[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

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your question is forwarded to . You’ll get the reply soon.


Thank you very much for your explanation. Transit seems less and less confusing … if it would do what I want …

I have now opened my first file, my language pair and the correct Dictionary. However, when I go to Edit, I cannot click on Insert Term From Dictionary and I do not have any line saying Insert All Terms From Dictionary.

Is there any magical word I have to say before Transit works for me, or am I overlooking some important fact?

I am sorry that I have so many questions but now that I know theoretically how it works, it is just frustrating that it does not seem to work …

However, I am quite confident that I can work with Transit once it does what I want. After having spent two days figuring out the various functions, I think it might not be that confusing and slowing down as I thought in the beginning.

I promise this will be the last question before I can finally start working. As soon as I can insert the dictionary terms, I will beginn the translation.


, you should follow the instructions to a T and then you would probably have much fewer problems. My guess is that you did not attach the glossary to your translation project through Project > Settings, and since there is no dictionary attached, it has nothing to Insert…


My operating system is windows xp professional and I actually saved it in C:/
I have administrative rights. I did not install anything I just downloaded Transit from the FTP server.

Thank you for your help
Lee” The instructions for XP actually say that you should let it install in the default directory of Program Files, although I do not know if this is a crucial difference, but it may be. When you expand the zip file into a separate folder, then select the folder and press ALT ENTER, how many mb size does it say the folder is?

I just tried to sent files 05 281 and 05 282 as txf files via Transit.
Can you please confirm the receipt of the files with the German translation.
In the previous project, sending via Transit never worked and I used to zip my translations and sent them as an email to Karel.

New files can be assigned.
Isabell” Are you sure you downloaded the entire zip file? Potentially sounds like a partial download and that some files are missing when you try to unzip.


Try to do following steps:

1)Unzip the file you uploaded.
2)Enter the folder “Transit XV”
3)Go to the folder “Transit” and find .exe file “setup.exe”
4)Make doubleclick on the setup.exe

The setup process will start. Then you simply follow the instructions.



Now take these files:
Total words 8478

Download links:

Please confirm



I have followed the instructions on how to receive and open a file in Transit. However, there are NO instructions on how to attach a dictionary to a project and there are NO instructions on inserting all dictionary terms before translating either.

If you do a step by step instruction for your translators, you probably should not exclude such a crucial step and later on tell your translators who ask that they should read the instructions.

To your information, I do not have the function Project > Settings in Transit.

So, if you still think my problems would be solved by me simply reading the instructions, I tell you that I have read the instructions several times the past days and that I will not read them another time just to come to the same conclusion: There is no solution for my problem in the Transit instructions.

I have invested much of my time for this project and if you cannot or will not tell me how to fix my problem with the dictionary without telling me over and over again to read the instructions (which I have done), then you better assign the files to someone else as I am not prepared to spend even more time with this programme without getting it to work properly.


Ok! Files received. I think I will have finished them by Monday at the latest.


we are trying to streamline the instructions better, but a few days ago I updated them with the link Procedures, which you should find in the middle of the page once you click on Guidelines. That should explain everything in step by step format. We are presently trying to make the instructions easier, but I believe everything is there.
When you have Transit running you should definitely have Project in the top menu, although Settings might not be in the submenu if you do not have any project open.


Make sure you are folowing NEW upload instructions. Please, also read carefully NEW language guidelines. The procedures has changed since JD.
This information you can find in project Guidelines here: http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html. You can upload you files here as well.
Let me know you when you upload your files and I’ll give you knew task right away.



I have my project open and still do not have Settings in the submenu. That’s what I’m getting frustrated with. I have done everything as explained in the instructions and still it does not work as it should. And then you answer that I should read the instructions … guess what I have done.

Do you really think I spend so much time with a new project without properly reading the instructions (and reading them again when I have questions before asking you)? I am no college student trying to make some fast extra money but a professional translator earning my living with this. So it would be nice if you would treat me like one.


well that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this error. Did you download the full paid version and not the 18mb free version? Perhaps that version does not have settings under Projects (and that version cannot be used for these projects). In my full paid version I have not even Received (imported) a project and yet I still see Settings under the Project menu. We have exactly the same program (assuming you installed the full version), and I cannot imagine why our menu structures would be different.


I uploaded my files / at least I hope it worked. At the bottom it said the upload was successful but I can’t see my files in the list.
Is there any way you can check if my files arrived correctly?


Like what
said, we don’t know.

As of yesterday, the client still has not given us final approval on Jade Dynasty. Maybe they’re still doing their own checking. We don’t know.

On the other hand, I have not heard about any complaints either. So let’s hope that in this case no news is good news.


I just saw my translations. For a strange reason, it saved it as copy of 05 281 and 282 despite my saved name isabellscherg and so on…
So just let me know if you will be ok with this name for this time and I have to check why it showed me the path in the browse window but only saved a small part of the name on the check list….
If this is confusing, I will save my files again and upload them again…but you might get confused with too many files..
Let me know what you prefer and thanks for your support.



then probably that’s the problem. No, I do not have your paid version as your answer to my question were to find it was not helpful at all and I decided to try out the free version if you were not helping me.

Your download information is the following:

Transit paid version download

You can download the software (Transit_XV.zip) by FTP from:

DS FTP – only download:

FTP location:

Username: downloadsonly

Password: kenax1234

Sorry that I have no clue whatsoever where to find your version with this information. I would not have asked if the answer would have been so simple as to just read the email again. Mind you, I spent approximately two hours trying to find out where to download it. I am a translator and not an IT expert so it would have been much more easy if you would just have provided a link.

If you can provide me with the link where I can download your paid version, I will give it a last try. Otherwise, that’s it for me because apparently my free version does not work as needed.


yes, that is correct, and I believe I wrote it somewhere. In any case, my main project manager (PM) who was in charge of nursing the translators has quit with no notice because she got accepted into some school. She is still helping a few hours a day but hardly enough to help everyone get on board, and since I recently approached a lot of translators, there is a lot of nursing required. But I have hired 3 new PMs and they are slowly learning the ropes.
Based on some feedback I have tweaked the download instructions for the full paid version. Let me know if it helps. You do NOT download through a browser. FTP is something totally different, as I believe I explained below. It is not practical to download such large files by http (browser), which is why I set it up this way.

Hope it helps

Transit paid version download

You can download the software (Transit_XV.zip) by FTP from:

DS FTP – only download:
FTP location:
Username: downloadsonly
Password: kenax1234

There are many free FTP programs you can use, such as Total Commander (http://001yourtranslationservice.com/computer-tips/Total-commander-help.html – CTRL F to set up new FTP account, once log in, space button to select the file you want to download, then F5 to download to your computer. You can resume download if your internet connection is severed).
From the above you will also find other programs as support – mostly to help your computer run faster and better.

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