[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Download Words Segment

1) 05_part_271- Gunter’s file. Spotcheck. Note, there are comments from translator.

2) 05_part_304 – Steffen – New translator – comments, spotcheck, impression.

01_part_029 – Susanne. You sent her 306 file back, she corrected it.

01_part_031 – – spotcheck

01_part_033 –  – spotcheck




I received the file. You will have it back tomorrow evening (BST).


I will decline the project because I just got a big assignment of another client.

Thank you very much.

Claudia Keilig



we are just wondersing whether you are available for translation or you don’t want to participate anymore in this project.

Please let us know.




Fine, Claudia

Thank you for informing us.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info. I do have the tags displayed and thought I had paid attention…
Do you want to send it back to me so that I can fix it?
I realized the problem in the meantime but I don’t have a solution for it. Whenever I use fuzzy match and press Alt Enter, the new sentence is being inserted and I realized only later that the tags where moved…

If you want you can send the file back as you did recently…then I will fix it myself and you don’t have to waste your time with my mistakes.


, I’m finding a lot of untranslated terms that when I looked at, are actually already in German, but not marked as translated.

Double-check your work for untranslated terms. Not just English, but things that you have translated but have not actually been marked as translated. You’ll lose word count otherwise. Transit can’t actually tell whether something is in German or English. It justs uses the markers to do the word count. The proofreader nor the vettor don’t even check the word count, because everyone assumes that you’ll be careful enough to make sure you get paid properly.

I spent a little time adjusting 043 to better reflect the real word count, but for the past files, I’m afraid it’s too late.


Sorry, I do not see any difference between the two versions.But it shoud be:

Benutzt Gadros Verkleidungs-Trank, wenn Ihr die Kolonie der {hVarrio-Bären[31148]h}s erreicht. Sie verwandelt Euch in einen Bären und lockt einen Wilderer aus seinem Versteck.

it is “Ihr”, not “Ihre, and Bären, not Bär, the plural of Bär is Bären. Sorry for the mistake. I will be more careful in the future.



Thanks for the offer to fix it, but I already finished fixing them.

As for the fuzzy match, next time you get something like that, fix it on the German side. Then next time you do fuzzy match on a similar segment, fuzzy match should start giving a second choice, which should be your corrected one. (If it doesn’t ask you to choose, go to Options -> Profile -> Settings -> Fuzzy Index and choose No Automatic Translations if variants exist.)

If pick the corrected one enough times, eventually it’ll become the first choice.



thanks for the file hope to have it done tomorrow evening.


Well, let’s get rid of the codes entirely, because in the game it will actually be some sort of clickable word instead of {h word number h}.

Previous version:
Benutzt Gadros Verkleidungs-Trank, wenn Ihre die Kolonie von Varrio-Bär erreicht.S. Sie verwandelt Euch in einen Bären und lockt einen Wilderer aus seinem Versteck.

Correct version:
Benutzt Gadros Verkleidungs-Trank, wenn Ihr die Kolonie der Varrio-Bären erreicht. Sie verwandelt Euch in einen Bären und lockt einen Wilderer aus seinem Versteck.

” Yes, that’s it! Now everything is correct. ”
I have resolved the + marks in the files you mentioned.
Oh, when do you need the new ones? Is it ok, when you get it tomorrow between 13.00 and 14.00?


just to save you a little bit of time, I discovered an error in Susanne’s file 306, segment 763-766.
It’s one of those {h h} brackets error.

Once you open that file you’ll see what I mean.



Sure, we can wait till the time you have mentioned.


Ok, epsilon reps are up.

Uli” You’re the man, Ulrich. I’ll have it proofread today.

“Change of plan.

Ulrich turned in his file a day faster than expected. Can you proofread it first?


This is a reps file and takes priority over all the other spotchecking/translation assignments. Those can wait. This one can’t.

Please do this one first.

PS: Can you start a new ticket? This old one is getting too long and unwieldy.


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