[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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I would still like to particiate in this project as I have always enjoyed working on JD. I did indicate my availability here and also through CS, but was never assigned a file. Eventually, I accepted another job. This job will keep me busy until Friday (09.07.) and I have to spend two or three days of the next week to finish it. But I could start translating for you on Saturday (10.07.) if you are still interested.

Please let me know.




Hi Szilvia

the file will be ready tonight.



>Let me know when it will be ready.


I will try to send it tonight (I am 8 hours ahead of Europe) but since it is already late here, it might take until tomorrow morning (Thursday morning)

All the best from Down Under


New file for you:

01_part_092 (4,375)

Download link:

Please, update us when you upload completed file to the FS and request a new file.
Please, confirm.


the file:

01_part_073 (2,035)

is uploaded.
Please assign new files ASAP.




Next file for you:
01_part_093 (4,749words)

Download link:

Please, confirm



Not to keep you waiting after you complete 088 file, I assing you one more file at once:

01_part_099 (4,316)

Download link:

Please, confirm


Thanks for the file. It should be done on Sunday at the latest.

Best Gerald



all these ways of communication are somewhat confusing… 🙂

So, OT is visible to everyone…and I should confirm here and ask here for new files. ok. I’ll try to remember…

” Thank you:)


Exuse us, but the current project is approaching to the finish line and we have enough translators at the moment. When we have an open position of translator -we’ll let you know right away.


I’m working on gamma 77 now, do you have the next file for me?

I will put together a few remarks regarding the last few files I did & try to post them soon. I still haven’t understood how to send anything through this Googlesheet, though.



done proofreading and uploaded epsilon reps. Time: 2 hours.

comment: A careful translator, very few spelling or grammar mistakes. However, is a bit weak with some idiomatic meanings and often follows the English word order too closely — while the result is still acceptable, it’s not really good sometimes. So I compiled a list of examples I changed which I hope will help him improve this in the future; they are attached below.

Is the glossary spreadsheet down, by the way? I can’t get access. There are two words that should be added to the glossary because many translators don’t seem to understand them — important game terminology:

1. Buff = Stärkungszauber = a spell that fortifies character’s attributes or protects them from damage, common term in rpgs

2. Instance = Instanz = a type of area in the game that exists simultaneously for different groups of players. Is sometimes “instancing” in English, which is bad english, but should mean the same.

Will continue now with spot-checking the other files.



Sebastian has proofread reps file you translated, I attach comments for you.
And your next file:
01_part_094 (3,226)

Download link:



I’d like to finally make use of the Add-to-dictionary option…

I can’t finding the explanation of how to do it properly through the ADD TERM file… without “damaging” the actual glossary…

do you have a link for me to explain how it works? or just a few words about which menus I should use?

Thanks a lot and


thanks for your patience. I just want to know, if the transmission of my comment is ok in that way. And please tell me, if you have a certain mode for my hours report. If not, I tell you: for file 24 and 25 I needed 1 hour and 30 min., because I have made complete proofreading, after you had told me, that he is a new translator. The files 026/027 took 20 min., each of them.
If my work is ok for you, please send me some more files.


Comments Translator files 01-024/025

1. Sometimes he transformed numbers to letters (5 to five, etc.)
2. Sometimes he didn’t care that there are sentences over two or three lines, ‘cause he began a new sentence in every line.

But these were the single remarkable points.



Files for you:

Download link:


Please, confirm.

P.S. I am not sure what way you requested files yesterday, but apparently it was wrong. Please, use OT for such matters.


I confirm receipt (new file & comments).



Thanks for the proofreader’s remarks. Please let him know that they make sense & I will try to implement them.

The thing is that the English is sometimes incredibly bad & there are incomplete / chaotic sentences where one can only guess!

At the moment I have a couple of identical passages where I could model the translation so that the German version is equally short as the original (as required). I would have to make a small change in the respective previous segments (already translated!) then, though. Is this ok? Otherwise the passage would become very long.


I confirm the receipt.

Thank you and



I forgot to mention that Transit indeed crashes quite often now (maybe 8 times since yesterday). I think it always happens when I accidentally do something like clicking “undo” while the cursor is down in the suggestions field, but however, it’s quite annoying. I try do reduce the damage by constantly saving…


I really haven’t heard about such problems from any of translators. I used to have problems with Transit myself, but it turned out that the problem was about my software, not about Transit. Once I reinstalled Windows – I have got rid of all isuues with Transit. But maybe can give you more useful advice a little later when he is online.


I discovered right now that I also have problems with access to GS, I guess it’s temporary problem…however, if you have any suggestions you can submit a file with them in OT and I’ll pass it to or you can write straight to him in CS.

I have one more assignment for you. There are several files with + marks remained after proofreading or some inconsistancies, found by vettors. I attach a zip file with excel files and notes to them, pointing the segments of your interest and issues. Fix them please, after you complete what you are doing now.


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