[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Translation Translate German Term

I have uploaded file 293, including glossary additions and one entry I am uncertain about (Moonlight Liquor, which I think refers to “Moonshine”).

Best Gerald


I can take about 8.000 to 10.000 words per week.
Here are the answers to the questions:

1. If I am not certain of my translation I first take a look in the glossary to see if there is a similar term. If I am almost sure of my translation I put an + behind the term in question. If I have absolutely no idea what a term means I leave it untranslated and put a + behind the term. In the last two cases I will write a note, telling where to find the term within the text and what I am not sure about.

2. I will not use hyphens. Instead I will type °°° or .hhh

3. After Receiving the glossary in Transit I add it by going to Project -> Settings -> Termstar and then click on “Insert all terms from dictionary”.

4. To mark a segment as translated I press “ALT INS”, to transfer the text from the fuzzy window I press “ALT ENTER”

5. I don’t use them unless they are in the English source text.

6. I do not translate Chinese characters. When there are Chinese AND English characters within one segment I only translate the English characters.



thanks for the files.


Thank you for answers.

Take this file to translate:
01_part_001 (1450.1 words)

Download link:

The downlad file consists 2 projects, but I underline, that you are assigned only part 001. Do not translate the second file.
Please, make sure to add the newest glossary to your project BEFORE you start translating.
Download glossary:

Please, confirm


296 is up. What has happened to 273?

I think “stash” in the glossary should be changed to “Geheimversteck”.


Okay, I just downloaded the file and the glossary and will start working now.


1) Thank you for 296.
2) I’m not sure what you mean by your question “What has happened to 273?” Elaborate, please, your question.
3) Please, send your offers concerned changes in glossary directly to  in CS. PMs are not linguists, unfortunately. We can not comment such things.
4) Are you available to take another file to translate?



here my usercode=KNX14395

Regarding your question about translation: I don’t really dare to do translation work. I am sufficiently versed in English and have very good command of the German language, which enables me to deliver quality proofreads. I think the translations are work for pros like Fabian…
I even had a conversation with  and our suggestion would be:
The spotchecking and assessing that you have assigned to  could largely be assigned to me so he could concentrate on the glossary and translation. That way, I could still do enough work (in my opinion). I have other jobs to juggle as well, so I’m trying to find a good solution and schedule.



In my opinion this file cannot be fixed in an adequate amount of time. There are quite some spelling issues and a few grammar issues. Also, as you spotted, none of the glossary terms were used. I was wondering if she’s a native speaker or is she typing on a non-German keyboard? My suggestion would be to let her redo the file but only if:
She adheres to the glossary.
She makes sure not to touch segments and tags.
She makes sure to deliver a file that she has checked and proofread intensively herself.




I know that you’re going to leave our team, really sorry for that. Please,let me know if will complete the assignments you were given.


Gunter, go to http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html

On the left column, you’ll see Upload TR. Click on that, that will take you to the uploading page. Upload the file via that page. The password is 001.

Re-upload your file over there please.


Good evening! or just hello… if the sun’s up in the sky where you are…

This is should be for …

I attached a file with questions and errors I’d like you to notice.

bye bye
happy working to everyone


Please give all assignment someone else, because I’ve already left.
Sorry, but I thought you were already informed about that. (If
still doesn’t know, please tell her)

All the best to you


Let me answer your questions.

2) 273 is not visible anymore in the list of uploaded files.
3) In the past, PMs would forward single questions to lead translators. But I have also lost track a little in the jungle of all these communication systems, please excuse me.
4) I’m happy to start workinug on more files, but will not deliver anything before Karel pays, as promised.


Ugh, got more to add to your plate.

Please proofread 01_beta_reps.


As usual, repetitions file gets priority over anything else. Repetition file is also to be fully proofread, not merely spotchecked like regular files. It’s not that long at an estimated 6215 words. Once you are done with this, write a comment/report on the translation quality too, just like in Jade Dynasty.

After that you can proceed with the other assignments.
Please confirm.

Thank you for your work and sorry for the interruption.



Thank you for your answer. Fine, we have enough files for assessment and spotchecking and will have really much more soon. I just know that some people in our team are eager to translate, that’s why I decided to ask you. What is concerned the file  has for assessment- I reassign it to you. Please, assess this file ASAP and provide us your comments about her work and also make a list of comments for translator. If file is fine , then make a spotcheck and upload it to proofread folder.  told he has taken a look at it and it must be good.

Here is a download link to it:


I found your files yesterday when I accidentally noticed them attached in OT.

However, I swear that I never got them via the PR site. (I see you just uploaded them again today.)

After you sent that 182-183 the first time, I asked you about 184-186. I never got an answer, although from what Karel forwarded me, you had some trouble with OT. I waited a whole week prior to reassigning and since I had neither file nor news, I was forced to reassign.

However, the reassignment has been canceled and your files processed. Please make sure to upload files to the PR/TR sites in the future. In cases like this where the upload apparently failed, do both OT and PR reupload, please. Better play it safe. We’ll have a programmer look into the error you received, but currently the diagnose is service interruption when you tried to upload or post.

We just gave you several new assignments. Can you please post here and confirm? That way we can be sure that you can post too. If you can’t, please let Karel know and we’ll look into alternative method of communications.


I confirm that 273 was received on the 24th. I removed it from the TR site because I regularly remove files that are several days old from the TR site to prevent it from becoming unmanageably long.

We tried to forward questions for about a week, but the new translators gave us so many questions that we lose track. I concluded that we can’t keep up. I’ll forward your question to but we’re looking into ways to eliminate the middleman while still be able to participate.

I understand if you want to stop delivery until the payment clears. We’ll accommodate it. Payment’s likely to be next week though. When you get it, please let me know that you’re ready again.



This comment is from Ulrich. He asked me to forward it to you.

I think “stash” in the glossary should be changed to “Geheimversteck”.


, I just want you to know that I never actually got the spotchecked files for 248-252, 254-255, 257-258, 263, and 273-274.

We only got a report of the quality of those. I believe you may have confused spotchecking, in which you’re supposed to fix errors as you find them, with assessment, in which you aren’t supposed to fix the errors. I had hoped to get this worked out (see yesterdays’s post), but since you already left I don’t know if it’s possible.

If you prefer, we’ll reassign those files to someone else, but in that case we’ll have to discard your time on those files. If you already have those files fixed, please upload it to the PR site.


Ok. My fault. I am translating part 022 and have found some errors in the already as translated part. Am I right to assume I don’t have to touch those?
Error example:
Pet Bean Swordman has been translated as Tier°°°Bohnen°°°Pirat
and in the glossary I found Tier°°°Bohnen°°°Schwertkämpfer



Well, you could fix them and we’ll be thankful, but we won’t be able to pay you for those. You see, they’re both in German, so it’s hard to tell which one is yours and which one is the old pre-translated parts. Oh, we can compared them side by side and Transit can show only segments that you actually worked on, but still, trying to do a word-count manually is just plain impossible.

So go ahead and skip them. We plan on dealing with those in the vetting stage.


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