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Wants to Take His Life

Please tell me? Will God for give me for taking my own live?


I will tell you the bad news first and then the good news.

First, the bad news.

One of the ten commandments states that “thou shalt not murder”. This would include yourself. Therefore, it’s one of the “big bad” sins. On the other hand, “in the eyes of the Lord, all sins are the same”.

The second bad news is that I feel that once we are all resurrected, we will all see our lives and the entire situation and we will regret that we did not try harder to take a greater part in the glory of God during our lives. We will not be able to go back and change our actions. We have only this life to do this. I believe therefore that you will regret doing this.

Now the good news.

God loves you. God can forgive you of anything. If you are suffering, he can also provide you with the soothing spirit of his love, if you so wish.

I would like to help you so that you do not do this. Are you a believer? Have you ever asked for the spirit of Christ to enter you? I believe that this spirit is so strong that it can take away all your suffering and bring you to a point where you are glad to be alive. This is what is referred to as being born again. It is a new life in Christ. Christ rose from the dead, as planned, and his spirit is alive and available for all. “Let all who are thirsty drink from the infinite well of life”. Without this spirit, we are, according to the bible, dead. We do not have this life in us. Perhaps you are spiritually dead, living in darkness, and I can see why you might want to end the meaninglessness.

We are all God’s creatures. “God is love”. The universe is made of matter, space, intellect let us say, and spirit. Spirit is a realm of our existence. We are not only chemicals. Chemicals cannot produce love.

God is the encompassment of the entire spirit of love. He created us but our nature has separated us from our God. God tried to lay out a plan for a perfect existence for us, but our nature fought against it. He therefore provided his son as a reconciliation for our imperfection.

God knows the struggles we go through and is trying to help us in every way possible. He is our father and loves us more than any natural earthly father could.

I would like to encourage you to ask God for his love. Our separation from our creator is not natural, since we were created in harmony with him, and it is spiritually painful.

I would like to encourage you to ask God for this love, to reunite with him once again, as you were when you were a wee little child, filled with the spirit of love, a little bubble of happiness, simply living, breathing, full of joy.

I hope I have addressed your suffering accurately. Please feel free to give me more information on your situation so that I could answer you as best as possible.

I will pray that God will guide you in your decision and that your heart will open up to his wonderful healing.

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