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Files French Translation Sentence

Well okay. Me too, it was even more at example. But still this is all I’ve found. No doubled spaces, 1 doubled hyphen, No wrong commas or anything else.
But still I can be wrong, but still, tomorrow I hope the results will be positive.


Spellchecking is not proofreading, so no problem 🙂
I actually prepared 2 more, can you do them as well?


Exactly. There you can see better how is the location of hyphens, everything.

Wow Super-valuable information! And it works 🙂
In 9b there is no problem, I meant for the 18something file you were asking me about.

I think we shouldn’t change settings of the rows, but I will see how it is when I’ll get to these files.


I see. Then I would be online tomorrow at 14:00 GMT and we can figure the schedule out. Weekends are possible too.
Have good night and till tomorrow.


ah, that’s good then! Sure, no prob. I have two already completed, so we can swap! 🙂


I hope you don’t mind that the package expanded into one more file while I was waiting for your response. If I am overloading you – tell me!


Ok, happy to help.
just give me a shout in the case of changes.


I can just about cope. I know you need to get all this stuff finished soon.
Here is the second part, rest later.


Here is a things.
I needed information whether I need to live “?&” in French as it is in English or I need to changed it according to the French rule about spaces around “?”.
It was too late to ask you, so I downloaded one file of your as an example to search the same cases.
I have downloaded French 8f from vetted.
I have found an answer in the line 375.
But I caught lines 376 and 377.
376 – “…” instead of “.”;
377 – the same.
I think you have missed it in the rush.
So, just to let you know.
I hope you don’t mine me searching in your file, but I just did not wanted to put not necessary issue.



Please find attached the report for Rose-

, file 11m.


There was not translated file for French 11h to compare proofreading.
So I have left it till you confirm vetting without comparing.


Sorry, here is one more clarification to the uploaded file French 8g.
It contains quotation marks and as I know they are not used in French.
Lines 58.
I am not sure for further how should I replace them, keeping
spaces around?


I have only one glossary remark concerning the last file (13 N), could you please pass it on to :

“Speed” is “Eile” in the glossary, but should indeed be “Geschwindigkeit” in this particular place.


Here is the rest 🙂

I have also left some additional comments in the comment file.

Good night now!
” Yes, I understand the procedure and I’m starting to work on it right now. “Received


I didn’t miss 🙂 8f was the most over-dramatized file I’ve vetted! Suspension signs, exclamation marks everywhere, total drama. It’s not just in lines 376 and 377, it’s all over the file. I returned it to proofreader to decide. First I thought all French files will be like this, but then I saw it’s the only one.

As to & – in relation to name/sex/family it remains same, but if you have something like:
“I will love you foreva, &name&!”, in French it will be
“… &name& !”

I am checking now on files from 18 group. It may be necessary to go over them again, checking cell-cell and adding line breaks. I am waiting for response from Karel.


First – my apologies, I forgot to mention in the rush that 11h don’t have the unproofread version. So no comparing.

Second, don’t replace, but mark red. I’ll let the spellchecker do it. I actually need to check what did they decide about it.



I still had not assigned files to you. Once I assign you a file, it will be clearly written in a message: “You are assigned files…”.


Huge thanks!!!

I will take a look at the comments.


Here a the two files. I took me 1h15 for 11b and 45minutes for 11c.

As for on of the point in 11b, you asked to check for the translation of skyscream, translated as “crèmeciel” in the glossary. The translation in the glossary is wrong, it is not skys cream, but sky scream. So Cri-du-ciel seems to be a good translation.

Other than that, everything seems fine. For the number issue, there is supposed to be a space placed between when the number has 5 or more numbers. The space is to the person choice when there is less than 5 numbers, but will never take a dot or a coma.


But I had just received a response form the lead translator about consistency and translation of Sunstream City:

“For Sunstream City, I think the best choice is simply “Sunstream”

In France we don’t talk about New York City, we talk about New York, etc. It’s just that the translators blindly followed the English pattern here.

For Hall of Excellence, Crystal Hall etc. I have seen plenty of translations too.

To keep it simple I think it’s best to use “Hall” in French too (it is in the French dictionary).

2,000 should be written 2000 in French”

Can you please update these 2 files accordingly?



Excellent. May you have any questions, please ask me here.


If a particular word has several meanings, we can not add them all to glossary. Just use the one which makes sense in your file.


Please do the 11h, we don’t have the unproofread file.


ok, just give you a point why I think so (about quotation marks):

“The quotation marks (inverted commas) ” ” don’t exist in French; the guillemets « » are used.”
The information from



ok, assignment has been received .

I ll working under French 11h.


To let you know, Lead Translator decided that Sunstream City will be translated just as “Sunstream”.
For future files.

– Please try to resolve as many things as possible yourself. If translator put &sex& by mistake before the period – just move the period to be before the &sex&. But if the whole sentence was changed to a question, when in source is definitely not a question, and not a sentence which could be interpreted as a question – this is already for proofreader.

– when you write a comment for the proofreader, try to address the problem more precisely. For example, the problem is not just a question mark, but the whole sentence is a question, in this case it is better to write like this:
“last sentence is a question in source. but not in target. Please check.”

Otherwise all good.


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