[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Segments Translation Translator Assignment

We are out of new files to translate at the moment. We expect to get them by tomorrow. Once I get files- you’ll get the assignment



We are out of new files at the moment. Once we get them- you’ll get new assignment.


Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve just finished my current file and uploaded it:

01_078_Gamma_German_Dennis_Translation.pxf (in BOI)



I have now uploaded a TXF file and a file called notes.doc about two segments with + where I am not sure about the translation.

Please send me the next file for translation.





We are out of files at the moment. You’ll get an assignment once we get new files.



finished the next batch, and uploading 01_alpha_14-19_DEU_spotted_Seb.TXF.


[01_part_014]  (New, already assessed): 45 mins

Used a lot of + signs and left some segments untranslated. I looked at these and fixed them and commented on some to help the translator to be more confident in the future – a lot of these marks weren’t necessary. This seems to be a good translator nevertheless, no problems found.

[01_part_015] Christian: 15 mins – fine.
[01_part_016] Christian: 10 mins – fine.

[01_part_017-19] Annika: New Translator. 30 mins; 20 mins; 20 mins

Comment on translator: A good translator, no problems.

Marked a few segments + or left untranslated, fixed those. attaching comments for translator below. Maybe her next file should be assessed carefully, too, because this one didn’t have a few of the intricacies, like {h brackets, or long passages of direct formal speech. But I think she should do fine with that, too.

Comment on one pretranslated issue:
in 018, noticed “Required Level” is pretranslated as “Benötigtes Level”. Should be “Benötigte Stufe” to be consistent with glossary. But players will understand “Benötigtes Level”, too. Fixed with Find&Replace, Glossary spreadsheet seems to be down at the moment to submit this?

Continuing with my translation, then, unless you interrupt me with more proofreading work ;-).



Go ahead and do the proofread first.

There are 3 reps files, each covering about 20 files. One of this is already being translated and is estimated to be finished Wednesday. So that one will use the 29 June glossary. This upcoming glossary update will cover the other two reps file. There might be one more glossary update, depending on the number of new entries and the speed of translation, but given the mid-July deadline is about a week away, maybe not.



I checked my schedule and shouldn’t be too busy this week/weekend. Therefore I could handle another file or two.




We are out of new files to translate at the moment. We expect to get them by tomorrow. Once I get files- you’ll get the assignment.



There are several untranslated segments in the proofed delta_reps.

\n•Presse 
Ban a player@playerName duration
Unban a player@playerName duration
Summon a player ByID@playerID:
Summon a player ByName@playerName
Your match index is %d. 
Bingo: 
%d Mul#}

The Chinese characters we’ll skip, of course. The tags only segments are skipped too. You probably just forgot to claim Presse and Bingo. I have no idea what Mul# supposed to mean either.

But the other untranslated segments are in English. Is that intentional?


yes, I can do it.

Sophie” Bjorn, I apologize, but as of right now all positions are filled and unless something happened and one of our current translator withdrew, we do not need any more translators for the current project.

Just uploaded my last file. Could you assign me a new one? ”
, looking at your submitted 287 I can give the following advice.

When translating a segment, pay attention to the surrounding segments. I see you ignoring spaces at the beginning of segments. That space might very well be a continuation of the previous segment, and if you get rid of them the words will become concatenated.

Similarly with the {h h}. I see that Karel’s email couldn’t render the segment marker, so let me repeat part of it with the right markers.

Helft uns 25 {hSeepferdchen°°°Klingenmänner zu beseitigen<>

This is incorrect because when those segments are assembled back, it

will become:

Helft uns 25 {hSeepferdchen°°°Klingenmänner zu beseitigen[10381]h}.

The correct one should be:

Helft uns 25 {hSeepferdchen°°°Klingenmänner[10381]h} zu beseitigen.

The {h h} enclosed words are clickable and thus we should not add extra words within those brackets. So we should put “zu beseitigen” after the closing h} bracket. Like this:

Helft uns 25 {hSeepferdchen°°°Klingenmänner<>
zu beseitigen. <>

I realize that you finished 287 before the email appears, so don’t worry about that file. The vettors will fix it later. But let’s not add more work for the vettors for future files. There’s only like, 3 of them working on all 314 files.


While I don’t think “to drain” actually appears in the game, “draining”, “drain”, “drained” appear. I’m not sure what you mean by no translation available. Transit is not smart enough to know the correct conjugation of a word. That’s up to us people. So if there’s “draining” somewhere, it can’t derive the root word “to drain” from it.

Or perhaps you are thinking of fuzzy match. In which case it’s very likely you won’t find anything at first. All the ones that Transit can find is already implemented. Very likely someone else have translated “to drain” by now, but your files contains what we have up to the date it’s created, which is 28 June. As you translate it will build up more “memory”. The first time you translate “draining mana” you’ll have to type it in. The second time you should be able to Alt-Enter it.

Draining in game terms means “to reduce” or “costing” or “taking away”. Mana is Magic Points (MP). So draining 4500 Mana means reducing 4500 mana, or using up 4500 mana, or costing 4500 mana and so on. It does start from “to make dry”. As in, “to drain blood”. My guess, way way back when they invented RPG and the concept of hit-points, some things would drain blood, or life force, or energy. And consequently, drains HP. Some years later someone else invented MP, and the idea gets applied there. Decades down the line, we get “draining mana”.



I just finished my translation assignment: 01_part_047-52. There are some comments on issues with pretranslated segments attached, which you may want to look at.

Ready for more translating or proofreading. Even if you should need me for proofreading/spotting again, it would be good to have a new file so I can work on it between proofreading assignments.


I just want to let you know that I uploaded my corrected file. The name is 05_306_Susanne_DEU.PXF.


” Steffen.

We are out of files at the moment. Once we get new files- you’ll get the assignment at once





We have new files delayed. I will assign you files to translate once we get them.


I uploaded the files gamma_66-68 and a few notes.
Without meaning to overstep my boundaries, I noticed that the English translations of the source text seem to be much worse than for the last project. I had to decide on going for a good guess a few times.

Anyway, I am free to take on new files.



There are still + marks in some files 275, 276, 277, 279 you have proofread. Did you fix the issues and didn’t remove + or you didn’t resolve them at all?



New files are delayed. Once we get them – you’ll get an assignment.


thanks a lot – I am looking forward to your assigments!

Claudia Keilig


Unfortunately we have a delay with new files to translate. Here are some files to spotcheck:
1) 01_part_020
01_part_021 – Holger. New translator. “All inclusive”-spotcheck, comments, impression.

01_part_023 – Annette. You checked her files. So only spotcheck.

EDIT: No links, ?



I have got some comments for you from proofreader. I attach them herewith. Glad to tell you he was very much satisfired with your work.
Update me on Thursday when you are available, please.

P.S. It would be much more convenient if we communicate here, on OT, not in CS.


” Forgot to attach the file,sorry. Here it is.

” Dilio!

Proofreader has checkesd your 014 file. There are some comments for you.


Thank you for your reply.

I had already created a .txf file before you sent me your answer.
Is there any chance that I get back from this file to a .pxf file and to change my translation for “drain”?

” Why can’t you just fix the translation in your computer and then reSend the file and re-upload it?

“I got it!

I just uploaded my translation!


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