[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary German Project Proofreading

This sounds like a Send before Save issue.

When you change something (e.g., correcting) and then you Send the file, Transit does not created a .TXF based on the corrected version in the memory. Instead, it grabs the old version from the harddisk and creates the TXF based on that. When you close Transit, it then asks you if you want to save. You’d say yes, and your .DEU is now up-to-date. But not your .TXF

To make sure that both the TXF and the .DEU is up-to-date, you need to save before you hit Send.

Anyway, I got the up-to-date version, and it checks out. I’m deleting the old version from the server.

Ummm, what’s your availability for the rest of the week and the next?


I just re-uploaded it (“05_174…redone”). Please delete the other one.


Hi there

I read all the Instructions and Project Guidelines. As you mentioned, I was working on JD and am familiar with Transit.

Give me about 3000+ words for the weekend so I can get familiar with the project and go hard from next week on.

awaiting your reply


I’m still working on the 266, 267 and 268 file. This will still take some time.



And now let’s take the next step:
You are assigned with the file
05_part_283 2,518(Total word count)

You can download file from here:


If there any question you are very welcome to ask.

Please let us know when you think file will be done.

Please confirm!


Maybe this was the reason.
Except this Sunday, I´m available this week and the next.




Before you get your first assignment, please, answer the questions below, so that we could make sure you understood everything right.


* what are the procedures if you are not certain of your translation?
* how do we deal with hyphens when translating?
* how do you attach a glossary to a project and transfer the terms into your translation?
* how do you mark a segment as Translated and what is the shortcut key to transfer the text from the fuzzy window? (ALT 2 jumps without transferring the contents.)
* what is the rule for quotation marks?
* how do you deal with Chinese characters when you get to them?



go ahead and translate this file :)!


– use + to make the proof reader aware of uncertainty
– .hhh or .°°°
– download the latest glossary from the glossary folder, receive the glossary pxf file, import it, and open the assigned project. Once I open my language pair to start working on the translation and insert all terms from the dictionary.
– Alt Ins to mark translated and Alt enter for fuzzy
– try not use quotations marks, only if they are in the English segment
– leave Chinese segments untouched

Isabell” Note to everyone. Ulrich actually meant 274, not 174.

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Here is your assignment:

05_part_286 2,663 (Total word count)

Please download file form here:

Please let us know, when you think file will be done.

Please confirm.


Don’t use .hhh. anymore. Hyphens are strictly °°° now. There’s no dot before °°° either.


You can also look at the glossary for similar terms, but yes, if you aren’t sure, mark it with +.



If there any questions, you are very welcome to ask.

Here is your first assignment:

05_part_281 568 (Total word count)
05_part_282 2,102 (Total word count)

Please download files form here:


Please confirm and let us know when you think the files will be done


Thank you very much.
Unfortunately I unpack the file, but cannot open the 05_part_283 file.
Where is the problem here?



Hi, Sophie, we need your help again.

There are 5 Excel files and 5 comments from vettors here. They’re mostly about + signs. Please spend some 15 minutes on each file and get those pluses taken care. If there’s time left, spot-check them too for any obvious problems.



Here is your first assignment:
05_part_297 1,221
05_part_298 1,399

You can download files from here:


Please confirm and let us know when you think files will be ready.

If you have any question you are very welcome to ask.


, we need you to do some spotchecking.





As you have heard from Karel, the client doesn’t budget money for proper proofreading, so it’s only being spotchecked. Meaning some 10-15 minutes per file.

The latest glossary is still 21 June, which you should already have.


Hell Claudia

How the answers are going? Additionally, I can refer you here:

But if there is something else I can help you with, you are very welcome to ask.


First, let’s check the filesize to make sure that it finishes downloading. It should be 325 KB (to be exact, 333,193 bytes). If it’s the right size, let’s move on to my next guess.

By “unpack” do you mean you used winzip/winrar or a similar decompression program to decompress 05_283_DEU.PXF?

You probably shouldn’t. Once the project is set-up and the directory created a straight unpack can be useful for some situation, but for now do the following instead.

Start Transit. Pick “Receive an External Project”. Pick 05_283_DEU.PXF (or whatever the file name is). Accept.

There. Now if you go to File -> Open -> Language Pair, you should see 05_part_283 as a valid choice.

You can also do this from within Transit. Go to Project -> Receive and select the file you want to “receive.”

Transit will unpack the file and place the components in the appropriate folders.

If this isn’t the problem you’re facing, please give me a more detailed description. What is the error message, if any? If necessary, send screenshots. It’s hard to diagnose a problem when all we get is “I can’t open it.”


I will leave my office now but will download tomorrow morning and report back to you asap.
please let me know the name of the updated glossary.
there is one with .zip????


I confirm spotchecking and estimate it´ll be done by tomorrow noon.


The current glossary is

The glossary will always have a date. You should always use the latest you can find.

The one with .zip in the name contains the same info as the PXF. However, the PXF works for Transit. The zip file contains the Excel file version of the glossary. We recommend using the PXF, but feel free to download the Excel file as a reference only.



Please find link for correct Glossary:


Have a good day



reception of assignment confirmed. I’ll get back to you with an estimated completion date.



The comments are for file 3. But it’s no problem, I just look for the red marks in the Excel files.
Shall I remove the red marks after correction?



, I’m sorry, I have the correct comments!!!



I won’t be lying to you: if you write though
you will get an answer much faster.

DS FTP – only download:
FTP location:
Username: downloadsonly
Password: kenax1234

There are many free FTP programs you can use, such as Total Commander.
From the above you will also find other programs as support – mostly to help your computer run faster and better.


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