[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Translation Reference Segment Translated

The answers you have given are not quite right in frames of our project. All answeres are in the guidelines here:
When you have enough time, please, read all the instructions. I understand, there is much to read, but it will simplify your work in future.
When you are done with questions and available to translate- let me know.

Good luck!


Just let me know when you are available to translate and I will assign you a file.


I had no time to study any of that yet, . I will do so when I have more time.

Kind Belle



I figured some answers out but to some of your question, I have not found a reference yet. I am at the point where I find everything highly theoretical. For example the file says approach

I will be rather busy the next two days with jobs but here is how far I came. I wrote my answers underneath your questions:

-what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?

Answer: If I am not certain about my translation or simply cannot translate it because it is too hard for me, I do NOT press ALT INS but simply move my cursor to the next segment (and press ALT ENTER in that new segment to start the process again). This will keep that segment marked as non-untranslated

– how do we deal with hyphens when translating?
Answer: English compounds should generally be translated into hyphenated German terms, e.g. (Athaner-Angriff)

– how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?

Answer: I use ONLY function ADD_NEW file for adding terms to the glossary. (But I haven’t yet figured out how to add terms into the translation. Can you cite a reference to do that? )

– how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text
from the fuzzy window? (ALT 2 jumps without transferring the contents.)

Answer: Once I have completed the successful translation of a segment (my cursor should still be within the segment and it should still be highlighted), I press ALT INS (insert key near the top right of your keyboard). This is extremely crucial, because it will mark that segment as Translated and jump me to the next non-translated or Partially Translated text (or jump me to the Fuzzy Matches window if it is a repeat translation).
As far as the shortcut key is concerned, that refers text FROM the fuzzy window, I haven’t found it yet, please refer me to a reference.

– what is the rule for quotation marks?
Answer: I found no reference hereto but I would use them like the original. Please refer me to the reference.

– how do you deal with Chinese characters when you get to them?
Answer: I found no reference hereto but I would leave it like it is in the original. Please refer me to the reference.

– what are the special procedures to proofread and spellcheck your own translation, since a large percentage of your file can be pre-existing translation from memory?

Answer: I copy the text in a Word file and can see misspelled word there and correct it in the source word.

Kind Belle


Please ignore the incomplete sentence “For example the file says approach” in the first paragraph of the last ticket but everything else is valid.

Kind Belle


Your answers are getting closer, but still not there.


Click on the Guidelines link on the left column. There are a lot of references there.


I am missing only two answers in the entire questionnaire. I studied three long files. I invested many hours but if I am not told in exactly which of these many files the missing answers are, I can only continue with this fishing expedition when I have a lot of time at my hand. And that’s not always.



Just for your information that everything is working fine now. I have also imported the latest dictionary.

As indicated last week we are moving to another house this week Thursday and Friday.

I will therefore not be available today and tomorrow. Due to the problems at the beginning of my work I have not completed the translation of the current file yet.

Starting from Saturday 3 July I will be back online, and then be available to work on this project full time.




Re-downloading and starting now.

By the way, I just accidentally uploaded an hours report to the BOI – Translated folder. Could you just delete it? I re-uploaded it to the Reports folder already.


I mean Thurstday morning, 1st July!



I just read your massage now. Do you need yet 5 minutes?

Best whishes



No, this is not what I’m doing. I know it is separate stuff.
10002_5 is not on the list, all I get is 10002_Names_Places_SkillsG, and neither is 05_part_283 when I reopen transit and go to language pairs.


it worked out very well. I adjusted the file and just downloaded it as .txf file.
Thanks for your help.


Just to clarify, please proofread 01_beta_reps_DEU first.

I’ve talked with Valeria and clarified that we need the 01_beta_reps_DEU first.


Let me repeat what I said earlier.

“Lee, please be very very verbose when you describe a problem. Try to put as much information as possible in a post so I don’t have to ask you for information so many times. Post screenshots if necessary.”

“What do you get then?
What’s your 10002_5 folder looks like? What’s in it?”

Right now I feel like a mechanic trying to troubleshoot your car over the phone, and the best description you give me is “My car won’t run. It’s making a funny noise.” If I’m over there in front of your computer I bet the problem is something fixable in 5 minutes, but over the Internet I can’t see your computer. You’ll have to be my eyes, and tell me everything.

My best guess is that you have told Transit to put both your file assignment and the glossary in the same folder. This will cause the project file (.PRJ) to get overwritten. Since the project file contains the index, Transit won’t even know your file is there.

For the moment, since this is taking too long than I’m comfortable with, I’m going to sidestep the issue.

Download this:

This is your own translation. Use the default setting. Allow it to overwrite the older files. Once you have Receive-d it, go to Project -> Settings -> TermStar Dictionaries.

Add the Video.German_MAIN you see there.

Then let me quote you my previous post.

“You may want to copy the entirety of your translation to a Word file. The reason for this is because the instruction for Insert All Term from the dictionary works only on raw English text.

To revert everything (and I mean everything) back to English, the simplest way is probably to go to Options -> File Status -> Untranslated, and then answer Yes when Transit asks you if you want to replace the text.

You can then go to Edit -> Insert all terms from the dictionary and then start working by referring to your Word file.

The alternative is to look up the individual glossary terms. This manual look-up is likely to take a long time.”


There are files for you to proofread. Please, only fast spotchecking. 15min per file max. They must be good.


Links to download:


Please, make a spotcheck of these files ASAP



We expect to have new files by evening GTM. As soon as I have them- I will assign you file to translate right away.


Good job on answering so far. But we won’t tell you in which file the remaining answers and the correct answers are. What we are trying to do here is not to get a 100% answer from you, but is to make sure that you actually read and understand everything. If there’s a different practical way to ensure all the new translators knows the software and the specific guidelines on how to translate without using a silly test, we will do it.

If you need time, take it. I would rather wait until you are comfortable with the software and our practices rather than having to do tech support and fixes all the time. If this means delaying your entrance until you have time to read them, that’s fine.


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