[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Dictionary Project Work Glossary

These are the same files I am working on. Just compared them (same size, same date etc.)
I also wanted to ask you if it causes you trouble if I sorted the segments in alphabetical order…that’s actually the best way to iron out inconistencies.

” Oh wait, thought we are talking about the files I am working on now. Just a sec… Just to be sure, are we talking about files 2c/2d now? ”

What worries me is the file names (2a and 2d). We deleted all these “Vetted_
” from the final versions.

I don’t know if sorting alphabetically is OK since I don’t know on what principle does the localization software of the client works. Would ask first though.

” At the first glance the files seems identical. I have attached it. “Hi, Ulrich. Sorry for not getting back to you, but the client called a halt on the project and we only got the go-ahead to resume yesterday.

Back to work.
Please translate 05_reps_DEU.

The dictionary is included with the PXF. Accept all terms and so on. I believe you should know how to use the Transit dictionary already, but if not, let me know.

The Excel version of the dictionary/glossary, if you need it, can be found in http://translationstop.com/files/Glossary/

That should translate most of the terms. You should
An Add_Terms dictionary has been included. I hope that’s the right set-up.  is back as lead-translator and ‘s focusing on JD. Any suggestion on what to add/change should go to  now.

05_reps_DEU is pretty big. While most of it has been translated by the dictionary, there’s still considerable work to do. It’s impossible to do a word count, so we estimate it using a formula and came out with the equivalent of 5438 words.

Please try to get this done by Sunday evening. Monday morning at the latest.

Oh, if you’re busy and can’t do this job during the time frame, let me know right away. We understand that the halt throws a wrench on everyone’s schedule and we’ll try to work around it.

” As for alphabetical order, let me know asap! If this is not possible, I must think of another method of finding these sometimes tricky deviations from the glossary plus I would need to reformat the files I have worked on so far. “, Karel says that it’s okay to sort the Excel file provided the English and the translation are still paired to each other.

The client’s software finds the English term and grabs the translation from the next cell, so the order is apparently irrelevant.

That said I do want to point out that there’s a trick to unsort your Excel file.

Column C should be empty, right? Fill it with 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on down until the end. Use the Excel Fill command to do this quickly.

Now, select column A, B, and C together and sort them alphabetically according to column A (English) or B (German). Do your editing. When you are done, select all three column again and sort it again alphabetically according to column C (the numbers). This will make column C goes from 1, 2, 3, 4 and onward. In effect it “unsorts” the file. You can then delete column C and save the file.


Nice trick, indeed! But as the English term still matches the German translation it is ok as it is, right?

I’ll remember the trick anyway!

P.S. Have you already checked the 2d-file? Is it the most updated one?


It is useless to check your proofread version, I need you to send me the files how they were before you proofread them. Then I can compare them to the finalized files and see if there are any differences.


I could do the file within this timeframe, but of course I will have to receive the money for the last job first. I had asked for new files after my payment had been announced for this week.

Over € 1500 that have been due since weeks and were finally promised last night, but I’m still waiting.

I will not be able to send out anything before.

I hope you will understand

Uli Eberhardt


can you ask Sophie and Fabian to register in the Open Ticket and just write “Hi, I can proofread/translate”?

That way I don’t have to use the CS to contact them.



I just uploaded 03_part_208. 207 and 209 were already uploaded last week. WARNING: The new 208 you sent me OVERWROTE my project so I could no longer access 207 and 209. So I don’t know if there will be problems for you when importing 208 (but no problems on my side, since I was careful and have backups).

Again, there were some issues with dictionary terms and pretranslated terms which I think should be fixed by the lead translator before they spread to far into the whole project.

Also, I noticed that May 28’s dictionary contained more problematic terms (and inconsistencies, too!) than May 27’s. I have not yet looked at June 2nd’s file; But I think all terms should be carefully proofread and double-checked before inserted into the dictionary (I don’t know if this is true, but I actually got the impression some items may have been inserted into the dictionary automatically — there were even duplicates for some terms, and entries containing quotation marks).

Just my 2 cents.

Now, I will start on 04_reps. If it is as short as you say, I may be able to finish it tonight.

It’s good to be able to continue with the project. I really hope this will last …


I checked – the file you worked on is identical to final file. What a relief.

As to uploading – please upload all files on the upload page:
Selecting 001_JD.repair as the upload folder. Like this we all have it organized in one place. If you change something and want to upload again, add “updated” to file name.



I get an odd error message when importing 04 reps. I get the same message when importing the June 2 Glossary.

The message says (sorry, it is in German):

C:\DOKUME~1\sebxian\LOKALE~1\Temp\$$.TXE 38: TermStar database error: Error (800a0bda): ‘Native: 3034- Sie haben versucht, eine Transaktion zu Ende zu führen (Commit) oder zurückzusetzen (Rollback), ohne zuvor die BeginTrans-Methode zu verwenden. Source: DAO.Workspace’
C:\DOKUME~1\sebxian\LOKALE~1\Temp\$$.TXE 38: Error handling in file: C:\DOKUME~1\sebxian\LOKALE~1\Temp\$$.TXE

Despite this message, I can then open the files. I can see the new dictionaries (June 2, and also Add_New_German) in Project -> Settings -> Dictionary and select them, but then I get another error message that the June 2 dictionary doesn’t exist, and no dictionary terms from it are displayed, either.

I can assign the last dictionary, however (from May 28), which works fine.

Do you have any idea what is wrong?



I imported the June 2 dictionary as a new project, which I just named “Dictionary”. This worked, I can now select it from within the other project.

I don’t know yet if the Add_New_German will work as it should (there was another error message like the above for that one, too).

Maybe it would be better to put dictionaries in new projects, with their own folders? So far, they have always overwritten older project folders (10002_Names_Places_SkillsG in my case).

According to my first impression of the new glossary, what I wrote two posts above is still true, by the way.


just uploaded section 5 of JD. If there is more to be checked just send it.


Next would be files 3b, and 7e, 7f, 7g which need same – abbreviation and consistency.
After that, for a case I will already finish for today, please go over section 11, sampling several random files and reparing. I would recommend 11a,b,c,e,m.

Do you have ‘s report? She was asked to go over the whole thing selecting one random file from each section in attampt to spot any significant issues. She found some mistakes in 11m.
I attach the report for your reference.


I checked with Karel and he says he’s been sending out money via Paypal. From what I understand, right now that’s where the money is located.

I am not privy to your payment details, but have you contacted him? Can you accept payment via Paypal? If you can just send him an email and confirm with him where to send the payment and for how much.

If you can’t… then things are a bit trickier, since an alternate route has to be found which can take days. If that’s the case, then I will find someone else to work on the file for now and wait until you got the payment via the alternate route before assigning you something.

If you can take Paypal, email Karel, then let me know that you’ll be working on this file. If you can’t take Paypal, email me first so I can assign this file to someone else, then email Karel and work something out.


I have sent my Paypal details to Karel again today, and this time he said he received them. So I will wait until the money arrives and then let you know.

Please understand that I will probably not be able to check this all the time, but I hope I will know more by tonight.


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