[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Work Translation Project Glossary Quality

Thanks for the assignment. If nothing unexpected happens, the files should be ready in the course of Saturday.




Here is your first assignment:

Kalle 05_part_310 1,524
Kalle 05_part_311 1
Kalle 05_part_312 489
Kalle 05_part_313 227
Kalle 05_part_314 42

Total word count: 2283.

The files you can download from here:


Please let us know when you think they will be done.


we will transfer file to .


People keep sending….
If you believe these questions can wait, please let me know, I will ask translators to collect all them in one file and transfer to you when CS is available for them.


yes, that would indeed help me, as I can then take some time off my other work to really focus on these comments.

Thanks much


I talked to and he said that he will do all issues at once
so please collect them and in couple days send them all.



Hope these English errors are new to you and haven’t been dealt with already…

“see” you tomorrow



Would you mind spot-checking for the files:


In total 6 files.

We would appreciate fast checking, like 15 minutes per file.

Please confirm.


Can’t say I hope so too 🙂

But you keep noticing them for  (and if you are not sure in translation,so do according to the instructions).
Soon CS is on, you will get the way to deal with them faster.


thank you for the feedback on my answers.
I think I will have finished this assignment by tuesday afternoon.

Best Kalle



I’ve finally got Transit working. You were right, once you get accustomed to the programme, it’s not that confusing anymore.

Just wanted to let you know that you can count me in for 0.03 USD per word and that I will deliver the first file sometime tonight or tomorrow. I will start with the second file then. Please assign a new file to me too.

If you still need proofreaders, you can make me an offer. I have been working as a professional proofreader for over two years now too.

Do you think it’s realistic that I can get enough work for the next half year at least to earn about 1,000 USD / month or more? I don’t know how much work and how many translators you have so I just want to know to get a general idea and maybe to be able to plan ahead a bit.

Once again, please accept my apologies for the misunderstandings we have had.


I’m not Karel, but I can tell you the following things.

– We go on a project by project basis. We can promise that unless you bungled something you will not be short of work for the next two weeks, but I don’t know what happens after that.
– Whether you can get $1000/month depends on your speed and quality. So we have 2 weeks and your rate is 3 cents per word. Can you translate 17,000 words within the next two weeks and earn $500? That’s up to you. Do we have the 17,000 words? Yes, we do. Do you want to make $1000 in two weeks? We can get you the 34,000 words in the next two weeks. Whether you can handle it is up to you.
– We don’t need a proofreader per se. The client chose to shrift proofreading (shrug). That’s their prerogative. We can use people to spot-check the translation, do quality assessment, and assorted similar things that aren’t quite proofreading and aren’t quite translating. Those do get paid an hourly rate. However, please understand that we want to see you translate a few files first so we can better assess the quality of your work. But right now our priority is to get the main translation done first.


Renamed the subject to better reflect the current discussion.

Also attached all the comments file up to the 25th. Some of the issues inside are not relevant to the glossary. Just skip those. I didn’t have the time to actually edit each comment file for relevancy.

we’ll leave it to your own judgment on how to best use your time between all the work we’re giving you right now.


Thank you very much for your quick response. So there is enough work for the next two weeks at least, ok.

When I remember correctly, my file at hand is slightly more than 3,000 words so I am confident that I can handle such a file almost every day for the next two weeks. I will upload my first file tomorrow and will try to get the second one done by tomorrow night as well. Please make sure that I can start with my third file by Sunday.

I can fully understand that you want to see my translations first before assigning me quality checks. You can keep in mind that I would be willing to help with that as well, though, if my quality meets your expectations.


In this JD-translation (file 19c) are following mistakes: Some segments are not translated:
Fort Cloudstorm should be Fort Wolkensturm

Blanks are missing and hyphens and respectively the 3 degree signs. Example: BambusGipfel.
There are + signs

The translator did not adhere to the glossary in many cases, Example: Schwert Gutshaus should be Schwerter°°°Landhaus



I have uploaded the translated files, but there are still some questions:

1. I have added some terms to the Add_New_Terms_German.PXF dictionary. Will they be transmitted automatically or do I have to upload this glossary using a special procedure? (I could not find any clear reference to that)

2. I have noticed that the file 05_part_301 has my name marked in blue. Does that mean I can already download it and start to work, or does it have to be specifically assigned?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Best Gerald



thanks for the file. It is week-end here in Sydney, however, I will probably have a few a hours on Sunday to get it started.

I will go slow at the beginning to make sure everything is correct. So I expect to deliver it on Monday, or latest on your Tuesday morning.

Once all is running smoothly I normally handle around 3000 words per day.

Since we are moving to another house I will not be available on Thu 1st and Fri 2nd July. I hope to be able to catch up for that the following Sat and Sun.

Just to let you know that on 1 and 2 July I will probably not answer any emails.

Have a nice week-end



Please, when you complete 2-3 pages of the first file you were assigned, paste the text of your translation into Word file, and send it to us. We’ll send it to one of the proofreaders of the project, he’ll check it and make comments for you. Please, understand that we don’t cast doubts on your experience, but every particular project has its own features and the only one reason we want to do it, is to help you.


* what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?
I can either skip it by NOT using ALT INS and translate the next segment by moving down to it using my cursor, leaving the previous segment marked as not translated. Or if I am able to translate the segment but am not sure whether it is correct I can ALT INS it but put a + sign after the segment I am not sure of.

* how do we deal with hyphens when translating?
If there is a problem inserting a hyphen I can use ººº or .hhh.
I can also paste a hyphen every time I need it or create a macro using a shortcut key

* how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?
Project > Settings > Termstar – select the new glossary after importing it into the program like any other file. Select NO other glossary. Open the new file and go to Edit > Insert all terms from dictionary. Ctrl save my file, go back to the beginning, add the Add dictionary, make it the default and continue translating. I have trouble understanding this last part. What exactly do I do here? Add the Add dictionary? What does that mean?

* how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text from the fuzzy window? (ALT 2 jumps without transferring the contents.)

* what is the rule for quotation marks?
I could not find this information in the project instructions. Please advise!

* how do you deal with Chinese characters when you get to them?
Ignore them!


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