Klaue-Fleisch -> Zerbrochenes Klauen-Fleisch.
Conjugation/should be plural in German.
• “Besides, we Spartans believe that only sweets should be tasted after hard work.”
-> “Außerdem glauben wir Spartaner, dass nur Süßes nach harter Arbeit probiert werden sollte.”
-> Better: “Außerdem glauben wir Spartaner, dass harte Arbeit nur mit Süßem belohnt werden sollte.”
comment: please try not to translate such sentences word-by-word, but find a way to express the German meaning with a natural sounding German sentence. This often means changing word order and using different words.
• My mask is one that is a reward from battle.
-> Meine Maske ist eine, die eine Kampf°°°Belohnung ist
-> Meine Maske ist eine Belohnung aus einem Kampf.
Again, a word by word translation that sounds awkward.
• In the future when he decides to hold the event, his mask will act as the trophy for the winner.
-> In Zukunft, wenn er ein solches Ereignis abhalten will, wird seine Maske die Trophäe für den Sieger sein.
-> Wenn er in Zukunft ein solches Ereignis abhalten will …
Again, word-by-word -> awkward.
• “Workers have already started trading it and Sibb needs extra help to continue mining.”
-> “Die Arbeiter haben bereits begonnen, es zu handeln …
-> “Die Arbeiter haben bereits begonnen, damit zu handeln…
• “He told you to cross°°°examine the mermaids and see if they confess to anything.”
-> “Er sagte Euch, die Meerjungfrauen ins Kreuzverhör zu nehmen und zu sehen, ob sie irgendetwas gestehen.”
-> “Er wies Euch an”, or “Er befahl Euch”.


We considered simple email pretty early on and discarded it almost immediately.  prefers a single compilation that he can read and take care all at once instead of a couple dozen small files and messages over the week.

Email is the same as a couple dozen small files and messages over the week. It’s not going to make his job easier. ‘s doing glossary, translation, proofreading, and then answers question on top of that. Some of the delays we had is due to  being unable to finish a job on time because he’s too busy. So we’re trying to figure out a way to make things more efficient for him. Email, while convenient for us, does not actually improve things from his point of view.

Neither is CS, actually, which is why I’m not too concerned about it being broken. The worksheet though is his idea, so let’s give that a try.


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