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DTP and Web Design Services

After running a translation agency for over a decade and advertising for translators in many countries throughout the world, at one point it occurred to us that, while we are placing such advertisements, we might as well expand the ads to also look for other personnel who could work remotely and transfer their work to us through the internet (click here for a full description of such remote and external personnel). Usually we would only place such expanded ads in countries with lower costs, meaning that such personnel, and in turn we, are able to offer such services at a competitive price. We also use these programmers to develop our own pages and virtual office, so we already have experience putting together such project and can show you a demo of what we have created. By developing our virtual office, uploading office tasks to the web and utilising remote employees from around the world, we have streamlined our operations while expanding them so that it functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to discuss the possibility of us streamlining your operations in this manner, please feel free to contact us and explain to us your business.
Below you will find DTP and web design samples submitted by some of the personnel in our database, with a brief summary of their portfolio. You may enter their portfolio to view it in greater detail or to see some of their other samples, if submitted. In this way you can choose someone according to their style and price. We charge a low fee on top of whatever they charge, so if you would like to use any of their services, just instruct us their code number (shown with their portfolio) so that we can contact them. When developing more elaborate websites, we would often use different personnel, based on their skills in different programming languages. For example, one person can be strongest in .php, while another in Flash, others in html setup while others best on the graphics end. With our experience with each of them we can help you set up the most elaborate websites.
For each portfolio below, the price per hour is a general approximation and includes our own fee, for which reason it is only an estimate. A more accurate estimate would require us and your chosen person(s) to examine your project, the timeframe you want to accomplish it in, and decide whether more people will be required (to meet the time frame, divide up the project intentionally so that not only one programmer will hold the entire source code, or if it requires other languages your chosen person cannot handle well).

DTP and Web Design Samples

Portfolio no.: 5584

Programming languages: PROGLANG, ADO, ASP, COM/DCOM (Visual Basic), Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML/DHTML/XML, JavaScript, MS Front Page, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Basic, MySQL, PHP4, SQL, VBScript

Country of residence: Nepal, Kathmanu

Price per hour: 15$

Portfolio no.: 5794

Programming languages: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Country of residence: Russia

Price per hour: 15$

Portfolio no.: 6462

Programming languages: PROGLANG, MySQL, PHP4, Dreamweaver, HTML/DHTML/XML, JavaScript

Country of residence: Iran

Price per hour:

Portfolio no.: Zayed

Programming languages: Flash

Country of residence:

Price per hour:

Portfolio no.: 6596

Programming languages: QuarkExpress, Indesign, Adobe Photoshop

Country of residence: Egypt

Price per hour: 25$

Portfolio no.: 3449

Programming languages: PROGLANG, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML/DHTML/XML, Photoshop CS3, ImageReady3.0, MS Access, FrontPage, Illustrator

Country of residence: Oregon, USA

Price per hour: 30$

Portfolio no.: 7113

Programming languages: FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Indesign

Country of residence: Shenzhen, China

Price per hour: 35$

Portfolio no.: 8374

Programming languages: FrameMaker, Quark Xpress, InDesign, PageMaker, WebWorks, etc.

Country of residence:

Price per hour:

Portfolio no.: 517

Programming languages:

Country of residence: The Netherlands

Price per hour:

Portfolio no.: Czech Republic Camping Pictures

Programming languages: simple html and graphics work (Corel Draw and others)

Country of residence: Prague, Czech Republic

Price per hour: 5$ (my 13 year old son)

We have more than a thousand remote staff in our database and providing such work as above. The above samples are only from a select few. If you are a DTP, graphics or programming (HTML etc.) expert and would like to include your samples on these pages, please email us so that we can discuss this.


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