[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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In cases like verb-noun, use your common sense and experience. Of course, if there is translation for verb, use the verb.

With “you” issue, I think leave as it is right now in German. But no one complained to me yet about “you” issues. Go to CS site, there are very short and clear Guidelines from lead translator. He touches the “you” issue.


Here are my other glossary suggestions finally.

I left my translation of “Sunstream City” in the 8U file as it were, because I discovered that it is one of the options listed in the glossary. I made a few other minor amendments though.



Received. Keep in mind, that the new terms you may add to the ADD dictionary and have it exported together with you file.


To your first question:

The Add_New dictionary is the one to which you add terms that in your opinion repeat often or need to be added to glossary for other reasons. You download it from the server, ->the Glossaries folder->your language folder.

AFTER you inserted terms from MAIN dictionary, you Receive the ADD dictionary. Then go again to Project -> Settings -> Term_Star Dictionaries Tab ->Add -> Choose the Add_New dictionary, make it the current dictionary (to make it easier to add to). And work with it.

To add terms to the dictionary, first select the words in the target and source windows (you can also double click on the words), and then on your toolbar select one of two buttons:

1) Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary; To insert a term into the glossary select it with your mouse in the source file and your translation in the target file/window, and then press the icon Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary.

2)If you want to make an amendment prior to committing, you can instead press the icon Rapid Entry Mode. The icons are towards the right end of the toolbar and you determine which are which by holding your mouse over top of the icon.

Give it a try.

As to your second question, no, I do not know, but think it should be in statistics or report options of Transit.

Please don’t forget to send me a sample of about 10-15 segments to CS or here.


Thanks Do I need to send the updated Add new file with my translated file too when I’m done with my translation? Or is it stored on the Internet?


I still haven’t found the new file that Karel assigned me this morning:


Any ideas?

I couldn’t find it here.




Your file is in folder 9 ->German->German_10001_09_DEU_q

Exactly like your previous files – same difference in name. So what is the problem?

Your file is second form bellow.

After you Receive it, when opening “language pair”, you will see the name of the file written same as it is in Karel’s e-mail.


You need to send, the info is stored on your computer. When Sending, will be possibility to Send with dictionaries. Alternatively, you can Send the dictionary separately.


Ok, thanks.


but it’s a bit short and the segments are not exactly the type I’d like to see in a sample. I would like to have about 100-150 source words, preferably longer and much more complicated segments.

Best ” How come when I have 50 similar sentences within the same file and I have lowered the fuzzy match percentage to 40%, it still doesn’t want to show the very similar sentences I have just translated and saved? OK, here is another sample. Let me know if it’s ok 🙂 “Emle

This is just what I wanted.


I am checking.


I do have this file though (ENU), maybe it would be of help?


What you do to Send, is to save the “language pair”, than go Project->Send. If there is a problem with this function, do as Karel explained in one of the last mass e-mails – export just the .DEU file.

To find “Projects” folder go to My Computer->Program files->Transit XV->Projects->the right project.

Let me know if you succeed to find the file.


I think the ENU is not the right file. Your files should finish DEU or GER. Please try to look usung the path I specified, and let me know if you find it.

In any case all these files you can open in notepad (there will be quite a mess of hidden tags, commands and other information) and see it this is the translated file.


PS: I just checked your file, and there are the dictionaries, but not the translation.



Lead translator posted reply to your dictionary proposals. Take a look:

Suggestions for changing the glossary entries (quite important)

mystic serpent mystische Schlange

Very valid, but we would have to change every term with mystic, resulting in 20 terms to be changed, and I have to

talk with Karel about it, because it will affect proofreading for a lot of older files.

plate Teller

Unfortunately, I have not been able to ultimately confirm that plate is a sort of armor, but since it is always

part of series like: steel boots, steel corslet, steel helm, steel PLATE, it most probably is an armor part, not a

eating utensil. If you have a context in which it appears otherwise, please forward to me.

medicine for curing plague Medizin zur Heilung der Pest

I thought this too at first, but we do not actually know if they are referring to the „Pest“ or to any plague, and

also, we would have to change many terms… Will talk on this with the project manager.

laguna collective Lagunen-Gemeinschaft

As I understand it, the laguna collective is a place, not an order or community, so I think Kollektive sounds a

little bit more general (allowing for a “location”-interpretation).

Suggestions for changing the glossary entries (less important)

star Stern


might kÃnnte

This is a problem: Might is of course Macht/Stärke/etc., but might is kÃnnte. The software in its standard settings

does not heed upper and lower case when inserting. Therefore, because it would lead to big problems if we had the

duplicate entry Might/might, I decided to leave Might in there and have translators (sorry for that) change it if

the meaning is incorrect.

party Fest

Same as above, this has to be adjusted by the translator.

brigands keep Brigantenfeste

Changed from BrigantenFeste to Briganten-Feste

spirit fox Geisterfuchs

Of course, this would sound better, but as stated in the guidelines, hyphens are employed with most compound terms.

Considering changing Geist- to Geister-.

toxin sacs Giftbeutel

I took this term (Giftsack) from another large MMORPG.

Suggestions for new glossary entries

Generally: This is actually what the ADD_NEW.pxf dictionary is for, so you can add terms which will then be

reviewed and incorporated into the main dictionary. Please refer to online instructions on how to do this.

blackwater gulch Schwarzwasser-Schlucht

This term should be in the MAIN GLOSSARY. Please check if you are really working with the latest version under


dark drake cave Dunkle DrachenhÃhle

miasma of bog Miasma des Moores

foxhill Fuchsberg

lunar well Mondquell

pavillion of the wave Wellenpavillon

“provision” – “Proviant”

Since we do not know if provisions refer only to edibles, we settled with


“construction” – Aufbau

“teleeye” – “Teleauge”

“mount jadeon” – “Berg Jadeon”

Please add the above terms to the Add_New glossary. THank you for your excellent participation.

So do you know how to add new terms? You Receive Add dictionary and set it as default, and then double click or mark with a mouse the term in source and target and click on “Commit to Dictionary” button above the working window. Or click on “rapid entry mode” if you want to edit them first.


And I forgot to mention that this is what he rights about your sample:

“I have assessed the two samples (3 and 4, correct?):

Both are very good, good style, good atmosphere, very good term solutions.

If wanted, they can have a look at (very few) comments I left in file samples3+4comments_.doc.

Here are my comments for the other suggestions, I also uploaded them (comments_dictionary_.doc)”

So very good! I am very happy for you 🙂 You can upload his comments on the Communication site (CS).


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