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Send German Project Sentence English

Please do not spread this on the internet or notify Transit in any way, as we do not want to jeopardize this version. It was quite expensive, but their free version is not working with the filter as it should.




I have one further question: How can I disable/enable tag protection?

I need to do this to clean out some hyphens that have slipped through.

Thanks for your help!



To turn off/on the tag protection, go to View -> Hide/Display Attribute.

You need to turn the Display Full Tags view on first when you want to turn off tags protection. Once you turn that on, the option to Turn off tag protection becomes available.

” Okay, thanks for your help! “So when I click on a segment and I have one number in the English part and two numbers in the German part, I have to fix it … ok, I’ll watch out for this one in the future.

If this happened to me again, how could I fix it?

Another question, just to make sure: Sometimes, the segments break sentences into parts. As German and English sentence structure is quite differnt, is it ok if I, for example, put the verb from the English segment one into the German segment two because it belongs there in the German sentence, as long as each English segment has exactly one corresponding (that is, highlighted) German segment?

I hope you understand what I mean …

I found an example:

Give the Ethyr Crystals OBTAINED from the Void Biters[10778] at Sea of Atlantis to Johnny[1541] at Atlantis Square.

Gebt den Ethyr Kristall, den Ihr vom Leere°°°Beißer [10778] im Meer von Atlantis ERHALTEN HABT, an Johnny[1541] am Atlantis°°°Marktplatz

I capitalized the verb in both sentences. They are in different segments in the different languages but nonetheless, each English segment corresponds to exactly one German segment.


So I finally managed to install Transit and everything looks good now.
Now the last thing I need to know is how to open the assigned file via Transit.



Well, the raw file should not have a mismatched segment. Very likely what happened was that you hit Enter when translating the sentence.

To fix it… try right clicking on the segment and choose “Join Segment with Next”. It will ask you to confirm and then mention something about doing it on both sides. Confirm but ignore that message. You don’t touch the original, period.

Sometimes Transit would not allow you to choose Join Segment with Next. We don’t know why. In that case you need to go to Options -> Alignment -> Start. If you want to learn more, just play with that but make sure you don’t save. Or make a back-up and then restore the files.

It’s really best if you’re careful with the segments in the first place. Fixing one is easy, but if there’s 20 of them scattered all over the place, it’s time consuming to find them all.

For your other question, it’s okay to switch the word order. The important thing is that the whole section as a whole makes sense and is correct. You will also need to make sure that the total number of segments in that section stays the same. If the sentence was broken down into 3 segments, then the translation needs to be in 3 segments.

So yes, your example is correct.


Ok, thanks a lot for your comprehensive answer. Then I know what to avoid and what to do if it should happen again in spite of all carefulness.

I will watch out for that very carefully from now on, promised 😀




Please, check 281-282 file. The file which says it consists them doesnt have them inside.


Hi again!

For …

an error & problems file…



Start Transit. You’ll see the splash page (title page). Then it asks you which project to open.

The 4th option is Receive External Project. Select that. If you look for my post back from the 24th, there’s a screenshot of that.

Next, it will ask you where to find the project file. Point Transit to that file. It will ask you to confirm stuff. It’s easier to just confirm the defaults, but if you want you can change the working directory and project name.

You’re now have opened a new project. Now go to File -> Open -> Language Pair. You should see 05_part_283 there. Pick that.

Now you can start working. At the top left you should see 1 2 3 4 5. Those are window display types. Pick the one you’re most comfortable with. There’s also the View menu, and I recommend that you actually go to Hide/Display menu and display full tags and segment markers. But hey, pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Just be careful that you don’t mess the tags.


Is it a full list of the notes you have?


New translators started delivering their files. We need to make quality control of them. We understand, you have really much to do, so we ask to assess them other proofreaders.But there is one translator we want to pay more attention to. Overall it seems she is real professional, but we can’t know it for sure. She has completed one file I attach. It has to be spotchecked anyway. So let’s resolve 2 issues at once. Please, proofread it(then upload it to FS as proofed) and make a list of comments/advices for her and send it on OT. Also we would like to know your impression of her work.



it is all I have for now. Shall I send a list after having tranlsated the whole file?



Please, when you complete at least 2-3 pages of the first file you were assigned, save the uncompleted project and send it to me. We’ll send it to one of the proofreaders of the project, he’ll check it and make comments for you. Please, understand that we don’t cast doubts on your skills, but every particular project has its own features and the only one reason we want to do it, is to help you.
Of course when you complete translating you can also send your comments.


Great it worked!!! I managed opening the file.
I’ll start working on it tomorrow and believe to finish it by tomorrow evening.
Thanks soooo much for your help everyone!!!

Have a good night



New translators started totranslate. We need to make quality control of what they do andprovide them some instructions/advises if something is wrong. Herewith I attach a completed file of one of them. As it will need a spotcheck anyway, please,proofread it and upload to FS. Additionally, create a list of comments for translator and send it to me.

P.S. What is concerned your payment, I’ll ask Karel about it tomorrow.


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