[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Proofread Vetting English German Translation

As was clearly stated in the ad, this job pays 3$ per hour.

Please let me know if this is interesting for you.


I have a payment question. There will have been 2 weeks on Saturday I am working.
If I am correct,
told me that you can do transaction to the account in the Czech Republic without additional charges, because you have a branch there.
Is it really possible? And can I put additional details to the invoice, just details usual for the invoices?



Karel will have money on Czech account in 2 weeks. There is a a fee for this kind of transaction, but I believe it is very small. So if you don’t mind waiting 2 more weeks, it is possible. Generally for bank transfers it is better to transfer more at once, because the fee is for transfer, and not percentage of the sum. So you pay almost same for transferring 20 or 200$.

Just let me know what is better for you – PayPal can be done almost immediately, within few days.

” Well, you see, it may would be possible, but I got debts I promises to pay till that date. So, paypal then? ”

Then it’s PayPal, whatever is more convenient for you.


I have connected the FTP server, and actually ready to start.


As to the first issue in 12h, they arise because other vettors don’t have Transit, and consequently, glossary installed. I am trying to review the comments of other vettors, but this time I missed it.
I checked doc 10s, and I see that you corrected the Barx Rimefists in some places, but in seg. 220, 226, 232 it is still the wrong one. Can you please replace it to correct translation in these segments for consistency? I am afraid to do it myself, because it may require change of the sentence around it.


Can you detail me a bit more on the issues in

‘s files?
“Such things as period, punctuation marks, hyphens,text.”

Karel told me that all 450 remaining files will need to be done over weekend. Auch. Be prepared.


I’ve read all instructions and browsed through FTP files.
I am ready to try.

Please use my shorted name Alex-Ts (or Alex_Ts) when naming working files and everywhere else, for convenience.

Best Alex Ts


I would like to know how can you get paid. We usually pay with PayPal or Moneybookers, but can probably also do LiqPay. Let me know if any of this is suitable for you.

Here is some info on the project:

We are managing a very big translation project (1500000 words). The project is translation of a Video Game from English into German and French. Each file goes roughly the following steps:
1. Is imported to Transit, special translation memory software, and then translated by German or French linguists.
2. Is proofread by proofreader.
3. Is exported back to Excel – the resulting file contains only the translation column.
4. Is going through vetting.
5. Is going through spellchecking with proofreader.

Sometimes in the process of transferring the file from one software to other happen small non linguistic mistakes, for example, some characters were replaced by other symbols prior to exporting to Transit because they were causing problems and now need to be replaced back. Sometimes is missing space between sentences, sometimes there are double or strangely located hyphens. Sometimes translators don’t pay attention and leave extra spaces, periods, or several capitalized characters in one word etc.

Here enters the process of vetting.
Usually you will download from a dedicated server a zipped file, containing a folder with proofread files and a folder with unproofread (sometimes called “translated”) files.

You will work only on those files, which I will assign to you.

We work in two steps.
First, we save the .xls files in txt format, open in Word and compare proofread files to unproofread files to see if the file had really been proofread.
If it was, we open the proofread file again in Excel, copy into it English source text, and start vetting.
So vetting is always done in Excel on proofread target (German/French) text against the source (English) text. The purpose of vetting is to find differences from the source, to see if anything is missing and to introduce these minor corrections, or, alternatively, to communicate these differences to proofreader.

Sometimes it is not clear if there is a small missed moment we can correct or a real linguistic mistake. For example, if in the source there is a question mark, but in the target there is a period, you can not just change the period to question mark, because in most languages the structure of the sentence would change. These kinds of cases are communicated to me, and I communicate them to proofreader.

Now, detailed instructions are attached. Please read them, connect to FTP and let me know when you are ready to try. I need you to begin ASAP, but I need to know first that we can pay you.



What will be your availability for weekend beginning tomorrow?

Please let me know ASAP, we will have a mountain of files and I want you in the team.


Yes, I’ll be avaliable. Not sure if I’ll be avaliable to work for six hours as you’ve wanted me to work, but I can easily allot some time (4 hours) in the morning (remembering your preferances) .
I have read all your comments, next time I’ll try to be more attentive and more careful.
Waiting for your reply.
Best regards, Mary


Yes, I have found difference with punctuation mark, for example, there was “!” from one side and period from another.
The was period from one side and no period from another.
Hyphen thing like this “-.”. Text issue: glued word, he did not notice them and he did not notice untranslated line. So, things like that. I remember briefly.
450!!! Wow! I love working, so this is a great news 🙂



Please let me know if you are still interested. If yes, please inform me of your availability for this weekend and how do you want to get paid.


I had re-vetted your files.

1) You did something strange with the source (English) column, so I had to paste it again. Please don’t change anything for the English column except of the ~55~ issue. Not formatting, nothing. Be very careful.

2) You did not search for ~55~ with Ctrl+F. How do I know? Because you missed one which was hiding between the Chinese characters. You should have found it and changed to &. It is VERY important that you do it.

3) You can expand and request “wrap text” alignment for column C, where you leave comments. This you can do so that the comment will remain strictly withing this column, what you shouldn’t do, is to mark red also column D. Please don’t.

4) There was a significant issue with wrong formatting in many segments (lines) your files. sometimes a kind of middle point (·) is used in the source, and it has to be applied same in the target Ctrl+F the · in your last files to see what am I talking about. It has to be used in target same as it is in source. You should have noticed that and left a comment for proofreader.

5) In line 252 in 12E you missed a mistake in numbers.

6) there was untranslated “Ok” in a few locations. Okays should be translated.

I see that you are trying, and I am very happy about that. On the other side, I would like to see more attention to details. Please try to do that. I am attaching same file you have already, I little reorganized it and added examples. I believe it clarify a few things for you. Please read it.

Additionally, please let me know how is your availability for this weekend, we are expecting hundreds of files.


Alex Ts

We are waiting for files. How will be your availability on weekend? Will be lot of urgent files.

Please let me know.


Alex TS

You are assigned a file (German):


Go to http://translationstop.com/files_PM/ or connect to FTP server.
Download “Originals.rar”. Then go to folder Proofread ->German, and download the file 11_German_ab.d.e.rar. Unzip it. Please do not work on any other file then the one you are assigned above.
As you have the files, please – first thing you do – rename the PROOFREAD file, adding German_ before the file name.
Now – following instructions – compare the files and produce the report table.
Then open the PROOFREAD file again in Excel, paste in the English and start vetting. First Ctrl+F for special characters: +; ~55~, replace any hyphen substitutes (“.hhh.”, “^^^”, or “°°°“ ) with hyphen (-) etc according to instructions.
Then go over the file carefully looking for missing spaces between sentences, missing periods or periods which are not in the source etc. It should not take too long time to do it. Comment EACH change you make or issue you spot in the third column and mark the comment cell red. Additionally add the comment to the vetting issues table. I know it slows you down, but this is how I can be sure you are doing everything right.

Do not change ANYTHING in English. Except of the ~55~, which need to be changed to & in both columns. Do not add spaces around the ~55~.

When finished – change the file name according to instructions and upload it to folder Proofread ->German-> Vetted, and send me report (comparing report+vetting issues report) as ticket here.

Any questions – ask here. Please take in mind that I live at GMT+6, therefore questions asked after 4pm in your time zone will be answered the next day.


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