[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files French Translated Doc

You are assigned file:

It is located in folder “Proofread”. Download the file Alexandre_08x.y.rar. Please, add “French_” to the file names of the PROOFREAD files before commencing any work on the files.
Please work only on file 8x.

Please mark any changes as comments withing the file AND in the table. If you have questions – please ask them before you deliver. I will try to resolve. Please pay attention to the different French punctuation.

Please confirm receipt.


You instructions are pretty helpful, just will follow them.
As I understood this is a test file.
I have another question, about payment.
I have agreed for a charge per hour, but how should I know, how much will I earn for specific value translated.
I know , there is an accounting file will be. But How can I understand it before.


You will not need to translate anything working in this position.
As stated in my first letters, you get paid by hour. Since I check everything beginner PMs do, I have a clear idea how much time it takes to do each task. Every now and then I request for hourly reports. There is a special accounting file, please find attached. Here are also instruction how to use it.

Example Hours Record and instruction for Invoice submission:

Please find attached a file with a sample Hours Record. Like this it should look, and this is what I would like to receive from you with your invoice or whenever I’m requesting for an hours record to evaluate your work.

You should use directly this doc, just delete the text from the cells I filled and refill your own working hours and completed assignments. In the title replace “Example PM” with your own name.

Under the hours table there are 2 items you should fill when submitting your invoice for the period you want to get paid. You should fill the date of invoice submission, which is the date you send it to me, and the payment method you want. Please fill in only ONE payment method. If it’s PayPal or Moneybookers – then type your e-mail related to your PayPal or Moneybookers account in the right column. If it’s bank account or other method you AGREED WITH ME IN ADVANCE about, fill all details in the last row.

When sending me this file in response to request for HOURS REPORT, please change the name of the file to contain your name and the reported period. Example: ” _11.04-14.04.doc”. When you send me this document as an INVOICE, please add the word “INVOICE” to the name of the document, like this:
“Invoice_ _11.04-14.04.doc”

How to submit invoice or hourly report?
You open a ticket on new OT: Category – “Other Support”
Fill in the title “Your Name Invoice for period dd/mm/yy” or “Your Name Hourly Report for period dd/mm/yy”
And attach the report or the invoice to the ticket.

Wait for confirmation of receipt! I will always confirm that I got your report/invoice, and if I did not confirm within 24 hours use CS to ask me about it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


As you know I use Open Office program. It works a bit different way from MS Office. So I have difficulties with transferring Excel file to the Unicode.txt .
It will take some time to figure how it works in here
but considering that the main point is to check the work of proofreaders people , and this is a test file, I am going just manually copy the text from both files to the Open office. doc and check there.
Please , let me know if you have any objections of using such way.
Any way, having more time I will clarify how to do it “common way”.


Here are my latest glossary remarks.


Please tell me:
-can I put the tables of vetting checking and proofreading comparing in the same Word file?
-I have found major cases , when I have doubts about correct name writing. I have put into the comments a few of them. It is totally clear that file should be re-checked about this, but is it enough to upload the file or is it necessary to find all “weak places” (almost all the text)
-being honestly I hardly understood point of 31 charter checker and if I needed to do it.
-Any way I have not found the folder named “Vetted”, so I could not upload the file earlier.I believe it was not created so far
-in the file name I have also put my name after “_Vetted_”. I have got the test file without my name, so to escape confusions I have put my name. Hope this is what was needed to be done.

Waiting for your following instruction





Point by point:
1) Is there a possibility to compare documents (not manually, but like a function) in OOffice? If yes, and it works of copy-pasted text, I don’t see any problem to do how you described. Just make sure you eventually work (=vet) on the original file from the unzipped folder and not on some copy-pasted one to avoid misalignments.

2) your second message:

– Yes, absolutely. If you had few files, you can have all of them in one doc. Just please include the numbers of all files you did in the name the doc (i.e. “comparison and comments files 8u, 9j, 8t.doc”)
– I will check the file and if necessary, return it to proofreader. But take in mind, that all meaningful names had been translated. As long as you mark all questionable moments, it is easy to check. Your file was from one of our best French translators, so I doubt that there would be a serious issue.
– the 31 characters thing will come a bit later.
– It is my fault, I forgot to create it. Now it’s there, in the Proofread folder. Next time you can either attach the vetted file here (particularly if for some reason FTP doesn’t work), or create a folder yourself (F7 in Total commander). Most important is to return the file to me ASAP, just let me know with a message where did you upload it.
– yes, that is exactly what I want you to do. A file which I vetted is renamed to French_JD_100201_Localize_ _8f.xls, yours should look same (
instead of ). Note that we don’t leave any spaces in file names which are for uploading to FTP.

Please upload your completed file to FTP, and I will take a look. I am quite available today, so you can expect receiving my comments and a new assignment within an hour once you upload your file.

Please let me know if you checked about the payment options in Ukraine. We usually pay translators and PMs via Moneybookers and PayPal. Tell me if it can work for you.



I reviewed your application. I see you are available only 2 hours per day (if I understand correctly the 10/h per week). I generally look for more available people, at least for the close 3 weeks. How about weekends? Do you have a higher availability then?


Actually, 10-15 working hours per week including weekends. All depends from my regular work. In most cases i will be available from 0 to 2 hours from Monday till Friday and from 5 to 10 hours in weekends.

Taras Leskiv


I have uploaded file named as French_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_
Please receive my comments attached.
I believe the translator is great professional, I have seen the changes, but the main explanation about the name.
You see, opposite from the English lots of name were not typed started with a capital letter. And, for example name Archlord was translated, though :
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archlord there are no translation for it.
Of course, it could be a normal decision to keep it translated, but there are cases there were not translated such name as : Skysong, or Sunstream (sometimes Sunstream city was translated differently).
That is why I have decided that it is better to re-check.
Another question: how can I create new ticket with subject about uploading a new vetted file and comments.
I mean , is it enough to mention my e-mail for you to understand that this e-mail for you (I believe there are several people work under the same).What priority should I put?
About comparing – there are no problems any more. I have found how to do it and it works greatly.


Karel has assigned me a file, however I am unable to access the translation.stop server as I don’t seem to have a user name and password for it. I tried entering my Kenax database user name and password, but that did not work. Could you please let me know how to proceed?



Confirmation: Files received.

Actually, in French they have different capitalization rules. Last week they agreed that only proper names should be capitalized. So, for example, a term like “Wild Savages” would be capitalized in English, in German, but not in French. And term like “the Prince of Balu” – only Balu would be capitalized in French, but not the “prince”. This is why you saw so many differences.

I am checking the file against your comments right now.

” OK, I see. I wont be paying that much attention to this again. So, in this case just small things were to correct. ”

I believe your file is here: http://translationstop.com/files/
Login: 001
Pass: 001

Please let me know when you find it.


I still haven’t finished re-vetting your file, but it looks fine.
I will assign you one more: JD_100201_Localize_8w
I believe it should have more faults, like missing spaces, glued sentences etc. Please watch the French punctuation – space before and after :, ; !, ? etc.

Please confirm receipt.

Take a look here: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/translations/projects/2010/10001/video-game_French-localization-guidelines.html

These are the French translation Guidelines. May-be this will clarify a bit why they do how they do it.

I also checked in the game glossary for French – they really left Skysong and Skybeam etc. untranslated. Archlord was translated verbally (great lord), and not as a proper name.
But thank you for proper attention and creative thinking. I strongly prefer that you will notice and ask, and I will check, rather then missing and ignoring some mistake.

Your new file is from a new translator, I believe it’s her first file. So your attention will be useful.


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