[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Changes Proofread

Now I do understand, It’s just because previous work was without this step. Now I totally got it.
The many changes/no changes table must be in separate file? And sent it to you with my vetting issues table?


Please do me a favor – sign your messages with your name. I’m getting them to email just as the message text, and I really can not guess who of the PMs wrote it just from the style of your English.

All these tables you can put to one doc and upload here or to server. Just make sure file name includes your name and name of the file you’ve been working on.

If you worked on 3 files you can put all tables to same doc, I don’t mind.

Please try to send it to me today.


Ok, assignment has been received.

Happy to hear the files were fine.



I’ve done the work.


Here are some German files.
Everything same.

I know these are many, so can you tell me when do you think I can have them back? These are really simple files without any commands etc which slow down spellchecking.

Karel also asked me to collect your hours for the previous files – can you please send me? You did 21 file, and I have hours only for the first four.



I went through your files – good work.
Some small missed points (like double periods or extra space) missed I think in 2-3 locations. Rest okay. Good work.

Now you commented everywhere German punctuation, and I want to say – German punctuation is different from English, and commas separate every part of a complex sentence. Also semicolon is much more used, often instead of a comma. So no worry about these things.

Now I see that you learned to use Ctrl+F to replace the hyphens, so no need to write about this in comments any more. Just the changes.

I assign you two more German files:


They are in 12_German_not.CDKL.rar.

Please make sure to return them back to German folder, not to French.

These files are only proofread, so no need to compare this time.

Please confirm receipt.


I forward any comments that come form proofreaders to translators. If there will be any special comments for your files, I will send them to you.
I may need help with spellchecking. It is far less demanding then proofreading. If you are interested, please let me know your hourly rate for that.



It usually takes two weeks or so. Which is your target language?


My target language is German.

Dalmar Abdulla


I should be able to have all of them done by tomorrow morning/noon. I will also send you a complete list with the hours then. 🙂


I got the file. Good work.

Look at seg. 509 and few segments above – there is an obvious mistake – instead of “volume” translated “chapter”. I know it’s difficult to spot, but try. In one more place you missed a line break which does not correspond to source. Otherwise all well.

Here are 2 new files:


In Proofread->German. File 12_German_not.CDKL.rar. Your files are inside. Work only on these two.

Now this time we got only proofread files, so no need to compare files. Begin directly with vetting.
Pay attention to differences from source – extra periods etc.

Now I understood that you know how to Ctrl+F and replace hyphens (I hope you do it with the automatic “replace” function). So no need to write me where you replaced hyphens any more. It will save you time.

Please confirm receipt.


I will check that.



I am waiting for the file. I want to have it ASAP.


I am looking forward hearing from you.


I receive files.


Please find attached the translation assesment for Karen (13k & 13l).


I was wondering if you need any help with proofreading etc., since Karel wrote there is an urgent need for this in the end phase of the project.


Here is the first batch for you.

I spent time on the files as follows:

10a – 15 mins
10b – 10 mins
10c – 20 mins
10d – 20 mins
10e – 10 mins
10g – 15 mins
10k – 15 mins


This is patch number two. I spent 20mins each on 10o and 10m, so 40 mins altogether.


I finished with files and uploaded them on ftp.

Sorry, but I have some questions again.
1. There are two file assigned to me. They are similar. I found there some strange fragment:

“Ihr steht in der aktuellsten Halle d. hervorrag. Leistungen in Jadeon-Ehre an erster Stelle.”

Firstly it seems to me strange that was used “d.” and I mark this to check by proofreader. But when I began to vet the second file, I decided that that is OK. What is better for me in this case? Should I mark that in the future?

2. When I replace small circals with hyphen should I write a few of them in report or no cells at all, only that this was made?

3. In the second file I found a word repeated twice one by one. Should I mark this or that is not my job?

4. All Excel files give me a number of mistakes when I open, edit and close them. Is it OK?


Thank you for the comments, I’ve got them to learn. Lokk forward to get better.

Hereby I confirm the receipt of the files. Will go through them now.

Good day



Yes, I replaced the old files on the server. (pls.see the 2010-04-26 08:25:33 mail)



Please find attached the translation assessments for and Fabienne.

” German_JD_100201_Localize_Vetted_Yulia_10l ”
Please confirm you have got vetted files 12 i, j, m,n



This is the last batch from yesterday.
In the file 9m i found a few issues that had not been listed. I noted them in the issue file and resolved them (untranslated words).

Here also a list of my complete hours:

15s – 20mins
9l – 45 mins
9h – 40 mins
15u – 50 mins

17d – 50 mins
17c – 35 mins
17s – 30 mins
17a – 15 mins
17b – 25 mins
17t – 25 mins
8u – 30 mins
8v – 30 mins
8z – 10 mins

9a – 45 mins
9n – 45 mins
9o – 35 mins
9p – 25 mins
9g – 20 mins
9q – 1 h
9c – 30 mins
9b – 30 mins

26/04 (from yesterday)
10a – 15 mins
10b – 10 mins
10c – 20 mins
10d – 20 mins
10e – 10 mins
10g – 15 mins
10k – 15 mins
10m – 20 mins
10o – 20 mins

27/04 (today)
9i – 20 mins
9m – 25 mins


Thank you very much, files received and hours listed.

Will you have time today? More files are coming.


I confirm – files received.


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