[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

English Word Text Proofread

Well, since spellchecking usually takes about 15min for file, and 40 mins for the absolutely worst file, we usually speak about a reasonable hourly rate, and not per-word payment.


Don’t worry. Ukraine has no light? That’s very unpleasant. Since here is already getting late and I do have files for sending to Karel today, take your time and just try to have them done for tomorrow.

Your comments for were excellent and far more detailed than what I would right if I would be doing it myself.


Please find attached a rar with files: 8g, 8r, 15r, 11m

These files need to be spellchecked. Additionally, in some of them remained unsolved issues which are marked red in the third column. All of them are additionally indicated in the attached word file. Please resolve the issues, delete the comment and remove the red marking of the cell. The final result should be a 100% clean file.

If you spellcheck in Excel, please select only the column with the target text for running the spellcheck, otherwise Excel will jump also to English words and it will take more time. If you spellcheck copying to Word – no problem (if it just underlines the misspelled words).

” Here are files coming: hope you are still here ”

Yes, that is perfectly fine.
I have a question about file 12r. You had not added your name to the file name, are you sure you spellcheked it? Just to make sure.


And here is briefly about

I have spotted things, that I would not expect for an experience “Vetter”. Such things as period, punctuation marks, hyphens,text.
But he officially has been working under them. I have seen the counting on the work he did, something like how many spaces he has erased or inserting and other.
I believe, this is his own initiative, because I was not ask for the same.
I can recommend you to ask him not to do it, because that sort of counting takes lots of time, but most important take energy and concentration.
And happy to hear that comment for were useful.My pleasure.


I forgot to mention: having spellchecked a file, please add: _Spelled_to the file name after the name of the person who vetted it.


If you will have time, here are 4 more. Normal files without tags etc.



I understand everything, no problem, only pelease inform me next time.



I am sorry to inform you, that if I will not have this file back corrected tomorrow morning, I will have it reassigned and consider it the end of our collaboration.

Therefore please correct the file according to my explanations and upload it here.


Sorry, I did check it, probably forgot to attach the name as it was the last file.

I hope I can send you all files late tonight.


Sorry, I forgot to do something. Please, erase in the comments for file 10s issue-strangely located colon. I have fixed them, they are not for proofreader any more.


Ok, to be honest I cannot exactly estimate how much time and work this part of the project will take. If you ask for an hourly rate then I’d suggest € 20 as a minimum.


Please find attached the spellchecked files.

There were two files were I made comments that might be worth taking a look at: 12h (translation was doubted to be incorrect, but is correct according to dictionary -see issue file) and 10s (different terms translated as same thing, but there are different translations in the main dictionary – see issue file).

Here the time I spent on the files:
10j – 10 mins
12a – 15 mins
12b – 10 mins
12e – 15 mins
12f – 10 mins
12g – 5 mins
12h – 25 mins
10p – 10 mins
10q – 15 mins
10r – 10 mins
10s – 25 mins
12p – 10 mins
12o – 15 mins


Please find attached the assessment for B.


To contact , please login to CS http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/communicate/c_login.php

Pass: Kerbiriou
His name would be _PM and you will see a message form him in your inbox. You can click it to send him a message. Try to do it yourself, because I don’t know anything about this file. If you don’t succeed, I will forward the message from you.


Thanks it worked this time.
Have a nice day



Thank you for your comments. I see that all translators are struggling with spelling.

Can you please describe in detail how you spell check in Word? Particularly:
– Which view do you choose in Transit for copy-pasting to Word?
– Do you apply “hide tags” before you copy the text?
– When you Ctrl+F the spelling mistake in Transit and repair it, do you Alt+Ins the segment again?

I know these questions sound ridiculous, but I need to be able to explain in detail…


“со свободным английским ” Now I understand why so many people write in their CV’s “Free English”. I was trying to understand what do they mean and actually thought it’s “English free” (like no English). Now I get it.

You can’t imagine how much spam is coming form these sites – 10 spam messages on one application.

It is possible we may need to try other sites, but I would like to wait few more days.



I will try to address your questions one by one:

– Please, could you confirm that they have been received all right, that they were the right files, and that you can use them?
I can’t, as I’m not the one who is getting the files. Please contact on CS: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/communicate/c_login.php
Login: Kristof
Pass: Gluth

is listed as _PM. Click his name to write him a message.

– I am currently not fully sure whether the entries I added to the Add-dictionary while translating have been automatically sent to you toghether with the files (I assume they have). If they haven’t I can of course send you any file you further require.

It is very easy to check. Change the extension of the exported file to .rar or .zip, and extract the content of the file with your archivation software (WInRAR, WinZIP etc). Then you can check what exactly got sent and what not. Generally, while Sending some file you have a possibility to send glossaries along with it. Add_New glossary should be selected as your Current glossary for the project if you want to have it sent.

– I understand I am supposed at some points to enter the CS platform (accessiblie via the server) for communication purposes and to read further instructions. If so, I would need login details…

See above.

– Prior to sending a selected translated file to a directory of my computer, the Transit software would ask me whether I wanted to send only modified records. Would you prefer to receive the entire file or these modified records?

I’m not sure. Better send it all.

– I could have submitted a support ticket at an earlier stage to ask what to do but I was afraid Karel would need the files quickly (I understand the deadline for this stage of the project is May 3rd or 5th).

I usually reply urgent support questions from translators same day (day in GMT+6). So questions submitted before 4pm in Europe will be likely answered same day. There is no need to wait to end of the file with a question. You encountered a problem – ask. For sure by now you would have already known the answer.

Generally about tags (not hyphen tags) – keep them in same order as they appear in the English source, particularly around same word. Hyphen issue is either solved on proofreading stage or on vetting stage, so there is nothing for you to worry about. I just ask to always use hyphen replacement °°°, and NOT hyphen+replacement. Use the °°° as if it is a hyphen, without any extra spaces around it. Then it will all be just fine.

I hope I answered to your satisfaction. Let me know may you have any further questions.


Thank you for letting me know. I will inform you if I will have files.


Yes, sorry about that. In the Ukraine and past Soviet Union countries you always can be caught on the spam things.
You can not really be protected from those. But I receive less spam.
Funny with “English free”, but anyway it is not usual to call it this way, right? So I would doubts about they English.
Of course we can try other site later…but also if you have found more or less good site we can also put there Ad again, but with changed options, like country, city and other.


We are trying to verify a LiqPay account as we speak.
Let me provide you some additional information about work:

We are managing a very big translation project (1500000 words). The project is translation of a Video Game from English into German and French. Each file goes roughly the following steps:
1. Is imported to Transit, special translation memory software, and then translated by German or French linguists.
2. Is proofread by proofreader.
3. Is exported back to Excel – the resulting file contains only the translation column.
4. Is going through vetting.
5. Is going through spellchecking with proofreader.

Sometimes in the process of transferring the file from one software to other happen small non linguistic mistakes, for example, some characters were replaced by other symbols prior to exporting to Transit because they were causing problems and now need to be replaced back. Sometimes is missing space between sentences, sometimes there are double or strangely located hyphens. Sometimes translators don’t pay attention and leave extra spaces, periods, or several capitalized characters in one word etc.

Here enters the process of vetting.
Usually you will download from a dedicated server a zipped file, containing a folder with proofread files and a folder with unproofread (sometimes called “translated”) files.

You will work only on those files, which I will assign to you.

We work in two steps.
First, we save the .xls files in txt format, open in Word and compare proofread files to unproofread files to see if the file had really been proofread.
If it was, we open the proofread file again in Excel, copy into it English source text, and start vetting.
So vetting is always done in Excel on proofread target (German/French) text against the source (English) text. The purpose of vetting is to find differences from the source, to see if anything is missing and to introduce these minor corrections, or, alternatively, to communicate these differences to proofreader.

Sometimes it is not clear if there is a small missed moment we can correct or a real linguistic mistake. For example, if in the source there is a question mark, but in the target there is a period, you can not just change the period to question mark, because in most languages the structure of the sentence would change. These kinds of cases are communicated to me, and I communicate them to proofreader.

Now, detailed instructions are attached. Please read them, try to connect to the FTP server and let me know when you are ready to try.


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