[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files Vetting Proofread German Translation

I received your file.

2 very important things before I check it:
1. 5 hours is WAY too much! Normally vetting a file takes about 30 minutes. Difficult file – 45 min. Vetting fist file with reading instructions takes 1.5, maximum 2 hours, but 5 hours is an absolute exaggeration.
2. I expect to receive the files back same day, maximum on the next day, but not 2 days later.

Please let me know what do you think about that, because honestly, I am not ready to receive a bill for 5 hours for work that takes maximum 2.


I was checking file 11h, and I noticed that you left a segment marked yellow:

Seg. 149:
“L’ami du Cavalier ? C’est surprenant que le célèbre “Immortel Brillant” ait un ami Cavalier.”

And in file 11f, seg. 28 you marked red:
“Il utilisa toute sa force pour combattre sa femme. Mais Me Carillon était enceinte à l’époque, et elle fut grièvement blessée par son mari. Le bébé succomba à ses blessures et le couple fut brisé. Ils sont restés ennemis depuis ce jour.”

Are there some problems? Please let me know.


I’m totaly agree with you, it’s too much, it took me 5 hours, as it was my first time. In future it will be fine, I got used to it. I just wrote 5 hours for you to know how much I really spent, it won’t reflect on payment, as I understand that it shouldn’t take so much.
Next time everything will be done according to your requirements. Initially I asked you about timelines, to understand the amount should be spent on it and to be ready to do everything in time.
Please check my report and my work, I should know if I did everything right.
I’m ready to work, counting your preferences.
Please tell me the results of my first job done.
Best regards, Mary



Please get back to your files and make sure there are no spaces around the hyphens. In German hyphens are typically located between 2 nouns, i.e 2 capitalized words.

Like this:

Verdienst-Weihrauch -> without spaces.

If there is a space like this:
Verdienst -Weihrauch or like this: Verdienst- Weihrauch and both words are capitalized, most likely it’s just a glitch from Transit software, and we repair it by deleting the space between hyphen and word.

But when hyphen is between capitalized and non capitalized word, and there is one space between them, like this: Zauberern- beschaffen most likely it is a mistake to be checked by proofreader. If there are two spaces, it is already not a hyphen but a dash: Zauberern – beschaffen.

There are lot of hyphens in your files, I don’t have time to correct it all. Please go over and make sure they are located without spaced.

When you replace the °°° for hyphen, just press Ctrl+F, choose “Replace”, paste °°° in the “Find what” line, and – in the “Replace with” line. Then it replaces without any extra spaces. I suggest you open again the unvetted proofread files, choose “Replace all” for °°°, and then compare this file to comments in your vetted file and make the necessary changes. It will be faster then manually deleting spaces for 200 hyphens.

Please do it as soon as possible – we need to deliver these files.

Please confirm receipt.


Please find attached the spellchecked files, as well as hours details. Total: 4h10


Files received


Thank you very much for remarks, I see the point now. I followed the “instructions” in VettingUpdate.doc: “…so if you see “.hhh.”, “^^^”, or “°°°“ those need to be s&red into hyphens ( – ).” That is the reason I inserted “-” with spaces.

Hereby I uploaded the corrected files. Please let me know if anything is missing.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply



I have some problems with internet and can’t connect to server.


I think i put yellow on the first one (seg, 149) by accident, because there is no vocabulary mistakes…

As for the second one, I would say I think it’s not the best translation ever, but as is, there is no mistakes either. I don’t know what happened.



Then compress it and upload here (this system doesn’t accept xls files).



I separated it with spaces that it will be more visible. Couldn’t imagine that someone will use it with the spaces…

Did you replace the old ones on the server?


First of all – good work.

Now comments:
1. try to correct minor issues (missing/extra space, period etc) yourself. Just write me what you did.
2. I understood that you know how to replace these small circles with hyphen (I hope you are doing it with Ctrl+F->Replace), so no need to write me all cells where you replaced hyphen
3. Please be very careful when replacing ~55~ with & in source (English) Text! Do not add any extra spaces, or delete any spaces. You had somewhere &sex1& and you added a space. Avoid it, because even such a small change can prevent form client’s localization software from recognizing the segment. It will be an error in the game. So please watch it.

Otherwise good work.


I assign you 2 more files:


these are German files. Go to Proofread ->German -> 12_German_not.CDKL.rar.
Work only on these two.

Please confirm receipt.



Here are 4 German files (from 12_German_not.CDKL.rar):


Please confirm.

PS: no need to compare, as Karel didn’t upload the unproofread. Go straight to vetting.

Your last files are all good job.


Sorry, forgot to mention – these files no need to compare to unproofread (they were not uploaded). So go straight to vetting.



Here is a more detailed explanation what are we about to do:

We are managing a very big translation project (1500000 words). The project is translation of a Video Game from English into German and French. Each file goes roughly the following steps:
1. Is imported to Transit, special translation memory software, and then translated by German or French linguists.
2. Is proofread by proofreader.
3. Is exported back to Excel – the resulting file contains only the translation column.
4. Is going through vetting.
5. Is going through spellchecking with proofreader.

Sometimes in the process of transferring the file from one software to other happen small non linguistic mistakes, for example, some characters were replaced by other symbols prior to exporting to Transit because they were causing problems and now need to be replaced back. Sometimes is missing space between sentences, sometimes there are double or strangely located hyphens. Sometimes translators don’t pay attention and leave extra spaces, periods, or several capitalized characters in one word etc.

Here enters the process of vetting.
Usually you will download from a dedicated server a zipped file, containing a folder with proofread files and a folder with unproofread (sometimes called “translated”) files.

You will work only on those files, which I will assign to you.

We work in two steps.
First, we save the .xls files in txt format, open in Word and compare proofread files to unproofread files to see if the file had really been proofread.
If it was, we open the proofread file again in Excel, copy into it English source text, and start vetting.
So vetting is always done in Excel on proofread target (German/French) text against the source (English) text. The purpose of vetting is to find differences from the source, to see if anything is missing and to introduce these minor corrections, or, alternatively, to communicate these differences to proofreader.

Sometimes it is not clear if there is a small missed moment we can correct or a real linguistic mistake. For example, if in the source there is a question mark, but in the target there is a period, you can not just change the period to question mark, because in most languages the structure of the sentence would change. These kinds of cases are communicated to me, and I communicate them to proofreader.

Now, detailed instructions are attached. Please read them, and let me know when you are ready to try. I need you to begin ASAP, preferably even today. Please take in mind that I live at GMT+6, so my “today” finishes about 4pm in Europe.


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