[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Terms Dictionary Translation Segments

Actually I would like to send the first translation again. Some amendments had to be made. Sorry about the confusion.


Few URGENT issues:

1. You MUST ALWAYS use the terms form the GLOSSARY. Please correct all segments where you used your own translation which differs form the glossary. We have number of translators and hundreds of files, they should all be consistent with all terminology. Your notes about glossary – separately. New words – to ADD dictionary.

2. When translating and pressing ALT+INS, did the cursor stop in one of these partially translated segments? If yes, you should finish their translation, as you are getting paid for them as for fuzzy matches.

3. Did you insert all terms form the MAIN glossary before you began to work on the file? It should have replaced all terms also in the partially pretranslated segments. Please let me know ASAP.

4. I can not Receive your txf files. You send this kind of files ONLY to Karel, ONLY finalized files. I can not check work of each translator, as I’ve mentioned before.

5. Your sample received. These are all segments which were untranslated, right?

Please let me know about these points as soon as possible.


I’m passing it to proofreader.


Let me answer your questions.

1. I will change my first translation accordingly & post it to Karel later today. I. e., I will remove the translations of the word “you” with the untranslated “you”, because the glossary suggests that. Please get in touch with the lead translator about this, since it is very obviously a mistake, & this word turns up quite often! I remember that in the forum people had even been discussing how to translate “you” (because in German there are various options, depending on who talks to whom etc.). So I will change it for now, but I’m sure things will become far less complicated if this gets changed in the glossary soon! I suppose other translators have noticed it too.

Please explain or send me a link about how to use the “add dictionary”. I have downloaded the new “add dictionary” file, but so far I have put all my glossary suggestions in separate word files.

2. I have translated every segment that my cursor stopped in when I pressed alt + ins. “Ground control charm” did not feature in any of these segments. I just noticed that it was untranslated, but it was not part of “my” bits.

3. I always inserted all terms from the main glossary before translating a file.

4. Everything is clear now about posting files. Txf to Karel, questions to you.

5. Everything in the sample (which is the beginning of my second file, 10001_08z) was untranslated before I worked on it, except the question “What?” (segm. 22 – before “How ungrateful! Do you know where he is now?”).

I hope I answered all your questions for now, please get back to me if anything remains unclear! Sorry for not getting back earlier, but I don’t actually work on Sundays.



I just had another look at the file. Sorry, but correcting all my translations for “you” by inserting the English “you” just seems wrong to me. In the segments not done by myself it has obviously been translated as well. Is it possible that there is actually a character (or other name) called “You” and the glossary is referring to this? I think it might be better to discuss this with the lead translator soon to avoid more confusion.

Thanks for your understanding!


Thank you for getting back to me. I was not expecting you to work on Sunday, Monday is just fine.

1. Is it possible from the context that there is a You character? In this case it would be capitalized in all sentences. And other locations where “you” is obviously just “you”, does the glossary insert the English “you” as well? I remember that for German was agreement on Ihr.

2. Okay, this is what I wanted to know. Also Karel explained it very well in his e-mails today.

3. Good.

4. Correct.

5. Okay, very good. Anyway I prepare it for proofreader leaving only the most sophisticated sentences.

You pretty much calmed me down – I had a feeling that may-be you misunderstood some instructions.

Did you return sunstream city to the glossary proposed version?

As to Add_New dictionary, it is used for adding NEW words, and you export id when sending a finalized translation to Karel. Corrections to terms which are already included you can send to me as a word file.

How to add terms:

To add terms to the dictionary/glossary, first select it in the target and source windows (you can also double click on the words), and then on your toolbar select one of two buttons:

1) Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary; To insert a term into the glossary select it with your mouse (you can also double click) in the source file and your translation in the target file/window, and then press the icon Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary. If you want to make an amendment prior to committing, you can instead press the icon Rapid Entry Mode. The icons are towards the right end of the toolbar and you determine which are which by holding your mouse over top of the icon.

2) Rapid Entry Mode – if you want to make some changes before committing to the dictionary.

Best regar


Regarding “you”: in none of the segments that I translated a character named “You” seems to turn up. I think a clear indication would be if “You” was capitalised, which has never been the case so far.

I will correct the “sunstream city” translation in the new version of 8u that I hope to send to Karel later today or tonight. Also still working on 8z.

The thing is, there are other cases also where the glossary solution cannot be used directly. For example, “might” can be the noun “Macht” in German, or the verb form “koennte”. Two completely different things. But the glossary only has the first solution (the noun), which just cannot be right when it is very obviously the verb! So what shall I do in cases like this?


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