[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files English French Translated German

Please find attached the spellcheck. I corrected several inconsistencies.


German capitalizes all nouns (and some other things, like “you” in medieval style “Ihr”). And unlike English they have very strict punctuation rules where commas separate every part of a sentence. This sentence in German would look like this:

And, unlike English, they have very strict punctuation rules, where commas separate every part of a sentence.

You see, 3 commas instead of zero. So no need to put attention to commas and capitalization.

To your PayPal question – all we need is you to list hours/assignments you made and provide us an e-mail address associated with a PayPal account. We don’t care if it’s yours, your company’s or of other person who agreed to help you. You give us the address and we pay. Simple as that.

Your hours are fine. Only we don’t call what we do “proofreading” – it’s another step which is done before us by a native speaker, we call it “vetting”. Yes, you will speed up with experience. But there are some really nasty files with lots of tags, commands and broken sentences, that take quite a longer time to do properly. And we know that they take more time.

Next time may-be I will assign you one of these for gaining experience.


I am so interested in being one of your remote managers. I promise I’ll work hard and I can learn things quickly so I believe I’ll master managing projects in no time. But I’d like to know in which ways I can be get paid. Because I’m living as a tourist as I haven’t got my student permit, I don’t have my own bank account. Please let me know if there are other ways to get paid.



I am ready to give it a try on three conditions, related to the fact that I live at GMT+6:

1. On Wednesday you must message me as soon as you get online and it better be 12 GMT.
2. You should do what I send you as soon as I send it and return it to me once you’re done, so that I will have time to check it and get back to you with comments that same day.
3. You should guarantee me a full availability on weekends (=2 days!), and better not from 9am, but earlier, at least in the first two weeks so that I could check few of your files same day and provide additional training. No parties, no hangovers in the mornings you work with me.

Let me know if that is acceptable on you, and I can send you instructions.



At this point I need full time working people. At the first period majority of your working hours must be in the morning for the simple reason that I live at GMT+6. After I’m done with training, you can begin working more flexibly during the day, but at least 6 hours per day.

There are no “deadlines” per file, but I expect reasonable speed, on one side, understanding that in the beginning it may take longer time, and on the other side – I expect to have the files back same day, unless we agreed otherwise.

I believe we can pay webmoney. I don’t know what is “Private bank”, can you explain?

Please let me know if you are available for this amount of working hours ASAP, as I have quite lot of instructions and explanations to transmit before you can actually start working.



Thank you for your application.
I see that you are available only 4 hours per day and all are in the evening. How about weekends? I need people with high availability on weekends.

I need you to be available for at least 2 days during the morning, for at least 4-6 hours per day so that I could transmit you instructions, have you done 2-3 files, check it after you and get back to you with comments. When can you have a day like this?


I am female, not Mr. 🙂

We usually pay by electronic means, i.e. PayPal or Moneybookers. We try to avoid paying to bank account, as the bank fees are very high. The PayPal/Moneybookers electronic accounts can be connected with real bank account in many countries. If that is the case, you can withdraw the earnings to the bank account for lower cost than bank fees.

But you need to check if the bank account you have in your country can be related to PayPal/Moneybookers. Please check that.

Please let me know when you are ready, there is quite lot of material to read.

PS: Anyone can open a bank account in Belize, as it has a special off-shore law.


For this there are proofreaders. They know the guidelines of the project, they translate themselves, and it’s their goal to catch all these inconsistencies. Do not try to look for them on purpose. (Though if you spot it, don’t ignore it). As we don’t speak the target languages, in 90% of cases it is a waste of time to look for differences.

These were the first French files to get to the last stage. Now they are preparing guidelines for proofreaders, and hopefully next files will be better.

French translators do not translate Skysong because they didn’t come up with something with an equally good sound in French. Same with Sunstream. The Germans were a bit more creative, they translated like 90% of the terms. So with these there is no problem, the problem is that they need to be consistent.


I have a PayPal account and it’s not connected to any credit cards or bank accounts. But I’m willing to use it only online. I just w
know if I’ll be able to use my earnings on PayPal to shop online such as in Amazon??? If that’s so, I’d like to get paid by my Pay Pal account.

PS: Sorry about the mistake… :D” hi Ms.Ryznar, I’m ready to begin my work. So please let me know whenever you are ready to assign me. I fill an application form. ”
Thank you for the explanations.
Only one think… you know we don’t do proofreading 🙂 by “checking proofreading” I meant comparing proofreading to translated.

What about hyphen in front of the word, in front of the sentence?
I have met cases, i just erased them from German.

Something like -Gut!.
I did not put it comment, cause I don’t think it is big, but just to be sure.



Karel added issue: Aside of strings &name&, &sex& and &family&, which shouldn’t be translated, also “$line” should remain in English.

I took an ultra-short look to comments – Halle d. hervorrag. is an abbreviation of a term. There is an issue, that some Proper names must not exceed 31 characters, therefore translators are forced to abbreviate. Therefore, this is fine.

To assign you files? I have a mountain.


Yes, please assign me.

Sorry, what about &name& and $line?
I did not get ,were those in the files 90, 9p.
Cause, I have not found “$line” trough Ctrl-F and “&name&” were not translated.
If this is an additional issue for me to pay attention can you please tell me the lines


They are not necessarily present in each file. So it’s just another thing to keep in mind – that these things must remain in English in target text.

I went over your files – good work again.
I’d clarify few points:
1. All these “ens.” etc in the middle of the sentence are result of 31 characters limitation. They just abbreviate the words to fit in.
2. Extra commas and semicolons are usually a result of different punctuation rules.
, who spellchecked and proofread again our files yesterday, came up with Cité de Sunstream for Sunstream city, and we should mark if it’s not so. He also repaired Archlord to seigneur suprême in all files.

Skysong they don’t translate.

What else… good work overall. I had kept your comment about number format, because i don’t know.

I assign you two more German files:


The first one is complicated, with lots of strings and commands. Main issue there – to look for differences in spaces between the commands and the translated words, should be like in English. In some places you will see something like this:

This sentence\ris very long but\rthe line in the\rgame is short.

This \r string means “line break” in the game code. It means that in the game the sentence above will look like this:
This sentence
is very long but
the line in the
game is short.

Therefore there are usually no spaces between the \r and the previous and following word.
You make sure everything is just like in English, this is just to explain you why is it like this.

The second file is ordinary.
Please begin with the first in case you may have questions.

Please confirm receipt.

PS: The first file was translated by the proofreader, so they were not proofread. Nothing to compare to. the second file is ordinary, so to compare proofread and unproofread like usual.


That phase we call “comparing proofread and unproofread files”. Let’s use same working terminology to make it easy on me.

As to hyphen in front of a word, I don’t always know and usually leave to proofreader. Because in English, German and French there is a dash, which may look like hyphen and come in front of words. Really, to your consideration.


Assignment has been received.

It is such a pleasure to receive your full and detailed comments.
I’ll keep in mind all new details.
About &name& – that issue was mentioned in your in instruction before, that is why it confused me a bit, cause I put attention to this.

Briefly explanation about numbers format in French :
” When writing numbers, either a period or a space may be used to separate every three digits (where a comma would be used in English)”.

This is from :


And in the last french file I did, believe it was, 11c, in the same file there were 100000 and 100 000.
Together with 5 000.
So it looks like it needs to be separated every 3 digits.


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