[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Work Glossary Translator German French

if you are available, please translate 01_glossary.


Please confirm on whether you can take this assignment or not and when do you expect to be finished (1886 words). If you are busy, let us know so I can transfer it to someone else.



there seems to be a problem with


When I import it, I get a dictionary included with it (Video.German_MAIN1), but that dictionary only contains the English words, not the German translations. So nothing is pretranslated, either.


Well, d’oh. Stupid me.

I’ve put the German words in the French part. Which of course don’t get sent with the German file.

Hang on, I’ll get this fixed in 10 minutes.


Okay, fixed and uploaded. Please delete the old file from your computer and re-download the file again.

It should be around 167kb.

Let me know if that still doesn’t work.


I can do it tomorrow – Tuesday – and I think I can do it in one day, hopefully and deliver on Wednesday morning. Please let me know if that’s fine.

I didn’t have time to check my emails earlier, sorry for delay in replying


I am ready to offer you my services for translation into French , and you will really know how qualified i am in doing correctly my work !


Wednesday is okay.

I’ll see you (or rather, it) on Wednesday.


I had hoped to start the main work on the files yesterday. We got delayed.

Without getting into too much details, last week we tried to get the glossary done. There’s a small team of about 5 people and a lead translator who were supposed to get some 7 files done. You aren’t one of them, sorry.

Those 7 files were then to be used for the glossary, and then we start assigning 5 repetitions file, which, again, probably won’t go to you. After that, the main work begins, with over 300 files and maybe 700,000 words? That’s where you come in.

I thought 12 files could be done within a week by 6 people. But then turns out the lead translator is taking a vacation, and the acting lead translator is still unsure of what he’s doing. I myself am probably responsible for at least a day’s delay for being new and having to ask Karel several times on the proper way of doing things.

Please be patient for just a few more days. If everything goes smoothly (and I sure hope it will), we should be able to get the main work started in 2 days.

Thank you for your understanding.



please be patient for a couple more days. The glossary’s almost done. Sorry that we didn’t give them to you, but there’s only about 7 files, and there’s so many people.

our lead translator, is taking a vacation. We have an acting lead translator, but he’s just not as fast as . Hence the delay.

If everything goes well though, we should be able to get started on the main work in 2 days, and I hope you’ll be able to help us catch up with the schedule.


Note to self:

File is reassigned to Heiko since Jan’s a bit busy at the moment.


I´ve completed translation on file Item_reducedG from segment 942 to end and uploaded it along with a doc file for the proofreader.



Just to let you know that I am still available for work.



Alexandre is busier with his move than expected. Can you help out by proofreading 05_glossary, please?



Unfortunately, Alexandre is busier with his move than expected, delaying the progress of this project.

I really hope he’ll be able to catch-up soon, because this whole glossary ought to be done yesterday.


I informed Karel yesterday that I cannot work on this project as long as I have not been paid for JD. I have expenses to cover and I need to work for clients who can pay me ASAP. Once I have been paid by Karel, I will gladly resume working on BOI.

If this proof can wait until I get paid, I will take care of it. Otherwise, it might be safer to reassign.
Please let me know what you decide.



I’m surprised to hear that you have not been paid yet. Karel knows about this already and will take care of it.

I absolutely understand your wish. I’ll have it reassigned to someone else for now, but once payment is sorted, I would really love your assistance once more.


Thanks. Go play the game for some time to familiarize yourself with it and once you think you’re familiar with its terms, let us know once more.

As for the report, send it again as a zip. This is actually the best way, since Karel gets some 100-200 emails per day. Having your report as a zip file among a dozen will be much easier than having it as an email amongst thousands.



Yes, I agree that playing the new game will help with the translation so that’s what I’ll do.

Meanwhile, I found out that I haven’t got a password to upload the zip-file containing the proofreading report at


(so far I had only attached files to this OS system).

Best Kristof” The password is 001



1507 words. It’s actually much longer and yet much shorter, as most of the words are actually pre-translated in the dictionary.

Please translate whatever is left remaining and check the conjugation and context of the translated words. If you find anything you disagree with, use the CS to contact . Or upload a text/word file with a list of your suggestion, since  will be proofing it anyway.


I finished going through the file.

What exactly did you mean when you wrote 1507 words? The actual words that were completely untranslated were indeed fewer (maybe only a few hundred), but going through the whole file and checking everything took me over 7 hours, and I still have to finalize my comments. So I hope you can pay me on an hourly basis for this (if you suggested 1507 words are paid, that would be a bit too little for my efforts).

One reason it took so long: I have lots of comments on the file (maybe on hundreds of terms). Also, I couldn’t just edit the terms, since I assume that (a) my suggestions have to be approved by  first, (b) they have to be edited into the Glossary, otherwise my translation and the glossary translation won’t be consistent.

So everything I found notable is in my comments and wasn’t changed in the segments themselves (that would only lead to the file being incoherent with the dictionary, and I may not have the authoroty to make these decisions in the first place).

I suggest now that I proceed by finalizing my comments, and upload them with the file; but since I am taking a break first, I wanted to let you know and ask you what you think about it, or if you have any special instructions in the light of this.


ok, I have just uploaded the files and comments. I am also not sure whether I chose the right strategy for this file, so let’s try to decide together how to proceed. I have just written to Karel, and if he agrees I suggest I send a note to  to explain this so we can work out the best way to continue with this.

To briefly repeat what made the file unusual: Most fixing that I found necessary was within the dictinary terms (i.e. the dictionary itself needed to be fixed). So fixing it in my segments would not have fixed it in the dictionary, if I am not mistaken (?). Hence a long list of comments that needs to be processed by the lead translator.

I hope this makes sense?

Sorry if I’m causing confusion or if I myself am confusing things.


I just sent the 01_glossary_german.


Ummm, please wait for a while so I can contact Alexandre and figure out what he’s already working on.

Rats, by the time he gets back to me you’ll probably be asleep already. Oh well, go get some rest. I’ll contact you within 24 hours. I’ll try for 12 hours if Alexandre gets back to me within then.


It’s going to take me a little longer to finish the file,as there are quite a tricky terms, and also I just read Karel’s email about keeping the same length, which means that I may have to re-insert some abbreviations, *hopefully* I will have finished for lunch…



At this moment the PM position had been filled.
In case it opens again, we will be in touch with you.



Unfortunately the position had been filled.



The file “Item_reducedF” is already uploaded and I’m waiting for other assignments and files, than you.



Alright, talked with Alexandre.

Please start by proofreading 05_glossary

Once you are done with that, Alexandre should be finished translating 02_glossary. Proofread that one.

I’ll figure what else to assign when there are more files coming. 01_glossary and Items are still missing, but hopefully will be there by tomorrow.

Once the glossary files are done the next step will be the reps file. I’m really hoping the proofreading will be done by Friday, so we can work on the reps during the weekend. This in turn will allow the regular files to be assigned on Monday, which hopefully means we can catch up.

Deadline for this is August 2nd. We have 314 files that we still haven’t touched. I promise you that we won’t be short of work for a while.


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