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Glossary Terms Proofread Proofreading

attached you will find the two documents with comments and the updated Excel glossary. Could you tell me if left the terms I have deleted in the Transit version? Just so I can check these again if I have time.
” Here is the glossary: ”

Alright, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in anything.


ok, will do 1c and 1 d. I had finished the small file yesterday (7a), I was just waiting for your answers, so I will upload it.

I am GMT, so I am behind you in the morning!



Apparently, there is a new complementary glossary available. So I need to update all the files I have proofread so far according to this new glossary. I will then upload the files again and make sure I name them “updated” this time to avoid any sort of mixup.

Thnak you


Ok, very good. I also need to know your proofreading hours, Karel requested me to update the Accounting as we proceed. Please consider that we are already way out of budget for the French section of JD, therefore please mind the time when proofreading the files.


requested if you could use “track changes” feature when working on the files, it will allow him to give a very fast evaluation of the condition of the proofread files.



Do you mean 19 repetitions file the link to which was sent by Jean

? Yes, please use it.
I suppose you had already received this comment from Jean

, but in case the he didn’t send it to you, here it is:
I quickly went through 7h. Here are a few notes about Carine’s file.
Place names and character names should start with capital letter (capitals on all significant words > “Wamuts Aile-de-Soie”. Capitalizing place names was part of the guidelines from the very beginning.

I also spotted some inconsistencies and some mistranslations:
“compétition” > “concurrence”
“crédo sacré” > “Saint Credo”
« 20 pièces de nourriture » > « 20 morceaux de nourriture »
« Panthéon de réincarnation » > « Hall de Réincarnation ». The only « panthéon » is « Panthéon de l’Excellence », otherwise, chose « Hall ».
“Clairière de la sérénité” > “Clairière de Sérénité »

Apart from these issues, the file is good.


ok will do, I wasn’t sure if you checked after me.

For the 3 files I proofread so far, I spent 8 hours, I hope it is within what is expected. (it takes time to check everything against the glossary and other reference files).


‘s replies to the comments so far.

New glossary (08Jun) is up now.



I tried at first to sort what ought to be deleted and what ought to stay, but after about an hour I realized that I am not qualified to make that sort of judgment, so I ended using the left hand side (where you’ve already deleted the terms, I presume). I do wonder about the discrepancy between the left hand and the right hand side, but I chalked them up as you changing your mind about what to delete and what to leave out.

In other words, I used the 8860 entries from the left hand side.

” , the terms I’ve erased are included in the list to the right. I erased many terms at the beginning but later grew more tolerant of sentences and phrases in the glossary. Therefore, I will go throught the list of terms I deleted as soon as I can and incorporate it into the new glossary. In the meantime, using the left side glossary should work perfectly since I have proofread that and no important terms should be missing. Sorry for the confusion, I’m kind of juggling other jobs and this at the moment. “Forwarded for your information. New glossary is also up in the usual place.

Despite the name, the files are actually _replies_ to the comments.


Forwarded for your information.

Despite the names, the files are actually _replies_ to comments.

New glossary is also up at the usual place.


I only received your messages now. I’m really sorry for that. I guess I’m not in the system, or I don’t understand how to get the notice via e-mail.
I guess it takes ca. 1:30 -2:00 hours a part.




thank you for the comments.

I already uploaded my proofread 03_203-205. Do you want me to update it with the changes  made in the Glossary? Or did  maybe change the terms in these files, too?

I suggest doing this, if it is not too late already (I can use find & replace, so it wouldn’t take long).

” Go ahead and change it and resubmit it. I’ll delete the old copy and just replace it with the new ones when you upload them.

I guess that you know about it, but to be sure I will post it here again:
All these files, which contain lists of proper names and items must be abbreviated to meet the 31 characters limitation.
Please download from here http://translationstop.com/files/FTP/31.rar the two macros in one sheet you may need for that:

1. 31 char macro: Open the excel file and have it open while proofreading. Press Ctrl+Q shortcut and the macro will color all lines which contain more then 31 characters yellow.
2. In same Excel file, in cell C5 I pasted the macro which detects number of characters in the cell on it’s left. It reacts to change in number of characters as you change it/as you type. Please paste it next to the terms which were colored yellow by the first macro, and it will help you fix it quickly and precisely.
I will ask Jean

to upload files 1a and 1b which he already worked on for your reference.

All yellow coloring and extra column with the second macro removed before delivery – it should be a clean file.

Additionally please pay attention that correct abbreviations are used for French:

SP (Spirit Points) – PE (Points d’Esprit) [sometimes also Spirit can be abbreviated PE, when matching the context]
AP (Attack Power) – PA (Puissance d’Attaque)
AOE (Area of Effect) – “Zone d’effet”
CritNull – échecs critiques
CritStrike / assaut critique – coups critiques
CritShield – bouclier critique
route-auto – itinéraire automatique

That’s it. Please confirm!


Attached are replies from  to your comment’s and Sebastian’s. Despite the filename, they are replies, really.

Next, the new glossary, including your suggested changes and Sebastian’s, is up at the usual place. It’s also included with the following file.

Last, more work. Please proofread 04_reps_DEU.


The comment file from Sebastian is here:


NOTE: This file is done using the June 2nd glossary. So it’s quite outdated. It’s short though, so hopefully it won’t take too long for you.

As usual, please do this fast blah blah blah. But really, when this file is done it will allow me to farm out some 20 files from section 4.

” Testing. If you get a notification of this via email, please reply here so I know the problem is fixed.

I have to correct my estimation: I think I just need 1 hour, perhaps 1:30 a part.



yes, I knew already and have been using your macros + the correct abbreviations, which are very helpful. I had a request regarding some entries, with an example below:
Deathbane Mask Recipe(LV60♀)
I had to shorten it in French to:
Rec. Masque flé. de mort(NV60♀), for example, as it was over 31 ch. originally, but I have been wondering if these entries, having (NV60) in them, should be allowed to have more than 31 chr.?

I have asked the question to
already, but he hasn’t had time to reply yet, so I am asking you instead! (if you don’t know, I’ll just wait for
‘s reply and will carry on shortening them.)



Sorry this was the regular 03file I just sent you. The 02 rep file is following straight. I am almost done with it.


Corrected the subject title.

Also, instead of just lumping the hours together, can you break down the hours so we’ll know roughly how much time you spent per file?

No rush though, you can finish 02_reps first and then give us the breakdown for all the files you proofread.


Unfortunately they should be shortened to 31 chars even if they have all these additions in the brackets. The whole line should be max 31 chars. You can usually see from the English – they kept it in the 31 char limit.


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