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001 Your Translations Service offers a full service of any type of job which can be transferred over the internet, such as translations, transcription/typing, programming, software development, graphics work and others. Click following for a full explanation of the services provided by our remote employee personnel.

We work with a global consortium of agencies located throughout the world so that we can draw from resources on the local level.
001 Your Translations Service is more responsible for the marketing end, primarily for the US market. We also specialise in search engine ranking and website optimisation.

Click following for a detailed list of the services we offer.
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Explanation of Translation Services

In providing a translation service, I found that things tended to develop in many directions. In the old days, before the advent of internet, a customer would come into the office, throw a document onto the table, we would fax that off to the translator (or they would pick it up), and we would hand the completed translation back to the customer in both printed and digital copy (the old format on floppies - heck, we have been around so long we even used the larger floppy disks, which truly are floppy and flexible!).
But even at this basic translation service level, already we might run into problems with translators who are used to working in different programs, such as AmiPro or Word Perfect as opposed to Word. The customer might like to work in Word, so the digital copy of the translation needed to be converted to that format.
In time, the internet came along and we could no longer rely on the translator to bring the translation already printed out, but we ourselves were forced to print out the translation before delivering it to the customer. And hence the very beginnings of our experience with desktop publishing. The translator might format the translation document on their computer, but if we use a different printer than they do, we would have to reformat everything before printing it out for the customer.
As we grew and as the internet enabled us, we would start to advertise for translators in other countries, so that we could better provide for the world languages that we offer. With the more than 210 languages that we now offer, we have calculated this to generate combinations and permutations totalling 65,000 for all the translation combinations between languages. For which reason we definitely needed to advertise for translators in other countries.
And while we advertised for translators in other countries, at one point we expanded those advertisements slightly to include a search for programmers, transcribers (typists), website designers, and all other jobs which can be transferred over the internet (refer here for a full list of our remote human resource jobs). And while we were compiling a database of programmers and website designers, we would employ them for our own needs. In the old days, when we would advertise for translators only through our local newspapers, the translators would call us by phone and we would manually write down their information, to be later punched into our translation database manually. Not only was this system rather cumbersome and costly in terms of resources and time, but it becomes rather impractical once we start to advertise for translators in other countries. One solution was to ask for a translator's CV, or ask them to fill in a questionnaire in a Word file, but copy/pasting this information into our translation database also proved cumbersome and time costly. Not to mention if the translator wanted to change their contact or other information. So we asked our programmers to develop an online translation database where new translators could register and old translators could log in to change their contact and other information themselves.
In any case, you can see how our knowledge, skills and resources have naturally grown over time, such that we now well understand desktop publishing requirements and have a rich abundance of human resources to help us with that. And while developing our website and the various programming scripts it might require, we have developed a good understanding of that as well, and have the backing of many qualified programmers so that we can offer you a sound service in this sphere (programmers who are located in less expensive countries, so our services in this area are as competitively priced as our translation service).
And while looking for customers, we have learned much about search engine optimization. The translation industry is extremely competitive, yet out of 110 million pages shown on google with the keyword search "translation service", we are in the top 20, and climbing steadily. So we can definitely help you out with this service as well.
And finally, an area which interests me the most, is logistics [ . Understanding how an organisation operates and think of ways to make things run more efficiently, applying the skills of my many programmers to write up scripts and automate many processes, like our online translation database application form or our internet based virtual translation office. I find this procedure towards an organisation's greater efficiency quite an interesting, challenging and creative process.
If there is anything you need help with, write us a note to see what we can do. We've been expanding in many directions and we have grown quite creative about it!