[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files Word English Sentence

Where are you now – is OT (Open Ticket) support system. CS is other system for communication where we add people who already work for a while.


No worries
It is natural.
I wrote a letter to
yesterday late in the evening about my doubts (by I only suspected they you think she lives somewhere in Ukraine or Russia), by I think she was out to check it.
I ll go trough the instructions and let you know if I have questions.
We can do something about the names, as
writes now
But following this possibility of confusions (we are with
are normally stay keep in touch), we will let you know soon as we suspect confusion.


It seems to me that I’m ready start, when can we start?


So LiqPay is good, even better than Webmoney, but I need some time to obtain a Visa card and It will happen probably on the first week of may. Is it appropriate? Then I’ll just send you my hour list and we’ll continue.

Besides, you told me there’s a new work coming, when can I get one?


The instruction is pretty clear.

Soon I am done I will let you know


I read your comments and will pass them to proofreader.
One thin you wrote I would like to comment about myself:
915: “Congratulations, you’re one step closer to being single” From the context it seems that this is from a part about finding a love – it looks as if a “single” is a person with a romantic interest. In my opinion, this is not a good choice of words. I used “Single” as the German translation nevertheless, but there may be a better option?

May-be you still hadn’t seen these files, but this sentence is related to the divorce procedure of the game (yes, they have all steps, from marriage to divorce). And this sentence enters after the player completed some task required for getting permission to get divorced. So your interpretation is not exactly correct, as they really mean “single” as “unmarried”.


Of course appropriate.
Why you didn’t mention LiqPay when I asked about payment method? Is this system common in Ukraine? I found it only today in the morning.
We are waiting for files – they supply first translators -> proofreaders and in the end us.


I am waiting for files – they are assigned first to translators and proofreaders, and later to us.

There is one thing I wanted to ask you – my boss has a difficulty to register a webmoney account. Can you accept Luqpay (https://www.liqpay.com/?do=verify_list.) payment? If you have a visa card you can withdraw it to the card. Please let me know.


I haven’t got a credit card. So I thought that webmoney would be better. Excuse me. It’s not so common but still good enough.
Well I’ll be waiting for them.


I went over your file. You did well for first time, but some important things had been missed.

1. seg.2 it is not clear if 24:00 appears there at least in form of “midnight” – I left for proofreader to check
2. seg. 59 – Mistake: (Lupin) replaced by (Skysong) in target. this we should try to spot.

3. All these hyphens, why didn’t you just delete them? It is obvious that they are totally lost. They originate from the English: in Transit, the CAT tool used for this project, English text appears also in target translation area, so that translators translate on top of it. As mentioned in the instructions, Transit converts hyphens to undeletable tags. So in this case translator had a tag form the English text he could not get rid of, and left in the end of sentence for us to delete.

4. look at the formatting of the segments 490-497, 510-517, 550-558, 560-567 in the source: it contains a point between words. In French these points either got totally lost or are stuck in the beginning of the sentences. It has to be corrected by proofreader.

Now I will be checking 10 times I’m posting the response to the right


Payments with LiqPAY is acceptable for me. My number is +375295032304

Unfortunately, I don’t find the principles of calculating of my wage. Could you, please, inform me with them, or give me a link where I can read about them.



Please find the files French 8g, 8r, 15r and a comment to them attached.
What I would like to ask you to do, is to:
1. Spellcheck the files
2. To resolve issues found while vetting. They are listed both in the attached Word files and marked as comments inside the files.
– Please resolve the issues and delete the comments from the Excel files, so that the outcome would be a clean file.

Please ignore all comments about quotes, I received today a response from lead translator and was decided to leave usual (“”) quotes. Please just ignore these comments and delete them.

When done, please send me your hours report.

Please note that “Sunstream City” should be translated as “Sunstream”. When updating this term, please do not forget to change the sentence accordingly (I guess it’s clear, but I still feel a need to remind).

If you are spellchecking in Excel, please cut-and-paste the English column to a clean file, and when finished, please paste it back. (Otherwise it takes twice longer because Excel goes word by word and will sure jump also to English column). If you copy all to Word – no problem as Word doesn’t go word by word, but underlines all misspelled issues.

You can upload the result back here. Please note, this system does not accept excel files – you will need to compress them.

Thanks a lot!


Yes, I am the “right”
D) πŸ™‚

Thank you very much for the feedback and corrections, I appreciated your assistance and had updated the file according to your remarks, so to make it completed the right way.
Please let me know if I can proceed to the next job.



Please receive the tab attached.
I marked in the left column countries with letter, so
I have put notes straight into the file.
Some accounts need activations, so if you want me to go on, just forward to me they mails.
All other described in the file.
Yes, sometimes I needed the address and telephone number of the company, so I used:

Hope, it is fine.

Mataitene” ! I’m connected to FTP server. ”

When do you think you can send back these files? It is quite urgent.


You get paid by hours. 1h pays 3$. You record the hours yourself in a special sheet I attach, writing what exactly did you do in these hours. From time to time I request for an hours report. Since I double check absolutely everything beginner PMs do, I have a very clear idea about how much each thing can take. So when I see reasonable hours – no problems. If I see unreasonable ones – it is a problem. We don’t pay for spending time online. We pay for work.

I attach explanation how to submit an hourly report/invoice and a sample hourly record table, which you can and should use for recording your own hours.



It is very easy. Open the Add Dictionary, double-click on the entry, and it becomes editable. Change it manually to whatever you like. Then right click on it again and choose “quit editing mode”. It will ask you if to save – click “yes”.

If you want to delete the entry, just right-click on it and choose “delete”.


M, πŸ™‚

Great, my mail is full of activation requests. somehow the sites I found myself were not that demanding on activation-confirmation issues. Did you post any ads there or you just opened accounts?

Files coming in 10 minutes!


Karel just told me there was major issues with some of my files. Is it about the capitalization stuff you warned me about, or is there something else?


I sent you a feedback – there was capitalization, spelling and not the most successful translation. I don’t know which files Karel wrote you about, but if you want I can check.

When do you think you can return me the spellchecked files? I need them quite urgently.



You are assigned a bunch of GERMAN files:

Don’t forget to rename the Proofread ones. If you spot unproofread (no changes found) – let me know ASAP!

please confirm!


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