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Disillusioned Americans and Where to Place Your Money During these End Times


Its making me sick to my stomach to think that my econ teacher still believes that USA is the world best and largest economy and there is absolutely no threat to it at all. WTF. Really? 


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yah, Americans live in a bubble and can be pretty ignorant people of what is happening around the world or what their government is committing, but came to the conclusion not long ago that it isn’t really their fault and think it’s part of the 1% strategy to keep them dumb because there is so much power and wealth in the US and they need their cooperation in order to form the new world order, which will put all countries under the control of them through the IMF, world bank and other deceptive tools of evil. so one must be patient with them and try to educate them like little children. many people in the US are waking up to reality and I think it is very important to help this process, so just getting angry and calling them does not accomplish anything. reminds me of a friend of mine from way back in prague. such a happy, calm guy and you would never think of him as a prepper, which is one preparing for the end. he’s got his little nuclear bunker under his house, with stockpile of food and water for 6 months, and has been buying up gold and silver and all that. he started an article series on some online magazine and asked for my opinion. he talked about water being the most important thing, how much to store it and how to keep it drinkable over a longer period. I jokingly asked him that he may have forgotten to mention a shotgun next to his water storage, and he responded that he is well stocked in that department. I think when the shit goes down there will be a big revolution in the states, and forcasts are that the country will break up into five smaller ones, along ethnic/wealth lines. fema is apparently preparing stadiums to lock in protesters, and all those armoured vehicles in afghansitan are being brought back and sold for dirt cheap to local police departments. it’s gonna get ugly. historically, more americans killed each other during the civil war than by any other country throughout all the wars they waged since and before then. I think this will happen again. one of the last NWO battles will be on that soil.

hmmm, very interesting. Who is this guy in Prague. Is he still there? I am very interested in hearing how to preserve large amounts of water for long periods of time so it stays drinkable. I want to know due to the upcoming crisis as well as possible natural disaster (quake etc.).


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He’s long gone and living in Texas now I think.
His first article of the series is
I think he uses a little bit of bleach.

My hubs and are keep talking about turning our belongings into gold and silver. Now, where to store it? Bank? No way, it happened in the history that (in 30’s I believe) they closed them down for a weekend (without any previous notice of course) and took all the gold from people’s safes. Keep it at home? Hmmm, where, some in the safe so in case robbed with a gun next to my head I would give the robber whatever is in the safe (there has to be something so it doesn’t look too obvious, right?). Where else? How do you resolve this issue? Your situation being even more challenging as all you have is a backpack, laptop, phone and your bimbuscar. Hahahahaha.

I’d bury it in the country somewhere. They will certainly go after everyones gold when the shit hit the fan and apparently one of the main reasons they went after the Jews during WW2. I carry a thousand bucks worth with me. so far managed to avoid any theft.

We also are getting into touch and creating a group of people to survive. We think it will go back to barter and gold/silver. People with special talents will be appreciated. Good that my hubs is a doc ;-) we pretty much live here very sustainably. We compost and I try to cook and use up most of the food. I started to ferment shit out of almost everything, make my own ginger bug and keep it alive. About to pick up milk and water kefir grains next week as well as kombucha scoby. Really into this stuff nowadays. And sprouting etc. Pretty much making all these nutritionally dense foods.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

you might wanna read up on permaculture, science about producing about four times more yield per area than traditional farming, 10x if you consider the cost of fuel to transport, run those big machines, fertiliser and so forth. with this science the entire worlds population could fit into Australia, feed itself, and still leave queensland free.

I am telling you, majority of AMericans only buy pre-made, packaged, highly processed foods from the market. I don’t think they have much idea about cooking, nutrition etc.

been reading a lot recently that wheat is actually rather bad for us, especially processed flour. I think the cabal owned media promotes this kind of junk food eating cause it weakens our bodies and forces us to spend more on big pharma, pretty well owned by them. on a hunch I did some research and quickly found that Monsanto, the most evil corporation in the world, did in fact buy into big farma, buying Pfizer a long time ago. so they gmo sicknesses in the lab and come up with the solution at the same time. they are warring against americans on all levels, and keeping them dumb and ignorant is key to this.


you watch the link I sent you? It is talking about the 7 step cycle (makes a lot of sense to me) and apparently we are being in phase 6/7 right now (close to the collapse)have not heard of USA dividing into 5 parts. Interesting.

didn’t get a chance to watch it but what I’ve been reading about for a long time already. Found two articles on that:

You still believe strongly to bit coins?


Olive orchard in Croatia.

was trying to buy it at $90. Since then it climbed to 1200 and now around 600. Was about to buy some but read a bunch of articles and one convinced me that it could be risky, if the US, for example, makes it illegal. could drop the price right down, but in time I think they will not be able to block it, so I support the concept but not sure about buying. I have though started offering my services for payment by it. hard for me to buy it online and paypal wont allow it.

Oh, so much going on through our heads…. it is making me anxious, the feeling of what kind of world we brought these innocent kids into. PS: My head is also spinning when thinking of all the radiation on this planet. Not just Cernobyl, Hiroshima or Fukushima. All the test detonations throughout the world that have been performed for decades. I think we are all pretty radioactive already. blah… Sorry for crying so much on your shoulder. It feels that the times when we used to hang out and drink beers and smoke local weed were so problem-less… hahahaha

yah, sometimes good just to smoke a big fatty and not let oneself get stressed out by all this shit. tried some stuff here in bali. some legal herb combination you can buy from the store. you can also buy magic mushrooms here legally. but this other stuff is so potent, it feels like super strong weed mixed with opium. I took a little puff, goes right to your head in about 10 seconds, and was out for a few hours.

How to have a good relationship with a grilfriend


After having many relationships with women and maturing over the years as I hit the road and had lots of time to self-reflect, I came to the conclusion that the premise and basis of many of my relationships during my early years was wrong and destructive.


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Having grown up in a household under very critical parents (who perceived that criticising everything I did would give me drive to excel and achieve greater success in life), I developed an acute insecurity regarding everything I tried to do or my very self, and this reflected in my relationships.

If I found myself attracted to a girl, that initial attraction would be quickly overlapped with judgment about her and a conquest to make myself look good, to help me “successfully” snuggle into an acceptable position in society.

Fresh hot tea with milk in bag.

Pics of my travels

But perceiving her as a conquest, or meticulously examining every one of her blemishes, is the wrong foundation onto which to build a solid relationship, and is a recipe for tension and anguish.

I found that my judgments of her various imperfections eventually turned to blame, as if it was her fault because I feel insecure in groups. If things weren’t working well on the social scene, I might blame her in my mind, which will inevitably lead to tension, arguments and more anguish. I can now see how this level of personal insecurity can lead to unnecessary conflicts in a relationship.

The conquest aspect would, logically, also lead to conflict. If you see her as a means to an end (ie- your quest to feel secure and confident in a social situation), you will also tend to blame her for when things are not quite on the track that you would like.

1_CIMG0161.JPGOr you can be so attracted to her that you are willing to overlook some blemishes, since things seem to be working reasonably well and you are comfortable on your social scene, but eventually this endless pressure for acceptance amongst others and a happy life puts pressure on the relationship. As soon as things go a little astray, you have someone to blame! The blame leads to arguments, the arguments worsen the relationship, other partners start to appear more appealing and congenial, jealousy abounds, which again puts strain on the relationship, such that the initial insecurity is like yeast in the dough or a sweltering infection, growing ever larger.

Instead, the premise and foundation of a relationship should be based, quite simply, on love, acceptance and tolerance. Not as a tool for self-actualisation in the social environment. In this case, you should first become comfortable with and accepting of yourself before you use that as a cornerstone in building a larger pyramid. Self-reflection and meditation can go a long way on this journey.

0_CIMG0066.JPGI believe the most successful relationships are based on two people who are attracted to one another, get along and like each other, have similar interests, and learn to become loving, accepting and tolerant of one another’s idiosyncrasies. Sure, it is reasonable to ask your partner, “Can you please not openly pick your nose while we are having dinner with our friends and wipe your snot on the edge of your wine glass?” The two have to work together to find a common, happy platform, but you should not hold onto some expectation you developed of your future partner, expectations based on having to prove yourself to others during your upbringing. These expectations are a seed to much unnecessary discontent in relationships.

It is understandable that a child is dependent on their parents and has a tendency to look up to them with reliance. If a parent is abusive, the child will naturally feel less loved and more insecure when subjected to criticism, and will try hard to win back that love and security. These efforts will eventually become ingrained programming that the child/adult automatically presumes to be their very nature, or who they are.

IMGP1362.JPGFor example, I was once dabbling in the start of a relationship with someone I really liked and got along great with. We would laugh for hours and appreciated each others witty humour. She was sharp, thought in slightly different ways, and seemed like an excellent business partner. Between us we brainstormed a thousand creative ideas and had at least a year of active and fascinating work ahead of us.

But what was the problem? Her mommy said that good boys do not drink alcohol, she loves her mommy and does not want to go against her, so my three beers a day eventually became intolerable. Instead, she chose to settle back with her old boyfriend, who even beat her sometimes. Probably because they often got into heated arguments, quite possibly because he was not fulfilling her strict and high expectations.

Therefore, it is better to resolve all these issues first. Look inside yourself, analyse your motives and carefully examine your expectations and what you think you really are. Once you have found comfort with yourself, perhaps fully forgiven yourself or others, then your cornerstone has a firm foundation, not on quick sand, and you can piece together it with another cornerstone to build a lasting and mutually enjoyable relationship. Don’t jump into blaming others for your own problems, but first analyse them or why they should be problems at all.