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Dictionary Work Files Proofreading German

Ok, now here’s the list of what I have :
The main folder is Transit_XV and the subfolders are:
Transit Extras

Now each of those folders has a variety of subfolders and aplications but It would take too much time to name them all. I hope this gives you an idea of what package I have.


That list is the content of the install CD.

There are several things that you can try here:
1. Burn all those files on a CD and then run Transit_XV.exe from the CD.
2. Unzip everything to a directory and then run Transit_XV.exe from there.

I don’t know if these two options will work, but it’s worth trying, because the 3rd option is a bit more complex.

3. Rename Transit_XV.zip to Transit_XV.iso. Download and run the ISO software from the same FTP site. Load the Transit_XV.iso via the ISO software. Burn a CD or mount a virtual CD drive via the ISO software and start the install from there.

The ISO software is probably MagicISO. I used Daemon Tools myself to mount a virtual CD, but really, try option 1 and 2 first and hope they work. Because I am not familiar with MagicISO.


I received the file

Can you just confirm for me that the main dictionary is called Video.German_Main2 and the add dictionary is add_new German?

Like I stated above I will be busy over the next days with an existing assignment, but should be able to return the file 05_part_278 by Tuesday night.

Thank you very much


Not quite.

The glossary is the one coming from Glossary_DEU_21Jun.PXF. I named it Video.German_MAIN but Transit will automatically rename things when there’s already a previous file with the same name.

You very likely has an old Video.German_MAIN. Probably back from Jade Dynasty. It is not necessary to delete the old dictionary as long as you are careful to always associate the current dictionary with your project file. However, I recommend deleting the old dictionary to prevent clutter.

The delete a dictionary file, go to Options -> Database Administrator -> Expert. Select the dictionary you want to delete (it’s probably in Termstar Received tree) and then hit Delete.



before I start translating and do anything wrong, I just want to confirm that I found the right instructions:

Is it right that I insert the terms from the dictionary by pressing ALT ENTER at the beginning of a new segment? And do I have to open the dictionary too next to the file I want to translate?

I’m sure that this is explained somewhere in the guidelines but although I spent several hours studying them, I’m not sure about this important point. Maybe you could clarify this in the guidelines as it is a crucial point for the project. I’m confident that I’m able to start translating once this point is clarified as the guidelines help with other matters once you have found the right page to look it up.

Thank you very much!


Thank you for your message. I have been very busy today with urgent jobs from repeat clients. I apologize for not answering the questions yet, but I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding and help!




I know you are facing some technical difficulties now.
Sorry about that, I am sure you will make it through with the help of our experienced PM.

When you done, please familiarize yourself with the file and let me know when you think it will be finished.




Then I hope to hear from you soon.
And we are here to help you with your questions if you have any.

” Ok, I’ll have to try this, but I am not sure if this will work. It is getting pretty complicated and I am a linguist, not a computer specialist. Is there no other way to receive the software? “To :
I have taken a look at the file (only comparison) you sent me. I did not do a full proofread (because that would take lots of time, but skipped through it and left some “exemplary” comments. I have to say that both the translator really was lazy in many respects, especially proofreading their own translations, which should be a STANDARD PROCEDURE!! All translators have also been asked to do a spellcheck, which most certainly has not been done. The proofreader changed some things that didn’t need/shouldn’t have been changed. Generally the proofreader spotted many mistakes but could also use a dose of accuracy and dictionary/project familarity.
I hope they will both take another look at the file. We really can’t have translators turning in LAZILY done work. Everyone makes mistakes, and we can all learn daily, but we cannot afford such extreme proofreading efforts.



Karel considered your difficulties and tried to find the most simple solution. Please try to do following:

-Download the zip file (or find it downloaded)
-Right click on the file and unzip it into a folder
-Go into the folder and navigate to the file Transit_XV.exe
-Double left click on that and let it run.

We look forward to receive your feedback if that was helpful.


Since repetitions file is very important, please, proofread 01_reps_alpha properly. It is really necessary to get your quality control for this file.



, I’ll start with the proofread tomorrow. Is it possible to have a Transit version of the file already proofed by ?

, I’ll update the glossary as soon as possible. Are there any comments/additions/Add_New waiting to be integrated? After that I would very much like to take on some translation work for the weekend. I’ve attached Sebastians comments file with my comments.


No, you’re mixing up fuzzy match and dictionary.

A dictionary is a list of terms. It’s the glossary file we provided. To insert terms from the dictionary, you can use Alt-T or go to Edit menu and select Insert Terms (Alt T) or Insert All Terms from Dictionary.

Fuzzy match is a feature of Transit. Transit remembers previous translations. If a segment is the same or very similar to a past translation, fuzzy match finds the past translation and offers it to you.

E.g., Suppose we have the English sentence
The Underground Pyramid is guarded by Dark Mummies.

The glossary very likely has a translation of Underground Pyramid and Dark Mummies. A fuzzy match though, will try to find a match for the entire sentence. It may not find anything right now, but once you translate that sentence and save the file, it will be able to translate the same sentence with a single keypress.

Neither are perfect. No software right now can handle context, for example. But that’s why we need a professional translator.


Karel weighs in. Here’s his email.
I’ve made it real simple. They download the zip file, right click on the file and
unzip it into a folder. Go into the folder and navigate to the file Transit_XV.exe.
Double left click on that and let it run. Do NOT left double click on the zip file
and do the above. It won’t work. If this works send my above instructions back to
me and I’ll update the instructions on the web.

Please let us know whether you got it to work.


I downloaded the files and the glossary but I can’t receive the glossary but get a sentence
The Database Termstar does not exist. Create it first and repeat the procedure.
How can I create a database Termstar?



Please go to:

Please “Project Guidelines” at the top left.

Please find a press:German guidelines for BOI.

Please read the text and find the answer.



Please go to http://translationstop.com/files/pindex.html

At the top left please press “Project Guidelines”

Please find and press: German guidelines for BOI

Here you will find a lot of useful information, including an answer for your question.


this is the link to ‘s proofread 01_alpha_reps.


There are no Add_New for some reason, but there are plenty of comments (.doc) files. I’ll zip them together later and send it in a separate post later. Question, how are you going to get the context for the comments? You can download the .txf from the TR folder, I suppose, and the original English from the BOI/German site, but if you need some specific file, just let me know.


You should have a Termstar database by default. It comes with the install. Did you delete the whole Termstar database instead of individual old dictionaries?

No matter, let’s make a new one.

Go to Options -> Database Administrator -> Wizard

Select New dictionary or database. Hit Next.

Select Create new database. Hit Next.

Use the browse button to pick a directory where you’ll be putting the database file. By default this is /Transit XV/DB/

That’s good enough. We can use the default directory. Just type in Termstar in the filename field. Hit Save. Hit Next. Hit Next again.

Now put a checkmark in the create empty database without dictionary box. Hit Finish.

You have a Termstar database now. Just repeat the Receive process.

If you have any other problem, please let us know.


Yet another quality inspection task.


This is a file from Jade Dynasty. Please take five minutes and give us an assessment of the translation quality.

Also, since the client isn’t allocating money for proofreading, our previous estimate regarding proofreading work is off. Instead of full proofreading, we’re just doing spotchecking. If we want to keep you busy, we’ll have to assign you translation work too. How many words are you comfortable with per day again?


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