[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Work Proofreading Translation

This is definitely not OK, Karel had never given permission to translators to proofread the files. The request was to skim over files to help evaluate quality and develop a strategy.

Files can be assigned only and exclusively by PMs, at this point – and me. Otherwise happens what happened – translators worked on same files –  uploaded 2d already few days ago to OT – meaning you were both working on same file. Meantime, as I was not notified that you and  are working on something, and 5a was assigned to a third translator.

We appreciate and value your recommendation for work order and files quality, but the file assignment can be done only by PMs.



I must inform you, that almost 5 hours is very, very long. Please take a look on GS – it takes in average about 1.5 hour to proofread a file. If you think you could fit into that, maximum 2 hours limit, please proceed to your last file. If you think you can not do it faster – I would like you to stop proofreading.

Please confirm.


I looked at the glossary and have removed the duplicates and one word stuff. Also removed some of the sentences.

But not all of them. Many of what you suggested to remove seems to belong. Some of them are short description of items, true, but there are plenty of those in the glossary too.

I’m uploading a temporary version of the glossary for you to comb. Please take a look again, not only on what to remove, but also to remove any duplicates and allow for typos.

For example, there are two King’s Gorge. One using ’, the other using ‘. You suggested removing one of them. I disagree and have instead used the same translation for both. There’s a lot of stuff like this too. I see Ultimatete Plate and Ultimate Plate. There’s also Void Bitter and Void Biter (the correct one is Void Biter, which is a type of monster in teh game).

Since I know there’s no Void Bitter in the game, I’ve copied the translation for Void Biter for that entry, but someone really ought to comb through that carefully.

I’m disappointed that  didn’t already do this, but he’s inexperienced as a lead translator after all.

Can you go over the glossary one more time? I’ve left the Changed column alone, because I think I still need them (and you may want to continue marking the changed parts).
I figure once this is done I’ll compile a short list of what’s changed and go over the translated 03 files and change them.

I’ve left the Remove? comment and the red colour alone too. If you decide to keep an entry, just remove the comment and the red colour. However, if you decide to delete an entry (any entry), no need to mark them or tell me. I’ll trust you.

This gets a higher priority than 02_reps_DEU.PXF.
Do you want me to assign that to someone else or are you almost done with that?

” PS: http://translationstop.com/files/Glossary/prelim_GlossaryDEUJun4e.xls

files received.
One request, I asked Alexandre to do same – could you please upload a “demo” version of the files you already proofread to the uploading system (http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi)? I understand you continually work on all files, but we need to have something for backup. No need to upload file-file – just compress them, and name the file ”
sec.14 DEMO”.


I’m not very far into 02_reps_DEU.pxf yet, but I think I can manage it tomorrow or Sunday. If that’s too late, you might want to assign it to someone else.
I will work with the glossary with top priority then.


ok, I was not aware who is working on what. I sent my comments to  under the impression he may be working on these files. I realize it was wrong not to contact you with my comments in the first place. I took these when you (Karel) initially asked us all to skim over the files and make suggestions, so the notes themselves had nothing to do with specific file assignments (that’s why I took notes instead of editing the files).

I still have the notes on these files, if you need them, but I realize this may be too late.

If there is any way to reimburse me for the time I took participating, I would be grateful, but I leave that decision to you and I will not discuss it further, because I am too confused now and know too little about everything else. That being said, I am a bit unhappy about the flow of information concerning this stage, which was often difficult to follow. But I realize the whole situation with the end client was confusing, too.



I am sorry I am slower than the other proofreaders. Do you want me to just check the consistency with glossary and leave the sentences as they are even when the French structures could be improved. I could focus just on the mistakes and glossary, if that works for you.




any news on the new glossary?

I have plans for tonight, so I hope it will be there tomorrow for me to consult and finish my proofreading assignment.

Once I can consult the latest dictionary, I think it shouldn’t take too long, so I expect to be able to take on a bit more work after that.


If it’s tomorrow I can work with that, but Sunday is a bit late.

We lost quite a bit of time due to the halt. Not just the actual time, but the disruption of the flow and having some of the team being diverted….

Try for tomorrow, please. We need to catch up on the schedule.



I uploaded section 14 for your convenience.
Let me know if there is anything you want me to change.



A prelimary Excel file was uploaded about an hour ago, but neither  nor I was happy about it. He wants more time and I am seeing some duplications that needs to be resolved.

You can download the prelimary glossary at the glossary directory. Just look for the 04 June one.

You’ll see some of them are marked “Remove?”
Those are being considered for removal because  isn’t sure they belong in a glossary.

You’ll see a few rows marked “Changed”. Those have the translation changed between 02 June and now. Check your files for those changes. Probably best to wait until ‘s done. We’re putting top priority on the glossary.



‘s asking for more people, and Karel’s thinking about bringing in the Dario crew. He wants them rated first though.

Over at http://translationstop.com/files/Temp/
you will find 2 files named Dario_crew.PXF and Dario_crew2.PXF.

You may want to back up the JD section 14 and section 16 Transit files first, but please take those files, and use the Filter to see only the translator edited part (that is, minus the pretranslated parts).

Please assess how good they are and write a report for and Karel. Due to time, their files weren’t properly proofed in Transit.

Dario’s crew consists of 3 people. Their codes and their files are:
Dario1: 14k, 16d, 16e, 16g
Dario7: 14u, 16i, 16j
Dario11: 14r, 16f

Don’t bother fixing anything. You just proofed section 14 and Alexandre’s doing section 16. We just need an assessment on how good they are and whether we can use them in the JD.repair project.



I already uploaded reports for the Darios. They are bad. They did not even care to follow the guidelines.



I am cancelling the files request – DO NOT work on files 15 s-u, and when you are available, please message me here on OT and I will assign you other file.

I will double this on SC as I’m not sure you are receiving the messages.


You had uploaded earlier files 2c and 2d, where did 2a came out from? You told me yesterday that the record of your files on GS is correct. Yesterday some version of 2a and 2d was uploaded by Sebastian on “your behalf”, but he also claims to having proofread them.
Would you please explain me how did it happened that both of you were proofreading same files?

Translators were never permitted to actually start proofreading any files. All Karel requested is skimming through files for quality issues. ANY file assignment can be done ONLY by me or .


Sorry for the inconvenience! Originally Sebastian and me were working on proofreading JD files. Sebastian later was asked to stop working on JD and deal with translation of BOI. So he wrote me a mail via CS (I guess he was told so???)

At this point he had processed 2a and 2d without incorporating the corrections,though, which I asked him to do and which he did. He also mentioned that he skimmed over the files for general impression and said that there might be other issues in the file.

So I just checked the file again and found the issues mentioned in my previous mail (even though they were not assigned to me – I thought the whole procedure was agreed upon before)



thanks for the update. Yes, I think its best to wait, even if that means more idle time for me. Proofing the rest of my files with the new dictionary when it is ready will avoid having to go over anything for a second time. Plus, I would then be familiar with the new dictionary, and able to take on more files to proofread for the highest level of consistency.

I will not be able to work on Sunday, by the way, but from Monday on, I would be happy help you catch up on the proofreading (and today, if the glossary is there soon enough).

I think it is very good for the project that we focus on the dictionary like this, even if it slows us down for a few days.

In the meantime, I put some of my most important observations on the glossary in the .doc that you will find attached. It isn’t long, but I believe my points are important, so can you forward it to ?

The file also contains a comment on terms marked for removal (I actually think most of them should stay, but of course, that decision is for  and you to make).

” Sebastian is proofreading section 203-205 and have commented about the glossary. He’s asking me to forward the comment file to you for consideration.

I’ve forwarded it to .

any files to polish up?


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