[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary German Segment Translate

Cool. No wonder I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with your install. 🙂

But I’ll have ask you to re-download and re-Receive the glossary. Sorry, but our lead translator just updated the glossary and added some hundred terms or so.




I’m happy to take this file, but I can start only on Thursday. I hope that should be ok? I should then be able to finish it until friday night and take on more over the weekend.

” That should work. Yeah.

Are you available to translate one more file?


Hi there!

This week my plate is already more than full I’m afraid. )-:

But next week looks much better.

Talk to you soon


Fine. Let us know when you are available.


I looked at at the file in question and can’t find anything “partially translated.”

There’s a lot of segments that says checked 2.

Let’s take a look at segment 319. Sorry, I can’t copy & paste because it will just display some weird characters.

Basically what’s going on is that you don’t need to translate segment 319 because it’s been filtered out. See that N/A at the beginning of the sentence? That means not-applicable.

From what we gather from the client, anything that starts with N/A will be skipped by the game. We try to filter those out and that’s why you can’t translate them. But there’s so many of combination of weird characters that the filter can’t get them all. Also, if you see segment 319-322, that whole section was supposed to be one line and shouldn’t be translated, but [] and {} cause Transit to start a new segment, and then the filters fails.

So you don’t need to worry about those untranslatable segments. You won’t get paid for those anyway because the filter cuts out those parts from the official word count.

If for some reason you absolutely must get into those segments and edit something, go to View -> Hide/Display Attributes and check Deactivate Tag Protection. This will let you edit anything. We request that you be really careful when doing that though.

” I’m so sorry. Originally I had planned to be of more help to you this week, but there’s a bunch of work I’ve agreeed to take on a while back, all pouring in now. “Oh, I’m sorry. I see:

all together: 75 minutes

thank you” Ok.

I need your hours report for files below:


Please, provide me it ASAP.

Thak you!


I uploaded file 05 part 288, 289, 264, 265, 269.
And here the attachment of the list of comments of file 05_307.

My Work-time today:

Controlled file 05_283: 9 min
Controlled file 05_307: 24 min
Spotted 05_288: 50 min
Spotted 05_289: 36 min
Spotted 05_264: 35 min
Spotted 05_265: 25 min
Spotted 05_269: 30 min



I understand, we assigned toomuch at once and you could forget about more comments.
Please, make comments/advices list for
288-289 – comments for Marcus
269- comments for  and tell us your impression. You were the first to check their files.



We have got comments from proofreader. See the attachment.


Please find attached translated file 5_278.

I also attach a document with added words and + signs and also included a few comments on things I wasn’t sure about.
I don’t know whether that is a good way of doing it, but i feel that it would be much easier to resolve possible issues right away than having to deal with them later… so let me know if you think i should change anything from what i mention in the file and I’ll do that right away.

Can you please also let me know whether such an attached file is a comfortable way for you to deal with possible issues?

I would be available to take on the next file.

Thank you very much and


Please, upload your file to the http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html directory according to the guidelines. Upload also your comments to the BOI_Notes on the same directory.

Let me know when you upload your files.



Sorry for that. I uploaded the files now 🙂


, after reading your notes, I checked the original file for 278.

Both segment 11 and 193 were marked untranslated in the file we sent you. My guess is that you accidentally pressed Alt-Ins.

I checked segment 194 in the source text from the client. It’s the same as in your file. The awkward sentence is the same as the source text.

I’ll forward the rest of the notes to .


Your next assignment:

05_part_279 (3,356)

Download link:

Please, confirm


By the way, I’m reimporting section 01_delta. If you haven’t downloaded the file, there’s nothing to worry about. Just download the file on Thursday just before you start. If you already downloaded the file, you’ll have to re-download it.

Re-importing tend to change a file in subtle ways, and it’s best to just re-download.


I looked at your comments file and couldn’t make head or tails about it.  will be confused too. Please remember that  does not have your file to look at. It’s not feasible for him alone to look at every single file that’s being translated.

Instead, please use the glossary question sheet attached here to write your comment for the glossary. This will allow him to get a better context out of your comments.


I’m attaching a couple comments file from the 28th.

‘s note is relevant to the glossary.
‘s note is as confusing as before. His comment about Leiste and Leistung might be relevant to the glossary though.

I forwarded your glossary question submission sheet to . Hopefully he’ll start using it.


I will finish my actual file tomorrow so please assign tomorrow a new one.



Ah… thank you .

I thought I would look at the files.

ok, the gloss sheet next time (today in the evening maybe)

happy working to you


I received the file and you can expect it back by Thursday afternoon (BST).

Should I translate the untranslated segments for 278 and re-upload the file? (Sorry for that)


My proofreading of these files:


was 1,5 hours each, this is 6 hours in total.


You didn’t do anything wrong.  submitted the new glossary using hyphens instead of the degree signs.

I’ll do a global search and replace now and upload a new glossary in a 15 minutes. Simply redownload the file.

” Translating the untranslated segments would be nice, yes. But if you want to do so please do it right away so we can hand it to a spotchecker as soon as one becomes available.


I’m wondering what the difference between the glossary “video.Main.German” and “Glossary_DEU_29Jun-type files” is…

Sorry to bother you, but how can I use the new glossary after downloading?

Unfortunately, Transit is still a mystery for me. I used it only once before and that’s many months ago.



Video.German_MAIN and Glossary_DEU_29Jun are just names for the the glossary.

In Transit, you can name the glossary anything. And you can have different names inside and outside Transit too. In Transit we use Video.German_MAIN. It’s the main glossary for the video game in German.

When we Send this glossary, we can name the resulting PXF anything too, as long as it ends in .PXF. We use Glossary_DEU_29Jun because, well, it is the German glossary from June 29th.

You may think “Why not name the glossary Glossary_DEU_29Jun instead of Video.German_MAIN?” Well, if we do that some people would then put all the versions of the glossary up at the same time instead of just the latest one. This then creates oddities as Transit will have two or more results for the same term (the old glossary and the new glossary term).

To use the new glossary after downloading, delete the old glossary first. Options -> Database Administrator -> Expert.
Select the current Video.German_MAIN and hit delete.

Then Receive the new glossary. Project -> Receive. Just like when you set things up the first time.


Here is your next file:
01_part_002 (2191.4)

Download link:
The downlad file consists 2 projects, but I underline, that you are assigned only part 002. Do not translate the second file.
Please, make sure to add the newest glossary.




Thank you for your answers.

Here is your first assignment:
05_part_304 (4,417 words)

Download link:

Please, make sure to add the newest Glossary before you start translating.

Please, confirm


hope you can answer simply here…

what about the numbers?… the commas and dots… adapt them?

Die Obergrenze für ERP ist 210,000,000.
GERMAN: 210.000.000



Yes, it would be perfect if you adapt them according to German rules. But even if you don’t we’ll correct such issues when vetting files.


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