[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Work Proofread Glossary Translator Dictionary

To keep you updated:
Yesterday I assigned section 7 to Emle and Carine, so they are working. If you send a message to by CS – I don’t receive it, but I do receive whatever you post here, so I suggest to continue all communication in OT.


It is enough to tell me once.
I wouldn’t like you to waste time switching off and on tag protection. I guess we’ll leave it for vetting stage. If you may have other files with this issue, I would appreciate if you would let me know.



until I hear from you about the post above, I will just continue to work at BOI 03_part_208 which I still have from last week. After that, I could take a new file or help you with polishing.


All these files are in different condition.
From the vetting sheet, the condition of files from sections 1-5 is like this (all been proofread, but not all were spellchecked and abbreviated to meet 31 char limitation):

2a, 2b, 3c, 4a: worked on them, for sure spellchecked, but I don’t remember if she had time to abbreviate.
1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2c, 2d, 3b, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 4b, 4c, 4d – I think we didn’t even spellcheck them.
3a, 3d – we sent unfinalized, next day, I believe, we sent files corrected by you. I think you abbreviated everything, right?

So I guess please work on sections 1-2 to better state, at least for sure they need to be abbreviated. I will ask Karel how much time he wants to put into this.

I am attaching again the 31 macro sheet, only that this time I added a macro (blue cell) which shows number of characters in the cell on it’s right. Just paste it to your working file next to the segments which become yellow after you run the main macro (with CTRL+Q). The number will react to changes you intoduce to the cell content and you will not need to run the Ctrl+Q again.


I just got a message from Sebastian he did some work on section 2, so could you begin with section 1?

Please confirm.


yes I’ll work on section 1


I just uploaded the proofread JD section 1.
I’m not sure but it could be in the BOI folder. Could you check this for me.


I wanted to get the file ready to send it back to you as soon as I hear from Alexandre on my abbreviations.
But I can’t find a way to remove the macros.
The originally ‘over 31 char. long’ cells are still yellow and the column C, although empty, is still coloured blue.
You said the files should be clean before uploading, can I just specify ‘no colouring fill’ to all columns? Would that be enough? Or should the macros be properly removed?




I don’t think you have to worry about the macros so much. Someone can delete them if you cannot. Better to keep the process moving forward.


I need either you or  on Jade Dynasty, but not both. Given that ‘s already working on Jade Dynasty and you haven’t, I’ll have you on Battle of The Immortals.

We have lost 5 days and we have to divert some people over to JD for the rest of the week. I need some senior translator working on BoI.

I’ll have some reps file prepared very early in the morning to translate.


I need either you or  on Jade Dynasty, but not both. Since you’re already working on Jade Dynasty and  hasn’t, continue on with Jade Dynasty.

You have read ‘s assessment, I assume?

Which section do you think we proofread next? Or should we do something else?


Yes, I have read ‘s assessment. The files I worked on were not on the list but I found some similar issues (punctuation, informal address etc.)

I think it would be good to check all 1-5 files again. Sebastian is also working on the JD files. So are still any 1-5 files left?

Then we could continue with some selected files based on s assessment. How much time do we have for polishing the JD file anyway?


We have until Sunday.

is working on section 1, I believe. I don’t think Sebastian nor  are working on anything yet.

Since you already are working on JD and  hasn’t, I’ll have  work on BoI and you can continue with JD until Sunday.

As to what to do next, I really don’t know. Perhaps it’s because it’s getting late and my brain isn’t working due to fatigue. What’s your suggestion?

When you proofread section 1-5, how thorough were you?

Also, what about section 6? Does that need proofreading?


I was thorough when I proofread section 1-5. You are right we should focus on more problematic files. I think for certain translators we can assume a very low chance of translation issues. Other files really should be checked again.

I think I’ll focus on those first.



The yellow and blue color is a usual fill color in Excel. Press Ctrl+A to select all (don’t do it if your computer is slow or if you have many windows open) or press Ctrl and manually click on columns A, B and C (on the letters indicating the columns in the top of the working plane) and then go to “Fill Color” icon on the toolbar and select “No Fill”. All filling color will disappear.

Can you please upload all files you complete, including the first file (7e) to the uploading system here: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi

please keep me updated on you progress.


Jan, we have received to go ahead to continue on the German side of BoI, so please resume work on those files.

Word count
part 214: 2,216
part 215: 994
part 216: 113
part 219: 128
part 220: 152
part 224: 280
Total: 3,883

Sorry for the interruption. Hopefully things will go smoothly from now on.



just so you know, due to the interruption I booked something else, so I won’t be able to deliver this assignment before Sunday.



Understandable. Sunday it is.

We’ll work around it.

Unless the client changes his mind again, we should have plenty of work too by then.

” , can you send me the Transit files for JD 2a & 2b that you proofed? Somehow my copy has gone corrupt. Just the .DEU files. No need to bother with the actual .PXF /.TXF

I would appreciate if you continued for few more days on JD.

There is section 5, which had been proofread, but is full of unabbreviated terms and I feel may have some mistakes. in her sampling report sis find mistakes in one of the files in the section, meaning there may be others.

Please work on section 5 then.


ok, I’ll go on wiht section 5.


I would like you to go over section 6 – found untranslated words.

Please confirm.

” Ok, I’ll check section 6 then. ” you’re back as lead translator for BoI.

The latest glossary, which should include everything, is up.

I’d like you to translate 02_Reps_DEU as soon as you can too.

The latest dictionary/glossary is included with 02_Reps, so you don’t have to download them separately.

That said, since you’re the lead translator, you may want to download the Excel file and familiarize yourself with it.

Is the rest of your group available too? I never got any clarification about that. How are Sophie and Doris?

EDIT: Since most of the terms here have been translated in the dictionary, this file is considered to have 2048 untranslated words using Karel’s formula.



I could not open 2a/2b properly either…Strange!
Find attached the DEU-files.” Sophie will be available for proofreading on this project, Fabian possibly as a translator. Doris will not be available as she is full time on another job. Keeping my radar on for more proofreaders. “I changed the file name a bit, so if you haven’t already downloaded the file, use this link instead.



Hi, We’ve decided to split the team for BoI and JD. Now that the client has given us the go-ahead for BoI (let’s hope they don’t change their mind again), we need to start working on BoI and catch up. You’ll notice that they did not give us an extension on the deadline despite having called for a halt for a few days.

Back to work.
Please translate 04_reps_DEU.

The dictionary is included with the PXF. Accept all terms and so on. The Excel version of the dictionary/glossary can be found in http://translationstop.com/files/Glossary/

An Add_Terms dictionary has been included. I hope that’s the right set-up.  is back as lead-translator and ‘s focusing on JD. Any suggestion on what to add/change should go to  now.

Since 04_reps has been mostly translated by the glossary (you worked on it too), Karel’s using a formula to estimate the “new” words. This file is 518 words. Either way, with only 1232 segments, we expect this file to be done rather quickly.

So if you can turn it in within two days, that’ll be great. In fact, it should be possible to get it done in a day, I think. That way work on the rest of section 4 can get started by the weekend.



There were some yellow marks in the 4b-d files left (oversaw them). I cleared them off the document.

Please find the clean files attached.


Where did you take these files from? I am not sure you had been working on the most up-to date files. The last files are here: http://translationstop.com/files/German-JD/German.zip

Can you send me the version of the files before you modified them to see if they are identical to the final ones we sent?


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