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Email Smtp Server Script Service

(January 26-30)


yesterday several people wrote to me that they received repeats of emails sent long time ago. About ten days ago, and the only reason why is I thought perhaps your mass email script was screwing up my Desknow smtp server. Anyway, I restarted the server and will see if I get more complaints. Have any ideas? This has not happened to me yet and the only thing that has changed on the server is when I started using your program. What smtp server are you using? Do you think it might be better to use Desknow's? Will let you know if I continue to get these complaints.

would it be possible to get your script to ignore faulty emails when sending? It seems to stop it in its tracks and ask for Debugging. You can imagine this can get annoying when I send to a large list, because I will have to erase the list up to that email address and manually continue sending. The ideal situation would be if your script could generate a failure report of which email addresses, but I guess that would be asking too much, eh?

I am training a project manager to help me answer my emails and a lot of it is set up, but it turns out that her internet provider does not give her smtp access directly from her computer. We are looking at different possibilities, and I thought of giving her access to Desknow's smtp server, but that would require giving her the username and password to my admin account, which I definitely do not want to do. What smtp service does your mass email script use? Can I set up a separate smtp service for her to act as a relay and which would require some sort of an authentication code (username and password)? Unfortunately, seems she has a dynamic IP address so I cannot use that for verification. Also, I just sent out a bunch of customer hunting emails using your mass email script but this time the debugger said there was some wrong syntax in an email address. I looked at all the email address closely and cannot find anything out of the ordinary. The debugger did not say which address, so I don't even know at which address the script stopped. Any ideas?

These fields are from temporary table (synchronization consists of several steps: copy data to temporary table with the same structure, then convert data to normal and insert/update to user-table).

the reason why I sent you that was because at some point I think my previous translator added a field and I was wondering if you took that into consideration with your script, but I think we did solve that, as I believe the field we added was the Nickname field. I was just sending you the fields of the User table just in case to make sure.

> Perhaps you need to monitoring your smtp-queue on server.

I would be interested in learning all this. Any tips? For example, another reason why it might be good to offer an smtp service to my remote employees is so that I can occasional peruse and control their responses, which I would not be able to do if they were responding to my mails using their own smtp server (unless they automatically BCCed a copy to me, which is how I have it set up now). I like to spot check their responses, as a means of quality control. It is important for me that people I hire to answer my emails do it in the proper and courteous manner. Does not there exist some smtp server software I can use? I looked in my Install directory and found some. I guess I'll try those, but wondering if you knew of any good ones.

Used smtp-server is writed in script. I don't remember, perhaps local host.

I sent you the .configuration that you had for your VBasic in your mass email script. Should I try that smtp server (you need to tell me how I can get into it to give Relay rights etc.) or try another one as per above?

Nice to hear from you again! Currently I'm a full-time contractor of, a remote job & workforce marketplace. Thank you for your offer, but unfortunately I can not accept it due to my contract and lack of time. Can I pass it along? I remember some of my friends were interested in translator's works.

I think I remember running into oDesk once. Is that the system where the client can see you working remotely, and see what you are doing on your monitor? Interesting system, and I was thinking of developing something similar. Certainly, feel free to pass on my email. I offer more than just translation work.

How do I"forward" when it is on my outlook????? The unreliable men did not come today, I am going our with Jana and will ask Pavel Cisarik to look at my beast. Please send my last message to Keta. Thank you

Your Outlook should have a big Forward icon, or go to the menu and look for Message, Forward, or something like that. Just follow logic. But if you are having problems sending out from your laptop/Outlook, you may have to copy/paste the email to your online Telus system.

please send this Keta. I think she is not getting my mails. You do. Pavel doew not get it either. I send cc to myself and I get it. I HATE COMPUTERS Send it to her and tell me where I send the salmon. I am little sick weather is awful I must have some slight infection. Was to go to the theater with Ciki and Standa, very much looked forward to this great performace and the actor was sick and performance cancelled. It is not going well this time. Too mucc of bad luck. Can not wait to be home. Write to me I miss you.

responding to your emails I read from my mobile. Your Windows XP is a cracked version, and I believe we were talking about this at the time, but I guess you didn't really understand or forgot. What kind of updates do you want? Be careful what that guy will do on your computer or you might find yourself having to reinstall everything. A new version of XP costs around 300 bucks. I thought I set it up to accept Updates. Or perhaps I did not install SP2 there. Anyway, anything is possible and we should email about what exactly you want to do before proceeding. I have a double crack which allows XP to download updates. I can give you instructions how to download it from me. For forwarding emails within your Outlook, there are, once again, several ways how you can go about this. One is to first read your mail online through your Telus account. If you see something there you want to forward, forward it then before you download it to Outlook on your computer. If you've already downloaded it onto your computer, and you want to forward any attachments, then you have to save the attachments somewhere to your computer (I usually use a folder I named Erase for stuff like this, so that I know I can occasionally erase its contents and don't have to keep it on my computer), and attach them to an email you prepare in your online Telus account. If you want to forward the contents of your email, simply copy paste the email into your online account. The thing about computers is they function on brutal logic, so you have to think on their level. Give them explicit instructions. They are not intuitive and cannot think for you, assuming what you intend to do. They simply follow your instructions and nothing more. So all you have to do is think very logically. The last option is to find out from your Czech internet provider what the smtp code is. Or like I said, once I get my smtp server running, I can let you use that, so that you can always use the same smtp settings whenever sending out email, no matter where you plug in your laptop. Whenever testing new smtp settings, it is a good idea to always send a letter to your Telus account and then check it online to make sure it is working. Do this before you start sending out a billion emails and assume everyone receives them. The reason why this smtp thing is complicated like this is because, for obvious reasons, no one wants their smtp service to be abused by spammers. You usually have to be hooked up to a certain internet provider directly, and then use their smtp settings to send out email through them. There are also smtp services available where you can send mail through them externally, but you usually have to pay for that service and they also usually make sure you are not a spammer, because if you are and you use anyone's service like this, their service can get on a blacklist and many people in the world will not receive emails sent from that service. That is why everyone is so careful about this and you need to know the secret settings for this. Hope you understand the world of computers better. It is a complicated tool, so you simple have to learn some basics, and hating it will not help. I cannot count the number of times I've wanted to throw my computer out the window, but I need it for work, so I had to learn tolerance, and then how to deal with it. You just need to learn some basics, and then learn how to problem solve, because there is always a way to get around a problem. I've learned so much because I could not afford to hire someone else to solve my billions of problems. Each time I had to learn how to solve it myself, although sometimes I would ask someone else. And each time I had to read the Help files etc., I learned lots of other useful things while trying to solve the problem. So if computers will be a major part of your life (although I guess not for you, since I guess you mostly only email), it is better to just learn as much as you can yourself, otherwise you will always be asking some kid across the street to solve every little problem for you. Hope this helps ya!


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