[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Project Proofreading German

To add the dictionary to the project it is necessary to receive it first. So go to Project-Receive and receive the Glossary file. Then you reload the assigned project file. Then go to Projects -> Setting -> TermStar Dictionaries, and click on add.

” I keep getting DB error messages when I try to receive the glossary file (see attached doc file). I can open the language pairs in the glossary afterwards but I’m not able to load it into another project file then. “Sophie

More assignments:
1) Spotcheck 184,185,264,265 files.
2) Spotcheck and comments list for new translators.
288-289 – comments for Marcus
269- comments for

Download links for files:


Links for comments:

 ” I’m forwarding ‘s answer to your note for file 255.

“Sophie, spotchecking the previous assignment should take you a short time only.

After you’re done with that, I need you to proofread 05_283_DEU_tobe_proofed. The link is:

This is proofreading, not one of those super-fast spotchecking. This particular file is full of problems. Let me quote the relevant part from my assessment of her:
“Your translation may be alright linguistically, I don’t know. I will have to ask a senior translator, but the data structure is all messed up. You added spaces and removed spaces unnecessarily. You split a segment into two several times, causing mismatches. In one case a game formatting code was turned into capital letters, moved out of order, and then the you tried to fix it by creating a new segment. You did not follow the glossary terms and instead used your own terms.”

I also found out later that she moved periods to the front of the next segment rather than keeping it in the same segment.

The file need to be proofread. In particular, the proofreader needs to be able to tell us:
1. Whether it’s worth it to fix this (I already fixed the alignment and some game codes) or to redo it. If it’s worth fixing, fix it.
2. If it’s to be redone, is Lee a decent enough translator that we can try training her or should we drop her altogether?

So please answer these questions for us.



Made several corrections.
1. Removed 184-185_for_spotting. That’s not needed. Sorry for my mistake.
2. Corrected file name for 05_283_DEU_tobe_proofed.PXF.



Yes, that looks good. I just tried on the first file for size and am done with that one already.

Just one question (hope it’s not something I missed in the information provided) – when proofreading the finished translation, i.e. after having marked all segments as translated by pressing ALT+Ins, do I have to press ALT+Ins again when I make a correction or is it enough to just save the file?



Let’s see, error message says you don’t have Termstar Received database. So let’s create it.

Start Transit. Pick any project, doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about the glossary yet. Right now we just want to be in Transit.

Now that you’re in Transit, go to Options -> Database Administrator -> Wizard.

Select New dictionary or database and hit Next.
Select Create a new database and hit Next.

Select Browse. It will ask you what to name the file. Pick something descriptive. Maybe Received. As for which directory to put it, the default DB directory should be fine. Hit Save. Hit Next.

Now it will ask you what to name the database. Name it Termstar Received. Hit Next.

It will ask you for the dictionary name, but if you look a under it, there’s a box for Create empty database with no dictionary. Check that. Hit Finish.

Now redo the Receive process. Since you now have a Termstar Received database, it should run. When you are done, select your assigned project (File -> Open -> Project) and then load your assigned file (File -> Open -> Language Pair).

Now go to Project -> Settings -> Termstar Dictionary and Add the glossary. It’s Video.German_MAIN. You can now start working.

Creating Termstar Received database should be a once-off thing. It’s unlikely you’ll have to do that again ever. Receiving the glossary is probably a once a week routine.
So don’t get intimidated by this long description of the process. It’s actually pretty fast to do.



Once you marked the segment as Translated it won’t change its stetus if you make a correction, unless you don’t change the status to Untranslated yourself. On the other side when a segment is marked untranslated, it will never change its status untill you do it. So no, you don’t have to press ALT+Ins again if the status of segment is already marked as Translated.

” Reminder: we still haven’t received 01_beta_reps_DEU

you’ll have the file in half an hour, I’m proofreading the file, but almost done.


Ugh, got more to add to your plate.

Please proofread 01_beta_reps.


As usual, repetitions file gets priority over anything else. Repetition file is also to be fully proofread, not merely spotchecked like regular files. It’s not that long at an estimated 6215 words. Once you are done with this, write a comment/report on the translation quality too, just like in Jade Dynasty.

After that you can proceed with the other assignments. Thank you for your work and sorry for the interruption.


please take today to update the glossary. When you’re done, please translate the following reps file.


I know that I said to prioritize a reps file first, but eh, one day of switched stuff won’t matter.

I’m attaching all the comment files that’s relevant to the glossary from 25-27 June. I didn’t edit them to just the glossary comments though. Just ignore the file-specific comments.

” I’m forwarding ‘s response to your note for 263.

I’m attaching ‘s reply to your note for file 252.

I’m forwarding ‘s reply to your notes.

“I’m attaching ‘s reply to your note.

I got to admit that prior to handing your note I read it and was confused myself.


my note was full of my “notes” taken during translaing, sorry. I had hoped to be clear in what I highlighted (wondered about). I wanted to be quick in showing errors in the (original) text.

Ok then, differently next time.

from morning-sunny Sicily



As far as I know you didn’t get through usual procedures like all translators, and sequently don’t have a usercode. Karel needs it for accounting purposes. So please, register on this site http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/b.cgi. Once you fullfill the form and press continue, an email will be sent to you informing you of your username and password. Of course you don’t need to submit you sample there. Just get your usercode a send it to me and to Karel ASAP.


File 293 will be finished today, so you could assign me the next one.

Best Gerald



Your next files:
01_part_026 (2302.2)
01_part_027 (1717.3)
Total words: 4019,5

Download link:


Please, confirm

Best gerards


Thanks a lot for the assignment. The files should be done by Thursday at the latest.

Best Gerald


just one little question, do I send the translated files to you or to Karel?




Neighther to me nor to Karel. You have to upload them to Files server http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html according to unstructions.




as you requested above I am sending you the first page(s) of my translation.

After the initial problems it is working now, but there might still be some things needing clarification.

After I add new terminology it does not show up in the dictionary. Should it?

To avoid problems I have saved new terms in a word document as well. I am attaching this, too.

Please note that document also contains two remarks/questions at the end.

Best Günter

PS: I tried to send 05_part_271.DEU, however this message system refused with the error message INVALID FILE TYPE” Sending it as ZIP now. Just realised … “Hi

I am sorry to hear that the data structure is messed up.
I’ll wait for the proofreader to go over it and hope that you will be more satisfied with the next translation.

Best Lee


I just want to let you know that i have already uploaded the file (5_306_DEU TXF. For the next time I know how this works, it is different than in the previous project.


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