[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Translator Translated Proofreading Word Translation

Thanks for letting us know about the upload.

No, you don’t have to open a new ticket. We can just reuse this one.

As for sending multiple files, you can’t use the Export/Import options because that’s what we use to convert Excel (or Word or text) files into Transit files and vice versa, which you don’t need to do. Use Send like you did just now.

Transit can only send multiple files within a “project”, which since we’ve been sending you single files, you won’t be able to. However, for multiple files within a single project, you can click on the first one and then Shift-Left Click on the last one and it will highlight (and include) all files between those two files. Alternatively, use Ctrl-Left Click on each files you want to include.

Next file is going to be a while. Going through a 75000 word file and trying to weed out all the extra crap and get only the important phrases takes some time. Hopefully I’ll be done this weekend.


I have done as you said, -I have applied as translator – but have not yet received the reply to my support ticket. Hoping to receive it soon. You already have my CV


1. Send us that recap of abbreviations that you mentioned.
2. Please don’t forget to mark your segments as translated. The 04_glossary you doesn’t have a single segment marked as translated, causing me to go through some gymnastic to get your file to merge and to get you your word count. (You have 2106 words for 04_glossary.)


thanks for the technical tips and good luck for the file!


I’m sorry I forgot to mark the segments as translated. Do you want me to do it and send the file back to you or have you sorted it out already?
I’m sending my word document with the abbreviations I used through the upload page.

Carine” Already took care of your file. Just be careful next time.

“On second thought, do resubmit that file, properly marked. In the long run it’s probably better that way.

Do that after you’re finished with 05 though.



Was your ticket responded yet? I had a PM working on the system yesterday.

Please let me know.


Please use same ticket in the Z_Get category for all issues related to your file delivery and availability – ticket there is your visit card, always showing your status – available/working or unavailable.

On the other side, for all other issues feel free to open tickets in the Help Desk category.

I am going to change your status to available from Tuesday.



I found out how you were redirected here, it is my mistake. If you haven’t done that yet, please submit a ticket here: http://translationstop.com/ticket/scp/index.php
Include your rate per word in USD and information about experience in the translation field. We are interested only in experience in translation into French.


I received an email from the PM who wanted to know wether I am a native french translator and what my rate is. Of course i am a native french translator and my rate is USD 0.025. I take advantage of this to answer because after replying directly from email box, I was told I were supposed to do so.
While looking forward to hearing from you, receive my

I uploaded the 05 file and the 04 file (1 to 1600) I have now properly marked as translated.
Do not hesitate to send me more work.




I see that your ticket had been responded, but you did not provide the information we require. You wrote it here, but I am not working with applications of translators. Please paste this valuable information about your rate and native tongue in your ticket number 943753 in this system: http://translationstop.com/ticket

We have several people managing different parts of the project, and for organization of information it is organized in different systems. http://translationstop.com/ticket is website we dedicated to new translator applications. Please submit a response there as I requested and I promise you will redirect you for sample submission website same day.

Any further messages here will not be responded.
Thank you for your collaboration.


, you are our lead translator/proofreader until  is back.

This means that temporarily you won’t be translating and instead will be proofreading all the backlogged files.

Your extra duty on top of the usual proofreading is to make sure that the same terms are translated the same way through out all the files. For example, in the English file I’ve seen the same quest referred 3 different ways.
Test of Wisdom and Courage
Trial of Wisdom and Courage
Trials of Wisdom and Courage

These all should be translated into the same term.
There are also the oh-so-many misspellings. We can’t correct the English, but there’s no reason why we can’t make sure that they all point to the same German term, and thus translated the same way.

You also need to familiarize yourself with game terms. DOT, the several types of Reputations, etc. This will help ensure that the game terms are translated correctly.

Thanks for the help.

Now, for the actual files:

You should find:

Please proofread them all.
You will want to download and read all the translator comments too.

03_glossary is already proofed by . If you go over to

you can find the Excel file and the dictionary file containing ‘s version.

You should start with Names_et_al. That’s the shortest and its contents are often referred in other files. I’ve tried to remove duplicates, but you’ll find derivatives and duplicates elsewhere.


First,  has been chosen as lead translator temporarily until  returns from his vacation. Sorry it isn’t you.

Next, please translate Item_reducedG from segment 942 to the end.



, since you didn’t reply to our question about whether you can temporarily fill the position of lead translator, we believe that you are away for the weekend and have appointed someone else. Sorry, but the position has to be filled by today.

is now acting lead translator until ‘s back.

Also, when you’re back and available again, let us know.


Thanks for the info. I confirm translation of Item_reducedG from segment 942 to the end.



yes, I’ve been away for the weekend, but now I’m fully available for work, so feel free to send me whatever there is to be translated.


has been appointed acting lead translator while  is away. This isn’t a slight on you, since the candidates are all about equal and only one person can be the final authority.

The $20 rate is a copy and paste error on my part. Your proofreading rate still remains the same at $25.

On the other hand, we still need you more on translation.


1507 words. It’s actually much longer and yet much shorter, as most of the words are actually pre-translated in the dictionary.

Please translate whatever is left remaining and check the conjugation and context of the translated words. If you find anything you disagree with, use the CS to contact . Or upload a text/word file with a list of your suggestion, since  will be proofing it anyway.



First of all, thank you for the temporary assignment.
I have a few questions concerning the job as lead translator/proofreader:

What is the normal rate per hour for the lead translator tasks? I think it should be a little more than my normal
proofreading rate of 20 USD/hour.

As for my new tasks, are there any specific files which I could use to familiarize myself with game terms. DOT, the several types of Reputations, etc.

Can ‘s proofed file help me with my proofreading task? If so, how?

Thank you for your help


Hope you have a nice refreshing break.

Now back to work. 🙂
Your assignment:


1866 words.

Have fun. 🙂


I am making guesses myself, as I am not and have never been a lead translator.

There’s no special rate that I know of for lead translators. Instead, any extra time needed to fulfill the extra duties are billed at the usual rate, which, in your case, is $20.

So if you don’t know what DOT means, you look it up (it’s Damage Over Time, by the way. Compare it to DPS, Damage Per Second.)

If you are reading comments from multiple translators, you count the time.

This is not that much different from regular proofreading. As a proofreader you are expected to know that a Valhalla Avengers Reputation is separate from Paladin Reputation etc. Most of this will be obvious once you read the files more.

However, when there are differences in opinion amongst translators & proofreaders, you are the final authority. You also know that translators/proofreaders can suggest terms to add to the glossary. The lead translator is the person who decides what goes into the glossary and which translation to use.

So far we haven’t gotten that far yet, but it’s possible that in a few more days we’ll get there.

If you have any more questions, ask Alexandre (over at French).

As for what files to use to familiarize yourself with BoI….

Well, there’s the website that Karel mentioned a week ago. There’s also the Item, Skills, and Names list that is in the glossary. If you look around you may find online FAQs and guides.

I can’t be more specific than that. Those are what I’m using too (excepting the FAQs and guides, which I didn’t search). I also have access to the original Excel files, which is helpful, but I don’t know if you want to wade through 300+ files.

‘s proofed file might help a bit. If you notice the same term being used different ways in different places, see if that term already exist in the preliminary glossary. If it is, use ‘s version.

For now though, pretend it’s a regular proofreading job.


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