[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files English German Translator

Please add the new terms you found and translated to Add_New glossary. When you will be Sending your file, you should send it as well.
As to “ascended” & “illuminated”, I suggest that you’ll put a + near them, if you are not sure about your translation.


please have a look at files

There are mane strange Chinese or Japanese letter after n/a mixed with punctuation marks.

Should I just delete them?


Ok, thanks!


No problem at all. No need to delete them. Just see that the Chinese letters are located in same position in the sentence as they are in English.
Same about ^ffdc8a type of strings, which are commands of the game. they need to be located exactly as in English, and if there is no space between the string and a word – that’s exactly how it should be.



Best Dmitry


One more question. If you need more stuff for PM, I can recommend, if you don’t mind, one. She is my friend.
But we used to work together. And she is great. Fluent with English, good to details and responsible. Great with PK.
If you are interested you can contact her :”
Derkun” <[email protected]>.
She is unemployed now,so can work.
I have told her about conditions.


ok, I see.
Thank you” I can work from 9:00 till 20:00 GMT at weekends, and if It’s necessary I can work for an extra few hours during the week. ”

I do need reliable English speaking people.


Well, I need to train you, that means to assign you a file. Then I need it back same day within maximum 2 hours, so that I could check it and get back to you with corrections and comments. And like this should be 3-4 files. When would you have time for that?


Please find the files attached. Along with the Excel files, I attached a comments doc.
In the comments file I detailed the issues, which in my opinion require attention of a native speaker, and some – proofreader.
Along with spellchecking, please resolve the issues and remove the comments from the files, so that the final would be a clean file. If you feel there are some major issues to be communicated to the translator or to other proofreader, please let me know.

Thank you again, I appreciate you taking these files.

” NT: E2F/G video applicant “Dalmar

It may take over a week to evaluate your sample. Once your sample is evaluated positively, I will be happy to guide you into the next steps.



Please register here: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/b.cgi?ref=job10001 Having registered, go to Active Tender ->”English to French and German Video Games”. There is a link to open the sample.
To submit, choose this tender and click “View and Bid” bellow.
When submitting indicate language pair, paste sample and click “Bid”.

” Thank you for your help ! “Wednesday, 12:00 – 21:00 (GMT) will be just perfect.
Is it suitable?” Tomorrow I have an emergency business in university, but straight from wednesday I can work. ” !
Please give me the detail how I write my time spending if it not round to hour. Like 2 hour and 45 minutes and so on.
Should I collect minutes this way and if as a total there will be hours and minutes,is it ok? Or how to deal with it.


I usually write time I spend in particular day on a page, and then sum it up.
So if some day I did:
1 h vetting
45 min support
1h 45 min translator issues

Will sum up to 3.5h in my invoice.

If it’s overall 3h 45min, you can either round it up to 4h and not charge 15 minutes the next day, or round it down to 3.5h and then charge extra 15 min the next day. As long as it’s true and you don’t keep rounding up, it is not very important in which day will your 15 minuted will land.

Speaking about hourly reports, please send me a report of the hours you worked when you’re done with these files.


Thank you for a good explanation.
For now, my report looks like this (please see attachment):
At first day I was not pretty fast.
But I ll speed it up, soon as all scheme will be in my head.
Please let me know what you think of hours spending.

And one more detail.

You see, I have a company in the Czech Republic. And there is a way to transfer money there using Paypal (unfortunately, here in the Ukraine, there I am now, we can not use this system).
So if it is possible to put in an invoice the name of my company instead of mine.

” Sorry, I have forgotten to send as attachment ”


How is your timing? I have many files in German. Everything we do is same as with French. The only difference is that the punctuation rules are same as in English, i.e. no spaces after punctuation marks. And there almost everything is capitalized.

Would you like a to take a file or two?


Don’t worry about my timing.
Send me all freely. Unless there is DEADLINE.
I have no much entertainment in here, so willing to work.

By the way, about the names. In french , I believe same as English, it takes some extra time to understand either it is a proper name or no.And practically translators often have different opinion about translation of the same phrase.
Unlikely, we can catch all of them not going to the deep reading.
We have got the point : translator think differently.
But somehow they all don’t translate words, like “Skysong”.
Thought in the instructions pretty clear mentioned that name like this could be translated using creatively.
The point is :

If we made a rule of attention for all the names for PM, when we should know how it should be, to tell to the translator.
And to know that we should be pretty much into the text.
Which would take much more time.

So far, we managed to find some differences, but it was mostly luck and attention to all the detail from the beginning.

It wont be totally such great result, there you are paying attention to the punctuation marks, or symbols you need, which you can find using shortcut key.

I do not mind doing it, but there just must be a list with how to translate Sunstream City or “timid as a rabbit” or other state phrase. Because all the places , the names, and phrases are the same.

I am just afraid, that for now, there is a difference among translation for the same. But we are PM – the last stage, not always will be able to identify it unless spending much more time going troughs the text reading and comparing to the files we did before.


Please take files

It’s in Proofread ->German

I will reply to your message tomorrow, here is terribly late.
Please confirm and rename the PROOFREAD ones at the moment you download them to avoid confusion (take in mind, that you rename them to German_ instead of French_)


I have got assignment.
I will rename them soon I have then downloaded as German.


Yes, I’m interested in such kind of work. I’m ready to start. Please tell me, what are time requirements? Are there any deadlines? if yes, please specify this issue.
Regarding the way to be paid, It’s rather a difficult question, webmoney or I’m going to open an account in “Private bank” probably it will be master card. Please tell me which way is more preferable for you, and which kind of account(card) I should have to meet your preferances.
Best regards, Mary


Please let me now about capitalization.
In the source :
Yes, we want to divorce.
In the target:
Ja, wir wollen die Scheidung.

As you see divorce in German got capitalized.
Lots of cases of that, so I believe it could be a rule. I wont be putting comments regarding that and wont uploaded the files unless you confirm this is the way it should be.


Looks like German has more specific rules about commas.
I have found lots of cases there in the target added more of them.
It could be right , I believe.
Please confirm, and I wont be wasting time.


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