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German Glossary Files Proofreading Terms

Hi, I’m back — say, is there a full xls version of the source in the /files somewhere? I can’t find one, but it would help me to find these terms and their descriptions.

(These are the terms:
Shadow Impact
Shadow Impact+
Illusion Dragon Impact
Shadow Impact
Razill Impact) and decide whether Kraftschlag is appropriate for Impact in each case…


Okay, this is not cool. I’m getting some loops here. Not continuous, thank god, but take a look at this.

From SandR_final_.xls

German Wrong German Correct
Warenauftrag Ware
Ware Warenauftrag
Waren Warenaufträge

That just shuffles terms meaninglessly. I will just flag all three terms and let the proofreaders sort it out. So it will be
Warenauftrag W§§§arenauftrag
Ware W§§§are
Waren W§§§aren


A question:

Why is it that in many strings the word LV (like in “To kill 63 {hVeeb Sentry°°°level 87[10116]h} and 63 {h Veeb Exorcists°°°level 89[10117]h} within 15 minutes.”)

In the translation, instead of the °°°-sign a hyphpen appears, reslting in “…Veeb-Wachposten-Level 87…” or “Schöne Meerjungfrauen-LV39”.

It doesn’t look right at all, one would expect the word “Level xy” to be enclosed in commas rather than being attached to the word in front of it by a hyphen, or maybe to stand alone without a hyphen.

May I delete these hyphens or is there a reason for them?

Kristof” The file you assigned me yesterday is not an xls file it is rar. I can’t open it in excel 2010. Can you change it? I don’t know if you can open it then! “Kristof

don’t delete them ))
Instead please, use a S&R to replace all “°°°” with hyphens in the source. It is not a command -those are hyphens replaced with “°°°” for Transit. I believe it was my mistake not to replace them back when I added the source text.


I reuploaded an xls file. Download it please.



Sorry, what does S&R mean? I’m may have missed some information lately… you mean I should not replace all hyphens by hand but by using the R&S command?

I will then leave the German text as it is, with a hyphen between level and the word in front of it.

Kristof” But there is a problem with this file. Excel tells me there is a mistake in it which can cause something bad on my Laptop. I can’t change the file. “S&R means Search and Replace. I imagine the German term would be different.

The three circles are supposed to be hyphens. Someone forgot to change them back to hyphens. If you aren’t sure how to do a global Search and Replace, leave them as is and we’ll do it after you’re done with spellchecking.



S&R means Search and Replace. Yes, I meant that you shouldn’t replace “°°°” manually, but use the replacement option. Click Ctrl+F in excel to open Find and Replace window. Put °°° for “Find what” and – for “Replace with” and clicj replace all.


I can assure you that the file is not harmful. so open the file and go to File menu. There is an option Edit anyway – click it and work at the file.


I ran the no-spotcheck list against the need-spotcheck list instead of waiting.

The logic goes like this:
If the need-spotcheck list is looking for “Aktions-Buch” and the no-spotcheck list is changing “Aktions-Buch” to “Aktionsbuch”, then I just need to replace “Aktions-Buch” with “Aktionsbuch”.

Please check the new glossary. I still see some problems with extra characters. Aktions-Buch Spot becomes Aktionsbuch Spotenen. But a proofreader should be able to catch those.

(357 cells with §§§)

I ran the modified SandR list against the files too. Please proofread the following files and let me know if there’s any problems.

(2671 cells with §§§! over 50% of the total length!)

You can probably save time by not bothering to remove the §§§ for terms that don’t have to be changed. You can then just do a Replace All at the very end.

Also, please tell us the time needed to do check both the modified Glossary and then the files 1-15. It will help us estimate how much time will be needed to proof all the files.


Dude, the whole source text is 10.5MB as a rar file. I don’t want to think how much time you’ll end up wasting searching for those terms within all 314 files.

Instead, here. Razill impact is in file 60. The rest in file 38. They’re all special attacks or maybe spells of some sort.

” we need the glossary first and foremost because otherwise the other proofreaders will have no idea what the correct terms are. Remember that even the July 18th glossary is no longer current. That glossary, for example, still uses Stufe instead of Level.


ok, I attach another .doc below. This time, just about the 2 items from JD. I also included my earlier comments on 18a. At the time, I wasn’t sure where to upload/direct this report so I guess it got lost somewhere in Karel’s mailbox. I hope the comments are helpful this time?

About the “crossed lines”, sorry, I just pasted those from my own spreadsheet, maybe they weren’t all too clear or aren’t even displayed properly on your computer (they’re not supposed to be crossed)…

I guess for the BOI extra stuff, you will ask for our report when you’re ready? I also uploaded reports to the reports folder at one time, but are they considered at all or will you just ask for a complete report at the end?



thanks for the files. I hope you didn’t spend hours searching. All of these can remain Kraftschlag. They all deal massive damage, so that makes sense. I wasn’t sure, because Einfluss (the word which was S&Red) also means “Impact” in the sense of “Influence”, nothing violent, while Kraftschlag surely is violent. But I guess sublety is not a feature of this game (blame me for playing fantasy games that are not 100% combat oriented).

Nevertheless, we should remain alert while proofreading the $$ if “Kraftschlag” has replaced “Einfluss” in other places where it isn’t an attack or spell…

Sorry for the hold-up, anyway. Now, if you need me for final proofreading as you implied earlier, I’ll be there tomorrow through saturday if you need me.


i uploaded the last file. It took me 100 minutes. I can’t take another file. I am on holiday now for the next 3 weeks.


And here’s something for you to proofread.

Over 1000 cells with §§§ (that’s what we’re using now instead of $$).

The difficult thing is that there’s a lot of changes compared to the glossary terms you’re used to.

Major ones: Stufe has been reverted back to Level. ERP back to EXP. ER back to XP. EXP and XP are apparently two different terms and are not interchangeable. Please remember that.

Other things to pay attention to: As per your recommendation, Ware, Waren, and Warenauftrag isn’t automatically replaced. Instead it’s just flagged with §§§.

I recommend that you do a global replace of §§§ at the very end rather than deleting them manually as you encounter each term.

I’m hoping  will give me a finalized glossary, but after several hours of waiting, no such luck yet.

The following is the temporary (but so far current) glossary. The right most column of the glossary is the current one.  hasn’t said it’s final yet, so this may change. Anyway, feel free to ignore the column B & C.


The next file is the S&R list. S&R Final has everything. No spotting doesn’t have §§§. This is usually just removing hyphens. The spotting required sheet is what it says. Those are terms that requires a proofreader to double check them. Between this file and the temp glossary you should be able to figure out what the current terms are.


I’m hoping tomorrow morning  will give us a finalized glossary. If so I’ll upload immediately and that will supersede those two reference files.


here is the glossary.
I started on 1-15. So far, I’m at about 20 % and it took me 36 minutes. Will continue tomorrow.


Yay, glossary!


Please use this instead of the temporary glossary.

” Gerald, are you available for some 2nd stage proofreading today and tomorrow? Maybe Saturday & Sunday too, although we are hoping we aren’t going to be that late.

Oh, for the glossary, I took 2 hours. “Valeria

that did work – 181 replacements in all.

Still, I don’t feel entirely happy with the hyphens as such in this particular place (that’s why I was asking whether they may be deleted or exchanged for a comma).

An example: To kill 35 {hPretty Mermaids-LV39[10022]h}, 35 {hOcean Patrollers-LV41[10023]h} and 35 {hOcean Guardians-LV43[10024]h} within 10 minutes.

I understand the order is to kill Pretty Mermaids of level 39 at least, right? I feel that when a German reads the translation of “Pretty Mermaids-LV39” (Schöne Meerjungfrauen-LV39), he would think (at least those new to the game): “What the hell is a mermaid-level?” I just doesn’t feel right from the point of punctuation…

I think it should read in German:
“Schöne Meerjungfrauen, LV39,…” or at least
“Schöne Meerjungfrauen – LV39”, with spaces to indicate the hyphen refers to more than one word coming before it…

Maybe the team were discussing this already, and I will happily leave the hyphens alone if you say so, just meant to bring this up as I feel it is important…

Best ragrds



Yes, I am available. Saturday and Sunday should be no problem, too.

Best Gerald


It’s… not something we have any power over. We’re stuck with it.

The client:
1. Tells use to stick with the formatting as described in the English. So if it’s hyphens in the English, it better be hyphens in the German.
2. Tells us to save space because window space is limited and they don’t want the text to start bleeding over the window border. And yes, this includes spacing, such as Schöne Meerjungfrauen – LV39. Those two extra spaces to make the text more readable? They don’t want that.

You may notice some translators not quite following the spacing issue. It really isn’t a big issue and you don’t have to strictly enforce them. We really are more worried about typos and tenses.

Oh, right, if you run across the gender signs (♂ and ♀), their replacement with (M) and (W) is intentional.



Please, check this file:
Look for &&& – that’s the way replaced with script terms were marked. Check them, change the word form if necessary and remove &&&. If you hesitate whether the term was correctly inserted check it with the newest glossary:
When you’re done upload file to FS Upload PR to subfolder 002_BOI


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