[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Translated Add Segment Terms

Your next file:
05_part_308 (3,882)
Download link:

Please confirm


Many thanks for your fast reply, I confirm the receipt of the two assigned files and estimate completion of the first one (05_part_287) lastest on Tuesday morning. Then will continue with the second one and estimate to finish it on late Thursday.

N.B. Don’t know what happened with the missing notification because my system settings are appropriate to get all your mails.


thank you for the new file, I downloaded it and will start translating it tonight.

Best Kalle


, dea Vlaeriia

I would be happy to join your team. My rate for translation is $0.05, I can do 8000 words a week.

Please find below the required answers to the questions.


* what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?

If I am uncertain which translation is I look into the glossary first. If I do not have enough information, I translate it (and mark it as Translated) but put a + sign at the end of the segment. If I have no idea how to translate the term, I leave it untranslated and put a + sign at the end of the term. I write a separate note telling you what I am unsure of and where to find it and upload it together with the file later.

* how do we deal with hyphens when translating?

For this project, I must NOT use hyphens at all. They should be replaced by °°°, both in the files I translate and in the glossary. If I do not want to type it in again and again, I create a macro for inserting the °°° instead.
To record a macro in Transit, I go to Options->Record macro->Choose the keyboard shortcut and macro name-> go to target segment and I type °°° -> go back to Options ->Stop recording macro.

* how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?

I can add a glossary though Project > Settings >Termstar. After having Received it. I can find it in the Glossary folder http://translationstop.com/files/ . I download the relevant glossary an d my kanguage .pff file and Recive it into Transit.
I should set the Add diccionary as the default one, because the dictionary terms are added here, pressing the Commit to Diccionary button. If I add terms to other diccionaries, they will not be added to the main glossary.

* how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text from the fuzzy window? (ALT 2 jumps without transferring the contents.)

I mark a segment as translated pressing ALT INS to jump to the next segment, the shortcut to transfer the text from the fuzzy window is ALT ENTER

* what is the rule for quotation marks?
I do not have to use double quotes (“), but if I see it in the English source, for those segments I may use them

* how do you deal with Chinese characters when you get to them?
I must not touch them

I hope I could answer all the questions satisfactorily.




Here is your first assignment:
05_part_306 (3,204)

Download link:

Please confirm


I am happy to join yout team, and i confirm the receipt of my first assignment.



now I uploaded these files again, including the missing 181-182 files.

told me you need the work time from all my work in this project. Here an overview:

Part 170: 60 minutes
Part 171: 55 minutes
Part 172: 45 minutes
Part 173: 30 minutes

File 207-209
Part 207: 165 minutes
Part 208: 135 minutes
Part 209: 195 minutes

Excel-Work: 75 minutes

Spot-checking for file 05 part 253, 256, 261, 266, 281, 282
Together: 90 minutes



I attached the notes of 05_part_310_to_314 as a .txt file. I’ve included a few suggested entries for the glossary.

Would you be so nice as to explain how I can add terms to the glossary myself in Transit? I could not find the “ADD_NEW” file that is mentioned in the guidelines and did not want to mess around with the German_Main file.



Sophie, the spotchecked files 281 and 282 that you sent are identical to the un-spotchecked files that we sent. Down to the timestamp.

Are you saying that as far as you can tell from the spotchecking, you did not find anything wrong with the file?

We want to make sure, because the other possibility is that you accidentally sent the original files instead of the finished files.



Please find attached the first translated part of the file. I have left some sentences open with a + sign at the end which I am not sure if they are correctly translated. Please after checking it get back to me with the results so that I can implement all issues for future files.


Gerald, when you’re done with the next file, please Open a new Ticket. We’re closing this one to reduce clutter.

In the meanwhile, I’m happy to pass this from the spotchecker.
Gerald, welcome aboard.

I was tasked with proofreading your first file (05_299) and sending you some feedback.

I am happy to say that there is not much feedback necessary, because your translation was very good.

One minor remark:

sometimes, you inserted commas at the beginning of a segment (e.g. “, während ich das hier alles durchsuche.”) In these cases, make sure there is no space before the comma, so it comes right after the previous word without a space.

Best regards, and keep up the good work!



I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

Christian, if the situation turns worse and you can’t take the time from your family, please let us know. Also, in the event that you absolutely can’t leave the family emergency to send us a note, we’ll wait until Wednesday before reassigning the file.

Once your family emergency is resolved, please let us know and you can either resume or pick up a new assignment as appropriate.


Hi, Kalle

Add_New_German is packed as a separate file. It’s an empty dictionary, so it’s a small download. You can find it at the same place you downloaded the main glossary.


When you want to add a new terms, deselect the main glossary, add the “Add_New_German” glossary, and add the terms. Save everything, then do a Send and make sure the Send Dictionary box is checked.

You can actually have both glossary open when working. It’s just that if you send them both, you’ll be sending a big glossary file that we already have. That’s why we ask you to deselect the main glossary first. You can add it back when you’re done Sending the file to us.


I finished the assigned file. I send it but I am not sure if it worked.

Can you please confirm receipt?




I actually don’t see your uploaded file. Go to http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html, In the lefy black column click “Upload TR”. Then using the form in the bottom right corner attach your file and click upload. Then you can check if your file was saved using the option “Check upload” in the menu to the right from the black column.

Give it a try


New file is up, remarks attached.



The file you have sent me looks like completely translated, not taking into account the segments with + marks. So we can send it for proofreading to get rid of “+” and classify it as complete then. Am I right?
If not, please, correct me.


And I received 296.


, we have a 05_276_DEU.PXF uploaded to our TR site, but as far as I can tell, this is the same file we gave you in the first place.

Did you upload it? If you did, why did you send back an untranslated file?

I’m assuming that you sent the wrong file. To send the correct file, first start Transit. Make sure that you actually finished translating and save the file.

Then go to Project -> Send. Select where you want to save the file. Save. Transit will automatically select all the files you have worked on and save it as an TXF file.

Upload this file.

Oh, you should always put your name in the file name. It lets us figure who the file belongs to quickly.



There is an assignment for you concerned spotchecking. The files I want you to spotcheck were translated by a new translator. She left some + marks, the main thing we ask you for is to get rid of them. These are very small files, except 310-it consists about 1500 words. Try not to spend more than 15 min for it. 2 other files have around 200 and 500 words. We can affort 5-10 min for them. Also there is one file with 1 and another with 28 words. Please, proceed them as fast as you can. Then upload to FS.
And one more thing. Please, create a list of comments/advices for the translator. And let us know your impression of her work.
Link to files: http://translationstop.com/files/Proofreading/German/05_310-314_DEU_for_spotting.PXF
Translator’s comments: http://translationstop.com/files/Proofreading/German/05_part_310_to_314_DEU_Kalle_notes.txt

” Should be the translated .txf file. Will check… “Sorry, my bad. Just put up the right file. (-;


The files which I sent to you have been spotchecked by me and I didn’t find mistakes there. I guess that also explains why they were not included in the first file: if they are unchanged, Transit does not include them in txf files.

Sophie” Cool. Thanks.

Yes. But I still would like to have the comments about all of it, ok?


Of course you will get them. That is the reason why we are doing it.


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