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How To Prepare Your Digital Pictures
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As most of you, I'm not an expert in whipping up webpages (except in my fast and cheesy way), and I really don't have so much time to piddle around with this task forever. However, because I create all these webpages to help with my webrankings, I'll put a little more time and effort into it than most people.

I created this page as a continuation of my How to Resize Digital Camera Pictures page, which I created to help my friends with their pictures. This previous page will explain how to quickly rotate, resize and compress your digital pictures so that you can upload them to the web for your friends to view. Otherwise, if you're like most people who just upload very large picture files that take a long time to download and view, and to some website which automatically creates small thumbnails for you, a website which often requires the viewer to register with them and is slow to navigate, most people just wont bother to take the time to view your beautiful pictures. If you want to show your friends your valued pictures and keep them up to date concerning your life, you should take the time to prepare them properly and make it easy for them to view them. It really does not take that long once you get the hang of it. Because I make a lot of these pages for my travel Europe site, I have tweaked out a quick approach to whip such pages together.

I like to use FrontPage for dummies, as I like to call it. It is like Word and you can work with it quickly. It should come with every installation of Microsoft Office. I will explain the entire procedure from beginning to end, assuming that you do not know anything about this stuff.

Now that you have prepared your basic webpage, with the interesting text describing your travel experience or whatever you want to explain to your friends (this can also be accomplished with your average blog account, such as, but I find my approach faster, and I can manipulate with formatting more etc., not to mention that I can prepare everything offline), you want to throw in all your beautiful pictures.

And that's pretty well it. May seem very complicated, but no more complicated than trying to upload these pictures into text on some blog site. It is certainly harder work than uploading your pictures to some thumbnail registration site and sending your story to your friends in an email, but if you want to present your story and increase the enjoyment for your readers, who might not bother checking out all your pictures if uploaded to the thumbnail registration site, you have to go through all this. But trust me, once you get the hang of it, it really does not take long.

To check out some pages how I organised my pictures while travelling, you can find one example through travel to Stoliv Montenegro. All my travel pages are organised this way. Sometimes you might want to change the colour background of your invisible table or cell in table to create different effects.
On my travel pages, you will also notice my Gallery pages, as I was not able to cram all my pictures with my story. It is easy to create a Gallery Page by simply creating one super long invisible table (one row with many cells) on a blank page. You can drag your mouse across several cells to select them, then choose Table > Insert > Rows or Columns to add more columns for your pictures. Jump to the next cell by pressing Tab, and then press the icon to insert another picture. You can type in the occasional comment if you like. Easy as that!

Once you have finished your pages offline, you will want to UPLOAD them to the web. For this I like to use an FTP program, such as Total Commander. Using FrontPage instead for this purpose can be an absolute migraine. With an FTP program, you can just log into your webhost < account and upload the entire folder with subfolders. I will finish working on this page another day. I have to work sometimes too y'know!

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