[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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Ok, thank you for a new task.
Don’t worry about spaces around !,?.. I have learned the point in French carefully.
I also will have a look a new link about French grammar.
But here is another tricky question. Can I write down the time spending on learning specific stuff to the “hours report”?


Thanks for that. I have downloaded and Received the file. As this was the first file I was doing for this project, I downloaded and Received the French Main dictionary first, and then inserted all the terms from the dictionary when I opened the actual file to be translated, as per the ‘new instructions’.


PS: I didn’t find any specific information concerning deadlines in the project instructions. Is there any stipulated length of time in which the files must be translated? I ask because I am visiting family at the moment, and although I am able to work, it is not always as much or as often as I can when I am at home.


It is not a tricky question at all. If you spent time learning my instructions (reasonable time, of course), it is time you worked, and it is time you are paid for. Similarly your first assignments. I am re-vetting all your first files, because it is training, but it is also your work, and you do get paid for them.

Please feel comfortable on any questions both regarding the professional and the technical part of work. We need people for an unlimited period, therefore everything should be very clear on these points.

There is no need to learn more about French grammar, at least not for this work.


I am glad you can start working. I suggest that now you install also Add_New glossary – it is for adding new terms, that you think need to be added to glossary.

You didn’t find instructions on strict time-lines because there are not any. On the other side, we are expecting from translators good productivity, because the project does have it’s deadline, and having a file with 1500 untranslated words for 5 days will not be seen well.


Thanks for that. I’ll do my best to send it back within a reasonable time frame, and I’ll install the Add_New glossary feature as you suggested.



I forgot to reply to one question you asked.
To open a new ticket you just go to: http://translationstop.com/OT/ and submit a new ticket in “Other Support” category. In “Name” fill
_PM, and I will know it’s from you. I am the only person handling support at Kenax, so I am the only one to receive your messages and to reply them. It helps if you write in the subject what is the ticket for, i.e. “Files 17f, 18y uploaded, comments attached”
Priority doesn’t matter too much, it doesn’t change the location of the ticket in the management system. Messages from PMs are always the first to be checked.

Please continue the rest of technical communication in this ticket, it is convenient to have all in on place.


May I please to add a mark for a previous file named
You see, I have been trough the instructions (the link you have sent me), and I saw the text :
“You will often encounter some text that may refer to “instructions” (e.g. “Find Bilu’s rabbit”). Depending on the context available, it might be difficult to know if these sentences are part of a dialogue (Retrouvez le lapin de Bilu) or mere quest instructions given to the player (Retrouver le lapin de Bilu). Due to the difficulty determining these cases, it is recommended to use “Vous / forme en –ez” here, too.”
Please pay attention to the translation of “RABBIT”. They use “le lapin”. But in the file French_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_
_8x, they use different word.
I used to have a rabbit and I know that normally they call it “le lapin”, but thought, that it must just have been another way to call it, but as you can in the instructions they call it exactly “le lanin”.
The line “with rabbit” are :137,143,171.


Please don’t correct, but mark red and comment, looks like a typo which went with Translation Memory (TM) over the whole file. After us files will be spellchecked, but if you spot something in advance, it’s good.

I finished going over your file, and here are few comments:

1) Please look after french punctuation marks – also ; and : have a space before them. You missed in 2 places.

2) Please do not make ANY changes to English source text, even if there are obvious mistakes (and in some files there are mistakes). Only change the ~55~ or the #$13 string. You changed Clothes into closes in line 239, please do not do that.

There is a very significant reason for that. We deliver to client Excel files, with English in first column and translation in the second column. Client has a special localization software, which scans the Excel files, and looks for particular English segments. Then, having recognized the necessary segment, it replaces it in the game with German/French translation of that segment. Even a smallest change can lead to that the program will not recognize the segment; for example change in capitalization. Therefore we don’t touch the source text. The mark & was in the original source, and was changed by us to ~55~ to avoid issues in Transit. But before we deliver to client it has to be changed back to & so that the segments will be recognized.

This leads me to next issue:
3) 223, 320: &sex& in the end of the line – you always added space after the period and before &sex1&. If you look carefully on the source, it looks like this: “…word.~55~sex1~55~” – no space before first ~. So you should convert it to &sex1& without adding the additional space: “…word.&sex1&”. Again, this kind of small issue can make a segment unrecognizable and make an error in the game.

And finally, on line 249 there is a – , but it is not clear if it’s a hyphen or a dash, because it has space on one side and no space on other side. This is for proofreader.

Otherwise, good work, and really, Sunstream City is sometimes Sunstream City, sometimes only Sunstream, and I will have it checked.

Good work. Just please be careful with English text, and keep going.



Unfortunately, at this point I fear it is less then enough.

If your availability will increase, please let me know. I need stable availability during the week or at least full availability on weekends.




Ok, thank you for notice.

But please confirm you want me to re-mark already uploaded file French_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_
_8x in the places there I have doubts about “rabbit” translation.


Sorry, addition to line 20 of the file French_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_
“?” is started by itself from a new line.
I must have erased a comment by mistake, but after realized I did not mention it in comments.

Sorry one more time.


files received. I would like to assign you one more. Can you take it? I am finishing soon, so please let me know.


No, leave as it is. I will add this to the file myself.


Yes, please assign me, if you think as necessary, you can assign several at once.


thanks for your reply; I can check some files as of Tuesday.



I checked with a dictionary, and they translated “timid as a rabbit” as “timidité maladive” = “pathological coward”. I guess in French there is no exact translation to this expression. So no problem with rabbits, just to let you know.

But it’s always good to check.


I checked the file, and you did a very good work indeed.

I would just like to explain, why sometimes there are hyphens stuck in the end of a sentence.
As I mentioned in the instructions, there were issues in Transit with hyphens; they were becoming protected tags. It means that translators could not delete them. In Transit, in the Target window in the beginning appears Source text. Actually, translator translates on top of it in some sense. Sometimes, when in the source text was hyphen, it also became a tag, and translator could not delete it. In these cases, translators just left this tag in the end of a sentence.
When the file was exported to Excel, tag protection disappeared and we are left with hyphen stuck in the end of sentence. So if you see a hyphen right before period, and there is a hyphen somewhere in the English, it is most likely the case and you can delete the hyphen. This is why there were two sentences with strange hyphens in this file.

Good work, excellent attention to details, way to go.

Since it’s already a new day, please tell me if you can do one more today in the morning. One – because we did all and now have to receive new from proofreaders.


Of course you can be considered.
Thank you for your application.

We are offering remote work for project managers. Often there are different types of assignments, but at this point, the main type of work to be done is vetting translated files in Excel.

Vetting is the last stage of reviewing translations, where we compare source to target and looking for all kinds of differences in formatting etc. Not difficult but requires good concentration. Does not require knowledge of the target language as we do not edit the text itself, but it sometimes helps.

There are large volumes of work waiting, so we need someone to begin right away. It is possible that will be other types of assignments to do as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in this work at your earliest convenience.

If you are interested, please let me know how would you like to get paid.


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