[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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– no need to worry if there is an empty line both in target ans source. If one is empty, and other is full – this is a reason to worry!

– No other issues.

All good.


Here are the files again. I hope everything is fine.

By the way, there is another problem in the glossary. Curse has been translated as “juron”, meaning a swearing. However, in a video game, it usually refers to a bad spell, a “malédiction”. I think it should be corrected.


I asked this question today, but am still awaiting for the answer of the lead translator. So far in all files are usual quotes.


I am working on your file now, and it is not good:

7 – glued sentences; wrong punctuation mark (? instead of ?!)
26, 28, 39, 43, 53, 62, 64, 66 – All have 1-2 glued sentences, where there is no space after period, or after other punctuation mark.
You missed a “lost” hyphen in 28
You did not convert ~55~ to a &, you converted only the 55. It is a mistake. ~55~ -> & the ~ need to be deleted, and no space around added.

In the guidelines it says to add a comment in the table AND in the third raw of the file itself, and this is also what i answered above. Please do so. Marking red is not enough at this point.

I am returning you the file, please go over it CAREFULLY, adding space where necessary, adding comments and correcting all ~ you left and all other things I’m sure you can find.

I am online, if you have any questions you may ask.


I can assign this weekend (April 24 and 25) to follow necessary training. I am available from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm GMT. How many days I need to assign? Is it enough to assign two days? Is it suitable for you?


I’m on 11d.
seg. 2 – he didn’t confuse numbers, he converted them to cm! So the question to proofreader should not be about numbers abut about conversion. Don’t be afraid to look at the French text, ot is often quite clear. (30 centimètres instead of 10 inches)
– there were few glued sentences, so attention.
– I don’t know if it’s really something, but seg 259 had this: 1. I think there may-be some hyphen or other mistake in this combination: -être-êtree- être 2. strange hyphen – vous
– the next also has some repeating word (may-be it’s ok)

The rest if good.


Thanks !



ok. I will.


I’m checking it right now for every single mistake. Excuse me, that was decause of my first time doing this kind of work.


Ok, clear with numbers.
About 259: I know about -être-êtree- être .
But I saw it after I have uploaded, and I have decided that -vous- was put in the comments, so if somebody will check on 259, will see and issue with 259. As you did 🙂
Thanks for glued sentences. There are many of them, and usually I goes separately just for this issue, but looks like it is not another. Maybe it is better to do a double check.


If the structure is like this “Que s’est-il passé après cela ?
” hyphen is on right place or it must be erased?



Welcome to team.
Please find the most recent updates attached.
There is a beginner’s guide to installation of Transit and glossaries, mass mail updates from Karel, useful links page, there are also up-to date instructions for French. In case you translate to German, most recent German guidelines are attached separately.



I forgot to mention, please read the knowledgebase on this website before you begin translation. It answers many different issues, which are better to know before you begin to translate.


Thank you for files and comment.
I will forward this comment to lead translator, it is quite a serious mistake.


I’ve overwrited the file in the Vetted folder.
Now It’s way more mistakes corrected.
And also here’s a new vetting issues table.” And about repetition in the line 260. From format point it looks fine. But you have doubts, so better to check. ”
I have downloaded the files and am ready to try.

Looking forward to assignation.


yes, about Sunstream, just to let you know, that I did not pay attention if they translate it as “Cite Sunstream”.
So some uploaded files will not contain new approved translation as just “Sunsteam”.

Please also check out French 370. They translate quotation marks as brackets (as,actually, I believe it should be). But all other places with quotation marks were translated accordingly.
So, what to do?

Put to comments all quotations marks or just one with brackets used (370)?

Do you want me to back to them?


I got more point to think of marking all quotation issues.

Please check out French 11h, lines 131 to 139.


I had checked files 18b, h and j.
I would like you to try to do them again.

Some key points:

– If in the source there is a plus, like “+120 LV”, it means that there should be +, and not that translator didn’t know how to translate. So no need to correct it/mark it red.

– You know what is the logical meaning of a colon (:) and you can understand from the source where is it located in the target. If it makes sense that there would be colon, considering the difference in punctuation between German and English, then you can leave it.

– If there is a difference in space, and you think it’s important, just click on source, and copy the space into target.

– In German when you abbreviate, you put a period, so max. is fine

– “Auftrag” in German means quest (dictionary), so you understand that it is connected to expression in the tags (18h line 160) so probably it is fine, but you can mark.

– 161, 163 – same.

When you click to see the segment in the function line, most of the hyphens find their logical place.

As to line breaks, again, clicking on the segments shows that for some reason, in German there are less line breaks then in English. I asked Karel, if we should add line breaks ourselves. Here is what he replied:

Yes, I believe a vettor can use their judgment about distribution of line breaks (although the client later told me it does not have to be super exact, as their in-
house translators can adjust it on their end once the text is imported into their software), but perhaps ask the lead translators if it is important in their language.
Such as if a line ends on the word “a” or something. If so either this task can be given to a translator (rather not, because it will be more expensive), or some guidelines written up for the vettors.

At this point I am not going to write about it to lead translator, since in my opinion there is no sense for that, because we don’t speak any German, you need to use your judgment, and see where to add and how.

Please give it a try, resolve as many issues as you can yourself.

I didn’t change anything in your files, so you can work on them.



I am just waiting for the lead translator to tell me about the quotes. I have no clue where he lives – he was replying to my questions in the morning, so I guess we just need to wait.

370 yes, but right above it she still used the ordinary “.”. So we just wait. If Lead Trans will say to replace with French version it is very fast with Find+Replace.


I believe instructions say very clearly that we do not change ANYTHING in English except the ~55~ thing!

The client has a software, which reads the Excel files and recognizes particular segments. Having recognized the segment, it replaces it in the game with the translation. Changing anything in the English will prevent that software from recognizing the segment and cause an error. The ~55~ was our change to avoid issues in Transit, therefore before we send files to client, we have to return ~55~ back to be a &.

So no ANY changes to the English! Even if there is an obvious mistake.

Please let me know it’s clear.


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