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HTML Webpage Design

Our main means of finding customers is through search engine optimization. This means that many of our webpages can be visited by many viewers (and we expect the amount of traffic to keep increasing over time). We would welcome if you could submit your nice samples to our DTP pages. Otherwise, if your price is not too high, you can also help us make some of our webpages prettier. Or if your price is too high for our internal budget, you might consider prettying up one or two of our pages in exchange for a link from that page to your own CV or profile page. This can divert customers and traffic directly to your pages, and help your pages improve in the web rankings. Generally we would like to have a different style for each of our pages. Sort of like visiting different rooms in a large house, where each room has its own style. It makes a walk through such a house more interesting, doesn't it? If you would be interested in this, please contact us and state which page(s) you would like to improve or work on, and send us some samples of your previous work.

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