[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Merged Glossary Terms Update Segments

Please rename your May14 glossary into ULTIMATE_GLOSSARY.xls
Open it.
Then download this file: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/uploadedfiles_001/PR/001_JD.repair/JM%20-%20Merged_sec1-7_for_TerminologyMacro27459.zip
It is the merged file. You use this file as a reference to the file you work on.

Open it, and when Excel asks you if to update values, click “update”. The glossary with the new name needs to be open. It may take several minutes for you computer to calculate the macro in such a long file. Just wait patiently.

If it works, you will see “correct” in the rows 1, 15, 19 etc, while where are the Chinese characters you will see N/A.

Now, Jean

by mistake was applying changes to this file itself, instead of working on the usual files. As result, until row 28161 everything is correct. If your file is before that, you need to compare the translation in your file to translation of Jean

, and use his, updating your file when necessary. Don’t forget, that merged file is edited to be used with macro, therefore the cells should be kept as they are in the usual file.

For example, if in the usual file you see “<Unreal>Dragon Helm”; while in merged file there is just “Dragon Helm”, what should be in the file you deliver is the complete combination – “<Unreal>Dragon Helm”. The merged file is just to speed up terminology search.

After line 28161 it is how I explained – if the term is correct – you see “correct”, if not correct, you see “wrong”.

Again, until line 28161 “correct” term doesn’t mean it is correct in your file – you need to check (JM was repairing the merged file by mistake).

Please, download, rename, try and tell me if it works.

Your files are section 6.


Update – I suggest to just skip the spellchecking, just keep an eye out for mispellings.



One more thing.

When you open the merged file, it may first show all formula responses as N/A. then, after long thinking it may open a message saying some links may need to be edited (Edit Links conversation box). There select “Change source” and find where is your newly renamed glossary file. Click it, and it will think few more minutes. then the “correct” responses should appear.



It works
The files from section 1 look alright.



Karel assigned me a part of 05_reps. I expect to have it done by Friday night.

A few question came up — Karel asked me to repost them here:

1. If I understand your earlier instruction correctly: is it ok to translate partial sentences when they are easy to guess? For example, there are many segments like “in the Realm of Dreams”. Of course, I will leave segments untranslated when they don’t really make sense out of context, but many are easy to guess.

2. Many segments that only contain numbers in brackets (likely coordinates) and square brackets (not sure what these are). Should I just mark them as translated?

3. Tag question: There are segments like “You can go through {hMophis”. I guess the word(s) after the {h are formatted somehow. Now, for the German word order it will often be necessary to have words *after* the word marked in this way, like “Ihr könnt durch {hMophis dorthin gelangen” (verbs often come last in German, otherwise it sounds awkward). Now I was wondering whether everything behind {h will be marked in a specific way, so adding words behind the {hWord might be a problem/mess up the layout?

” , forget about the reps file. Sebastian will be handling that instead.

“Did you manage to use the macro?
If so, maybe the other proofers can use it and take more files.



Thanks for the instructions. It took my computer quite some time to update the file but apparently everything’s ok now. I did find ‘correct’ in rows 1,15 and 19.

I also opened file 6a and started looking for the corresponding rows in the merged file. I think I have found the right ones. First row of file 6a corresponds to row 48623 of the merged file.

I am in charge of files 6abcd, is that right?
Is there anything else or can I start working on it now?



If you are available, please try this:
Please rename your May14 glossary (the most recent glossary we are using) into ULTIMATE_GLOSSARY.xls
Open it.
Then download this file: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/uploadedfiles_001/PR/001_JD.repair/JM%20-%20Merged_sec1-7_for_TerminologyMacro27459.zip
It is the merged file. You use this file as a reference to the file you work on.

Few words about this file and formula:
The formula recognizes an English term, checks if it exists in the glossary, and checks if the French translation in the glossary is identical to the one in the file. If identical, it gives “correct” message in the cell where the formula is pasted (in column C), if not identical – gives “false” message, and if the term is not found in the glossary – gives N/A error message.

There is one problem with that. The formula can recognize only a “naked” term, without any additional syllables, spaces, gender signs, brackets and all other stuff that was abundant in these files. What we did, was to merge files from sections 1-7(efg) to one single file, and cleaned it from all additional things, leaving only the terms in the cells. We deleted gender signs, brackets, and even whole words to make sure the more difficult terms can be recognized. For example, if there was “<Scroll>Horrific Intervention”, we deleted the <Scroll> so that “Horrific Intervention”, which is more difficult to translate would be identified by the formula.
We cleaned both English and French columns and pasted the formula in column C.

Then what will be necessary to do, is to take file, for example 5a, Ctrl+F for something that wouldn’t repeat in other files, like a whole sentence, in order to find file location in the merged file. Then, you will need to go over the 5a, using merged file as reference for terms which differ from entries in the glossary. You will need to edit these terms in the usual translated 5a file. We don’t edit the merged file, it is only for reference.

I would suggest to have both files open on half of your screen, and scroll them together to spot any other issues that the formula does not detect. Don’t forget that many things were deleted from the formula file, and there may be a mistake in these words. Just like the <Scroll> I gave as an example bellow – could be translated strange for some reason. Also you need to check that translation of terms which are not found in the glossary makes sense (the N/A marked terms). You need to see.

Also after you complete each file, you need to run the 31 characters macro (I believe you have it, right?) and abbreviate any terms which are longer then 31 characters. While checking, try to spot misspellings, but don’t run a separate spellcheck. It’s proofreading, only instead of jumping to glossary for each term, you will need to jump only for “false” marked terms.

Can you try that? If yes, I will explain few more things. We need someone to do section 5.



Yes, your files are 6abcd. Please do them. I think this row is out of JM’s efforts area, so it will be easy for you to spot the “false” (not “wrong”, my mistake) entries. Remember to update them in the small, not merged files.

I am still here for any questions.



It works in this file, I even succeed to instruct Carine to use it, so she took section 6. Thank you so much for help.

I am trying now to explain it to Catherine. Hope she can apply it as well. If she can, I will ask her to do section 5. I will update GS so you will see who does what.

Will be also files 7efg remaining, if you will have time after finishing other files, please take a look at them. Please let me know if you will do them that I will not assign them to someone by mistake.


, do you want me to farm out part of your segments to another person? If so, from what segment?

We’ll also redo the word count, since according to Karel I figured it wrong.


For today I´ve finished translating up to segment 5555. Up to tomorrow noon I think I´ll have finished up to segment 5800.

For me it´ll be ok if you can farm out segments 5801 to 6121 (end).
Until I don´t get other information from you or Karel I´ll continue translating to end.

Please let me know if you´ve found someone to farm out to.


I think we should play it safe. If you have idle proofers who can use the macro, assign the remainder to them. Fixing the files is taking me more time than expected.



If you can get up to 5800 done by tomorrow noon, you might as well continue to the end and finish it by the afternoon.

Also, ‘s busy with other (non-Kenax) project(s?).

Would you be able to take over the lead translator position and take charge of the glossary?

Next, Karel’s mail saying that the reps file is larger that I expected is not quite correct. I know exactly how big it is. But I have applied Karel’s formula wrong, and the word count should be a lot bigger than what I said earlier.

I’m double-checking with Karel one more time to make sure I don’t mistakenly apply the formula again and will let you know the final count later.


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