[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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Thank you for your answers.

I have read carefully the project instructions. Here are my answers to the questions :
– what are tags and how should you deal with them?
A lot of commands and other special characters (like numerical value) which are a part of the video game software were filtered out. They appear as tags in the text. Tags are protected so that you cannot alter them. Their position within the sentence is important and has to remain the same in the translation.
– what to do if you are not sure of a translation/segment/section/phrase etc.
If you run into a segment you are not confident about translating, you may simply skip it by NOT pressing ALT INS and move down to the next segment with your cursor.
If you are slightly less than confident of your translation but translated the segment anyway, you can ALT INS claim it but put a + sign directly AFTER the word, phrase or entire segment you are not totally sure of.
– in your translation you should address others in the formal or informal, and in what gender?
The safest thing is to make everything formal (and old-fashionned if possible) and neutral. Some sex signs may be used in the text, in which case we have to respect the gender male or female. When translating into French, if in doubt, use the male gender but you may want to contact first the lead translator.
– what is text limitation?
Names of people and items are limited to 31 characters. NPC (non-playable character) text (the text they greet you with when you click on them), is limited to 255 characters. Spaces are counted as a character.

I am then now waiting for you to post the download for Transit.



I have almost completed the translation of the file Mr. Kosman sent me. But I have a significant number of names which aren’t in the glossary :

Locations :
Laguna Collective
Clear Water Gully
Ascended (Asc.) Forsaken Abyss
Incense Valley
Brigand’s Keep
Bamboo Heights
Purified Lands
Seat of Chaos
Clear Water Gully
Doom Bog

NPCs :
Regal Lopar
Water Moon expert
Fusoir the Fallen

Also arose the problem of translating terms : “ascended” & “illuminated”. I’m not sure, because they will appear a lot in the game and need special attention.



ok, thanks.
And still 🙂 please note that in the file Frehch_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_
_8w they translated same expression (timid as a rabbit) as “timide qu’un lapin”.
Maybe it is not important… but maybe is.


Thanks for a great news! I am glad that it works for us.
Yes, please send me the file, I’ ll do it.


I still need to know how to send my up-to-date Add Dict. to Karel. How do I export it? I tried “send” with Add. Dict. opened, but it wanted to export the “Main” Dict.


Well, try to put it as “Current” in Project->Settings before you try to Send.

And please let me know if it works! Usually translators export the glossary along with the file. When exporting, you need to choose exporting dictionaries as well (it shows you a window where you choose what to Send), then it lets you select which dictionary you want. But the dictionary need to be added to the project you were working on.



Welcome to OT. Here I am replying to all kinds of support issues and here you can conveniently attach files, for example with comments to file you translated or comments to Main Glossary.

I attach mass-mail updates, useful links file and first steps guidelines for beginners on Transit. Please skip the instruction for installation if you already have Transit installed, and follow instructions for glossaries.

The pdf is the most recent update of the German specific guidelines.


Of course you should have included your training hours. Just as I told you with your first file – training is work. I was surprised that your first file took you only 1h, as I know it takes some time to read as well. Also your Transit training counts.

I can’t wait for you to finish training, because may-be then you could help me with Transit support to translators, which takes significant amount of my time.

Would you please update your invoice? Please include the first period from 6/04. Since it wasn’t invoice I did not forward it to Karel.

I actually think you can send the updated invoice directly to him.


Thanks! Ok, for the last projects I always had “Add Dict.” selected in “Current” before converting (“send”) the project to txf. So it’s probably all ok already, and the words I still had on a list and only added to the glossary recently will automatically go to Karel with the next translated file I’ll send.

But where do I find this option where it shows me a window where I choose what to send? Sorry, but I still find myself exploring the program. So far, I’ve always used “send” and never “export”, what is the difference? (It cannot have been completely wrong, otherwise I would have received some feedback about the files not arriving in the proper format etc.)



That one I already did myself, but there are more (and soon will be many more).

Your files are:

They are in Proofread folder (it’s a zipped file).

I am not going to vet the files after you any longer, i will only go over your comments. From now on you don’t need to write in your comments the small changes you did, like missing cases or changing ~55~. Write only problematic issues, all ? and ! things, names, everything that requires a native speaker to take a look.

I attach one of your files and the final comments I left for proofreader. See how the comments are put to make him/her understand what exactly did we find suspicious.

Please confirm receipt of the files order.


Thank you very much. Concerning my invoice, I see OK. Now Karel is having a little break and then I will contact him in this course.
I will be pleased to help you regarding Transit, as soon as I feel myself more or less advanced user.

Best Dmitry



Thank you for your application.

We are offering remote work for project managers. Often there are different types of assignments, but at this point, the main type of work to be done is vetting translated files in Excel.

Vetting is the last stage of reviewing translations, where we compare source to target and looking for all kinds of differences in formatting etc. Not difficult but requires good concentration. Does not require knowledge of the target language as we do not edit the text itself, but it sometimes helps.

There are large volumes of work waiting, so we need someone to begin right away. It is possible that will be other types of assignments to do as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in this work at your earliest convenience.

If you are interested, please let me know how would you like to get paid.


Yes, I started to compare these 3 different files I had, and then found that they translated it differently in 2 of them. Very important!
But the Sunstream city is far worse, in all files it was translated differently. And it’s one of the head locations of the game.

So like I said, way to go, and keep paying attention to these things.


They don’t ask advanced questions. In 90% of the cases, they just don’t read instructions, do something strange, and then it somehow doesn’t work. so in 90% of cases all you need is to paste the right piece of instructions they missed.

When you fell ready – please let me know, because I am pretty much buried under the questions.


ok, I have got assignments.
I ll work on comment to make it clearer.


So it worked? Good.
Please keep using Send. I am exploring Transit myself, and right now just don’t have time to look for the difference. There are tutorials somewhere in the Program Files folders of Transit, about 100 pages or so rich with useful information. So you can try to explore it with these manuals.


Your answers are good.

I am attaching: Instructions for Transit, mass-mail updates and useful links in a compressed file. Separately are most recent instructions for German (from day before yesterday).


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