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Czech Republic Camping Pictures

A friend of mine once told me that he heard from several sources that the Czech Republic had the best biking trails on the planet. The trees are discretely marked with colour painted tags to mark the trail, and you can get great trail maps from may map stores (my favourite company is ShoCart).
As you will notice, my favourite area is Cesky Raj, where I have most of my online Cesky Raj maps. Through the links in this paragraph you will see a website I made for a tour I organised for a large group of people. The paths I designed for them I marked as pink dotted trails on the maps.

My kid helped design these pages. If you want simple html work done for you, I can train him for any task I know and he'll do it for 5 bucks an hour. I know how long various work should take, so I'd only charge you for that. If it takes him longer we'll consider it his free training session.

Eventually I'll try to put on these pages my pencilled comments rating the various pubs I discovered and frequented while I biked through the country.

We would check out various towns, or Czech Republic festivals, and always go for a walk in the forest next to the town as it was getting dark, setting up our tents so that we finished just about the time it got dark. So we never had a problem. Just make sure you remember the directions when stumbling back drunk in the dark! Every town had its magic, its great pubs, and sometimes great local musicians playing on the weekend. Really, you should get out of Prague. Prague is great but I'd say most of the country's charm is in the countryside. People in Prague have grown truly snotty, and from what the locals tell me out of the city, always have been. Although it is true that the occasional waiter will try to rip you off in the country as well, but there the prices are generally much cheaper in Prague, so it almost doesn't matter.

The pictures below are from my old digital camera, so kind of fuzzy it seems, unfortunately. I have a bunch more pictures I still need to add to these.


Luka pod Mednikem

Cerna Hora Brewery Festival

Stare Plzenec Brewery Festival

Velke Popovice Beer Brewery Festival

Machovy Jezero - Cesky Raj

Kutna Hora Medieval Festival

Hruba Skala - Cesky Raj


Hrad Tocnik - Medieval Festival

Cesky Krumlov Canoe Camping

Cesky Krumlov Canoe Camping 2

Cesky Krumlov Canoe Camping 3


Mala Skala

Komarovsky Rybnik

Prihrazy - Mala Skala 2



Mala Skala 3

Mala Skala 4

Mala Skala 5




The 2000+km that I rode through the Czech Republic was great, but I simply had to move on from there, as I got the travel bug and I need constant change. I went on to travel Europe and moved my translation business into a caravan truck. You'll find lots of pictures through those Eurotrip pages, or if you do not like to read, you can check out the Europe travel pictures here.

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