[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Project German Translation Assignment English

Unfortunately new files were delayed, I expect to receive them tomorrow evening GMT.
As soon as I get them, I’ll assign you new files right away.

Sorry for inconvenience.


Good evening.

I hope with the “tags-thing” activated, it will be easier.

I’ll study what you mentioned, to pay attention to the probllem…

and see…



Do you want me to just send you a new PXF for file 31 that you can just Receive like any other assignment? It will be your translated version, so you only need to make the changes and send it the proper way.

We’re out of files at the moment, so it’s not like we need you to work on something else right away until maybe tomorrow afternoon/evening. It won’t be any trouble for me.

” This is exactly what I can not do. I don’t get the 05_part_283 anymore… “Please take a look at the screenshot.

See the sample.PXF? Right next to it you will see that you actually can click on Receive Translation. Click that and you’ll see that you can Receive Translation (a TXF file) or a Project (a PXF file).

Choose Receive Project. Now let’s check your folder. The sample.PXF should appear now.


What do you get then?
What’s your 10002_5 folder looks like? What’s in it?

Are you sure you loaded project 10002_5 instead of 10002_Names_Places_SkillsG ?

Lee, please be very very verbose when you describe a problem. Try to put as much information as possible in a post so I don’t have to ask you for information so many times. Post screenshots if necessary.


Thanks for the message. If it really will be tomorrow evening then I would suggest that you aaign the files to available translators as I will be out of the office from Friday lunch time until Sunday evening. You can assign files, however, if it is ok with you to get them back on Monday night at the earliest…


yes, that would be great! I usually download the files from the parent directory so I hope I will be able to receive and open the file if it is coming another way….
Thanks – I really appreciate your support.


For your convenience the file is in the usual directory.


Just download it. Allow it to overwrite the old 01_alpha files. Open file 31, and incorporate ‘s suggestion.

Then save (always save first!) and go to Project -> Send.
Upload the resulting .TXF file.


would you or Sophie be able to proofread a reps file?
suddenly has a personal matter to attend and couldn’t do it. Nor has she even started actually.

I actually prefer Sophie to do the proofreading so you can continue translating the other reps file, but I’ve tried contacting her some 3-4 hours ago and got no reply yet.

If you or Sophie can proofread 01_beta_reps_DEU, that’ll be great.



, the Screenshot was very helpful and I am progressing…

Here is what I did:
1) I opened Transit
2) I see a little grey window with options. I check option Receive an eternal project and on ok.
4) Little window to My Documents opens
5) Where it says “Files of type”, I change it to: PXF
6) Files didn’t open
7) I extracted them in an extra folder.
8) Now I can see them!

9) Transit sees now the files and as advised in Karel’s tutorial, I do not change the name of the file so that I find them later again.
10)I am getting a little window in Transit that says: Open Project. Nothing opened.
11) According to Karel’s tutorial, I have to click on File, Open – Language Pair.
12) Suddenly text appeared in the main window but in Czech and I need it English for the German test
13) When I click on Receive and open, I am getting a message to save the file. So, I saved the file.
14) So, I try to open the test file. I go to Language Pairs but it doesn’t offer me English or German.
15) I am progressing but still somehow bugged.

Kind Belle


thanks for the file


When you say 6) Files didn’t open, are you sure?
Because if it fails to open you shouldn’t be able to see them.

From point 9 to 15, I am not seeing any bug.

The Sample.PXF is a Czech language file. It’s there so you can try Transit with it. It doesn’t have an English version nor is there a German version. That’s why you’re not getting English or German.

If you want to play around with an actual file that we used in the project, I’m attaching one. This file is already translated last month, so you won’t actually be assigned this file.

I don’t know what Karel told you to do, so I don’t know if there’s a test that you are supposed to take. I’ll ask him later. In the meanwhile, please read the guidelines and all related pages.

(Note: Make sure to turn on Full Tags Display and Full segments markers if/when you get an assignment from us. I know the page working-with-transit says it’s okay to hide it, but we’re working with game text, and there’s some formatting codes in it and we don’t want to mess them up.)

” Yes I loaded the 10002_Names_Places_SkillsG , but this is what I get when I downloaded the Glossary_DEU_29JUN.PXFfrom the link I received from you and Karel. ”

you’re wellcome.
Let me know if you can perform a small task now, concerned resolving + marks.


Load 10002_5 and you’ll be able to work on file 283 again.

The Glossary_DEU_29Jun.PXF is put in a different folder than your actual assignment. This is intentional. The Add_New_Terms_German.PXF is put in yet a different folder. Also intentional. It’s done that was so the project files don’t get overwritten.

So really, there’s nothing wrong. Just reload. That’s all.


here is the question sheet for 01 alpha 14 GERMAN
(no pleasant file; very slow to translate due to many many segments with 1 to 3 words)

Hope the attached file is easy to understand…

Good night
from Sicily


You didn’t attach the file.


today I had to do with other jobs, so I read your massage just now. I can do it till tommorrow morning- if it’s not too late.




work can be distracting… 😛

Eccolo! (here it is)

ciao!” This is exactly the problem, I cannopt load the 10002_5 , because what I get when I load from the link Karel gave me is the 10002_Names_Places_SkillsG . What am I doing wrong? ” Sophie!

Will you have 5 min for me during next 1-2 hours?


Technically the moment  excused herself for personal reason it’s already late. But sometimes personal life does take precedence. 🙂

Now, when you say tomorrow morning do you mean you’ll be starting on Thursday July 1st or is it already past midnight over there and you mean Friday July 2nd?

If it’s the first, cool, please do it. If it’s the second, not so cool. I’ll keep looking.


What’s wrong is that you keep trying to get to your assignment from the glossary.

They are separate stuff! Glossary is to make sure that the translation is consistent across all translator. It does not include your file.

To open file 283 you need to open Project 10002_5 first.

Go to File menu.
Go to Open.
Go to Project.
Select 10002_5 from the list of available projects.
Go to File menu again.
Go to Open.
Go to Language Pairs.
Select 05_part_283 from the list of available files.


Thanks .

I figured all kinds of software rather quickly out in the past but I find Transit still somehow confusing.

Before I accept a paid translation, please mail me a small English file that I will try to translate into German with Transit. (I believe any later possible assignment will be English files into German.)



Unfortunately we don’t have any small texts for testing Transit.
You can download some file from file server to “play” with it, http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/.
Before you get your first assignment, please, answer the questions below, so that we could make sure that you understand everything right.
– what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?
– how do we deal with hyphens when translating?
– how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?
– how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text
from the fuzzy window? (ALT 2 jumps without transferring the contents.)
– what is the rule for quotation marks?
– how do you deal with Chinese characters when you get to them?
– what are the special procedures to proofread and spellcheck your own translation, since a large percentage of your file can be pre-existing translation from memory?

You can take enough time to read all guidelines and answer these questions, as we’ll get new files to translate only by tomorrow evening GMT(01.06.2010)




1) In Word, I usually highlight it and tell the customer/agency when something should be not clear.
2) Depends what kind of hyphens they are. If they are in a name I leave them, if they don’t belong to the German language, I leave them away
As for the other questions, I haven’t progressed yet to this point as I was bugged with Transit and tomorrow and the day after I have rush translations lined up.

I try to learn Transit in my spare time and I will not be able to translate in Transit by tomorrow evening because I had not had much time to actually practice.


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