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Locking Down Windows

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This section is part of the Protecting your Computer pages and instructs you how to lock your Windows to prevent any virus from negatively affecting it. This may not be advisable if you frequently install software and play around with the core of your system, like I do, because it requires you to restart Windows in Safe Mode to lock or unlock it. But if you are a regular user and don't install software frequently, this locking mechanism will secure your Windows with an iron fist.


Since you will need to restart your Windows and enter into it in Safe Mode and because it may be difficult to remember all these instructions, you can download them here and save them somewhere on your computer so that you can refer to them while performing these steps. The downloadable file is a zip file which you can unzip with such programs as WinZip. The Index.htm file found within it is the same as this page and from where you can access the other files.


This material was drawn from The instructions on these pages are for Windows XP so if you have a different operating system or would like to check for more updated information you can refer to this link above.


In short, the way it works is it locks your Systems folders, where viruses can do their greatest damage, and combines it with other software to build a fortress around these sensitive files and folders.


The steps:

  1. Introduction - explains what you will be doing and links to many programs to help protect your system

  2. Lock down - how to first lock down your system. You will need Avorax Shield with this. Hopefully it is still fre.

  3. Unlock it - in case you want to install some software or need to unlock it for some other reason

  4. Lock it back down - if you want to lock it back down after you've unlocked it, after you've initially locked it (an easier process than the original lock down)

  5. Back up your system - his instructions how to back up your system, using native Windows software

  6. Restore your system - how to restore your Windows from the backup you created in point 5, if something drastic happened.

Now you're invincible! Back to Protecting Your Computer.


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