[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

French English German Proofread Translation

1. Yes, should be many more. I forward you all I have myself – may appear more in a later stage.

2. No, you shouldn’t change anything like this, but should notice and if wrong – mark red and leave a comment. I give you an example:

English: Ho, heroic youth, I will grant you 3 inches of golden thread.

French (Should be): Word word word word 10 centimetres word word word.

French (not okay): Word word word word 3 centimetres word word word.

French (not okay): Word word word word 3 inches word word word.

If you spot the above one – is fine. If the other two – leave a comment – “please convert inches to cm”. Translators shoudn’t just to write “cm” instead of “inch” but really convert.


I studied the instructions you had recieved to me. It seems to me that I can manage this job. But I need to pay your attention to my knowledge of German and French. My German is not so good as English, and I don’t know French at all. So I couldn’t analyse the text by implication. But I can check the text for mistakes mentioned in instructions. If it is OK, then I’m ready to begin this weekend.
But before I start working I need your explanations for some questions.
1. In chapter “What to pay attention to” there is an example: Cloth Hairband(Symbol) translated to Stoff-Haarband(Symbol). In English version there is no hyphens. Should I delete it in translated version?
2. I don’t understand the instructions for Proper Names files. I don’t find this macro in my MS Excel. Will it be in the PROOFREAD Excel file?


Hi !
I’ve recieved your message. Just few things to specify,at the very beginning I renamed my uploaded PROOFREAD file by adding “French_”, is it correct?
And one more thing regarding questions I have, you said I should select Category “Help Desk to existing translators”, but there is no categories at all here, probably on new OT, there will be, but now I don’t have it.
I will try to do everything according to given instructions.
Best regards, Mary


It is absolutely not required to know any German nor French for this job. The files you are going to work on are all proofread by our best translators. I really don’t want you to spend time reading the German and trying to understand it. All I want is that you will search for the minor mistakes and inconsistencies.
1) The grammar and sentence construction is different in English/German/French. So hyphens naturally appear alot in German and sometimes in French. Of course you don’t need to delete it.
Further more, I don’t want ANY changes to be done to the German/French text itself. If you think for some reason that there is a mistake, you don’t change, but just mark it and leave a comment in the table+in the file. Even if the difference is just like: question mark in English against period in German/French, we don’t change it. Why – because sentence structure would change as well. So you just mark it and leave a comment.

2. At this point don’t worry about it. When will we get to Proper names files, I will explain it.

I am waiting for files to assign you.



1. Yes, correct. The reason is that how you receive them, proofread and unproofread files have same names. I am requesting to rename the proofread one in order to avoid confusion.
2.Here is the new OT. And you can see all options if you try to submit a new ticket. But no need to submit more tickets at this point, and later I would actually prefer if you used “Other Support” category. But really, not important.

Give it a try!


Please find the files French 11j 11i, 11l, 11k, 17r and a comment to them attached.
What I would like to ask you to do, is to:
1. Spellcheck the files
2. To resolve issues found while vetting. They are listed both in the attached word file and marked as comments inside the files.
– Please resolve the issues and delete the comments from the Excel files, so that the outcome will be a clean file.

Please ignore all comments about quotes, I received today a response from lead translator and was decided to leave usual (“”) quotes. Please just ignore these comments and delete them.

When done, please send me your hours report.

When updating the “Sunstream” term, please do not forget to change the sentence accordingly (I guess it’s clear, but I still feel a need to remind).

If you are spellchecking in Excel, please cut-and-copy the English column to a clean file, and when finished, please copy it back. (Otherwise it takes twice longer because Excel goes word by word and will sure jump also to English column). If you copy all to Word – no problem as Word doesn’t go word by word, but underlines all misspelled issues.

You can upload the result back here. Please note, this system does not accept excel files – you will need to compress them.

Thanks a lot!


Alright I have to go now, I’ll do my best to start working on it tomorrow morning.


I do understand everything.
So I’ll be waiting for a new work.
And one more question, what’s with the paying. Is it all right with the Webmoney? And actually how often I’ll get paid?


I have some problems with transferig excel file into *txt. Actually when opening excel file and following the path “File -> Save As and choose to save as Unicode text (*txt)” is impossible, as I don’t have such format to save it, all variable formats are fine, but txt is not included into the list of formats. I found out another way to save it in txt format, but I had another problem it can’t be opened in MS Word, actually it can be opened but it doean’s recognize text format, so I have squares, signs,hieroglyphs etc, everything except normal letters. Please give an advice.
Best regards, Mary


Thank you for the assignations. I have been slowed down with the ads you asked me to post. Many of the sites charge for publishing and free channels need to be reserached. I haven’t completed the task yet.

Regarding the vetting, I have uploaded the vetted file and report under
D name to the server and will be looking forward to you feedback. As well, I attach the comparing report here.

Best of the day


Please let me remind you , that it has been 24 hours since my last assignment.


I am ready to start. So I am waiting for files assigned me.


One more question. What are CS and OT mean in instruction?



Which version of MS Office are you using?
If you can’t do that then copy the Proofread column to Word, and save. Then open the unproofread (“translated”) file and copy the translation column to OTHER Word document. Save.
Open in Word the Proofread file, and COMPARE it to the unproofread file using same steps described in your instructions.

Please, I want to receive the vetted file today as soon as possible.


My boss told me he has problems registering a Webmoney account. How about some other payment options?
I found this system, but it requires that you will have a Visa card for withdrawing.
Here are FAQs: https://www.liqpay.com/?do=pages&p=faq#

Please let me know.


And you did not receive message I sent about posting Ads? It is work I wanted you to do yesterday. I am checking my e-mail and it is still empty.


No, I know you gave such a task to
, my friend.
But I have not received something like this.
I have checked your letters from yesterday to be sure, but no.
The only one thing we have discussed it is about employment my French friend.
I have not received any separate task of posting Ads and information about it.


I am so sorry, I posted the ad assignment to you by mistake!
It was intended to your friend
. If you spent time on it, record this time in your invoice, but don’t continue with that right now.


My fault, I confused your and
‘s tickets (I suspected that abundance of
s may create confusions, but didn’t expect that so soon). So my apologies for the confusion and here is work for you while we are waiting for files.

I told
to stop doing it meantime, please you do it.

Concentrate on the Russian-Ukrainian-Belorussian sector, CZ may-be later.

We are still not enough people for next week and the following period.
I would like you to post ads. Regions: Ukraine, Belarus, Siberian and Ural regions of Russia (not Moscow or St.Petersburg), may-be Czech Republic.

The add text is attached. The e-mail for the ads is this: [email protected]

In the ad text, there is a place with XXXXXXXX that is where I would like you to insert the website name, so that I would know which website brings more people.

Add title in Russian would be:

Удаленный англоговорящий менеджер по проектам

You can change it to be more Russian, I imagine my translation is so-so, but it has to be in Russian, and try to use key words “English speaking” and “project manager” or “remote management work for an English speaking person” – try few possible ones, whatever sounds more Russian and has a better chance to come up in search engines on these websites.

If you can use Ukrainian employment engines, please compose a title in Ukrainian.

You may need to register to some sites before you can post an ad there. Use the e-mail I provided you. For information on the company use :
Company name: KENAX Translation Services
director: Karel Kosman
website: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/.
salary: 3$/hour or 300$/month (calculated 3$*5h/day*20days/month)

Short company description: KENAX Translation Services is an international translation agency, providing translation and localization services into over 160 languages.

Please post about 20 ads, I want my e-mail to be exploding.

Let me know if you have any questions.

– Just to make sure – please post only free ads.
– Please continue my table I attach bellow, and send it back to me later.


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