[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Project Dictionary Translated German

If you have Add_New_German dictionary associated with the project, then when you send the translated file, there should be a checkbox marked “Send Dictionaries”.

Usually we don’t want you to send a dictionary back, because our standard dictionary is Video.German_MAIN, and there’s no need to send this huge dictionary back at us every single time you turn in something.

However, if you have de-associated Video.German_MAIN (Projects -> Settings -> Termstar Dictionaries -> Deselect) and associate the Add_New_German, then make sure the checkmark is there, and it will be packaged together with the translated file. You will only send the new terms you added there, so the file size will be small.

I’ll check your file later to see whether the Add_New_German got transferred. In the meantime, you can start with 05_part_301. I confirm the assignment.


After you complete your current tasks, you can finally start translating.
Here is a file for you:
05_part_295 (4,648 words)

Download link:

Please, confirm


Alright, go here: http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html
and click on both the guidelines link and instruction link at the bottom left corner.

Your answer led me to believe that you have been reading stuff for our previous Jade Dynasty project, which is mostly applicable too, but the current Battle of the Immortals do have little difference. If I’m wrong, sorry, but it doesn’t hurt to reread those.

– About the hyphens, we no longer want you to use .hhh. as a replacement for the hyphen. It’s strictly ººº now.

– There are two dictionaries. Or glossaries. In Kenax and Transit the two words are the same. One is Video.German_MAIN. It’s packed as Glossary_DEU_date.PXF. Always check the date and use the latest one. This contains some 9000 terms and our “official” translation. These are mostly names, locations, monsters, and similar stuff and it’s important that these things are translated the same way throughout the game. The other dictionary is Add_New_German, packaged as Add_New_Terms_German. This is an empty dictionary. If you find a new terms that you think should belong in the main dictionary, you can add those new terms to the Add_New_German. If you add it straight to the Main dictionary, it will get lost in all the 9000 other terms and also sending a big file will take some extra time. So you add it to the empty dictionary and send only a small file containing a few new terms. We try to choose names that are descriptive.

– To mark a text as translated there are two ways. You can use Alt-Ins, or Edit -> Segment Status -> Translated. The short cut to transfer text from the Fuzzy match window is Alt-Enter.

– You can find the rule for question marks at http://translationstop.com/files/Z/guidelines_introduction.html
It’s Special Points no. 7. You can get there from the pindex.html file by clicking on the Introductions and New Applicants link.

You got 3 and a half question right. I’m counting the 2nd question as half right and I’m giving you the 3rd question because although you don’t understand what it means, your answer was roughly right, which shows that you read some of the stuff.

Still, 3.5 is borderline….

OK, let’s get yourself familiarized with Transit more.

Download http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/05_252_DEU.PXF

Then download the glossaries.


This is not a file assignment. You are not to translate file 05_part_252. Instead I want you to go through the process of actually associating the project file with the glossary (see your own answer for no. 3 question). When you have done so, you should have a dictionary sub-window open. See the attached screenshot for an example. Now send me a screenshot of your own Transit window with file 05_part_252 open and the Video.German_MAIN open. This will let me verify that you are at least getting more familiar with Transit.

Please note that we don’t doubt your English-German translation skill. If we do you won’t even be here at all. But no matter how good you are linguistically, we can’t use your skill if you don’t know the software we use.


I have downloaded and received the new file, overwriting the previous project after making a backup copy of the folder, but there seems to be a problem regarding Fuzzy matches:

File 05_part_301 contains a part of a sentence (“By the light of Necron Classics”) that I have already translated in file 05_part_300, but the Fuzzy index does not show any reference to it. Even using the concordance search, I cannot find any reference to the file I have translated before.

Is this a normal behaviour or have I done something wrong?

Thanks for your answer!

Best Gerald


I uploaded the spot-checkes files (05.
Fortunately the quality of these files were excellent, so I actually just needed 15 minutes per file. But for a correct proofreading it takes longer in general.




As I can see you still have 264 file, but if you don’t mind here are your new files for you to translate:

05_part_302 3,275
05_part_303 3,433


Please let us know when you think files will be done.


Likely when you overwrote the previous project file it causes it to “forget” your previous work.

This is a known issue. The .PRJ contains an index to all the project files. Problem is, if we want to give you the complete .PRJ, we have to tell Transit to include everything. For Section 5, that means dumping all 120+ files on you (each “file” is actually a pair of files, English and German). Huge file, long download, and a lot of people can’t figure out how to send individual files, so they’ll end up sending all 120+ files back even though they translated 1 or 2 files. So we end up giving you a .PRJ that contains only 1 or 2 files, and since they’re all named 10002_05, they get overwritten everytime you take on a new file. And when they get overwritten, Transit sees only the current file, and not the older ones.

You can get around it by using the Reference Material tab. Project -> Settings -> Reference Material.

If you’ve been renaming your project instead of zipping the files, you can try Add Project. If you’ve been zipping them, you’ll have to create a new directory, unzip the .DEU and .ENU pair(s) there (you don’t need anything else), and then Add File or Add Folder and point Transit there.

Add File adds individual files. Add Folder adds everything in a certain folder. Add Project adds all files in a project.

This tells Transit, “Hey, I want you to remember THESE files!”

We actually do this with BOI. There’s a folder of several hundred files for the Reference Material. Many of the pretranslated segments came from this.


please find attached the Word file.



The Reference Material trick worked – Thanks a lot for this!

Maybe this should be included in the general Transit instructions since I think I might not be the last one who will come across this problem.

Best Gerald


When you click on Send, Send Project shows up, right? Actually, if you click on that you can scroll one down and choose Send translation.

I’m kinda puzzled why you get Send Project to show up at all though. You should not have it unless someone sent the .COD file together with the .DEU and .ENU.

You can send either .PXF or .TXF, I don’t care, but please don’t rename them.

As for “Invalid mode for extracted data”, I have no idea. That’s a new error message for me. Never had that happen before. I’ll look into it but since this is new to me I can’t promise a solution. In the meanwhile, please send a text file or a document for the new terms so we can add them manually.



Here is your her assignment:

Christian 05_part_307 3,458

You can download the file form here:


Please confirm and let us know when you think file will be done.



So I assume you spent 15*6=90 minutes on 6 files?

We will have spot-check still on same conditions, please when you upload the files, let us know total time spent.


Hi ,
or Valeria (it’s all a bit confusing)

Another file is up, more remarks attached.
This one had a couple of weird, obviously wrong passages in the English text. I tried my best.



As I know you still have 280, isn’t it?

Please tell me if you want to be assigned with more files.


More files, yes, but until Moday I will only manage 280.


Thanks for the assignment!
I’ve downloaded the file; it should be translated by Tuesday.



Here you go:

05_part_296 3,578

File is in here:


You can ask us additionally that you want more files if you feel like finishing soon.


I don’t understand.
Do you or do you not want me to translate 264?



We are working now to make instruction better, so your suggestions are very useful.



Sorry, I didn’t stated it clearly.

Yes please go on with 264.

Just do after files 302,303.


yes, for these 6 files > 90 minutes.



I’ll have 264 done by Monday, as I said.

302 and 303 I’ll have done by the end of next week at the very latest (possibly earlier).




We have new translators onboard. They will save first 2-3 pages of their translation in word file. I need you to check it briefly and make some comments/advises for the translator. I attach the first sample. It’s file 05_part_262. Tell me what else information could help you, so that I attached it the next time. Make special hours report for this task. Ingeneral try not to spend more than 20 min for 1 sample, if it is possible.


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