[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Files Dictionary Available Translated Translation

Ok I just uploaded the file on the server, filename:

It took me 3h40 (I didn’t count the hours spent on it this morning), that was very long and tedious as there were capitals to remove in almost each segment.

I’m sorry but I have to go now, I’ll be back tomorrow morning.


I’m back, don’t hesitate to assign me a new file for tomorrow.


here are the spellchecked files. I added a small .txt where I described the time I spent on each.


Many files received.
I am attaching 6 more files for spellchecking. Please confirm or let me know if you are busy.


Thank you very much for all your help in answering my previous questions, in a clear and simple way, very much appreciated.

I’ve just uploaded the proofreading of 1d into the server and send you all my comments (on my translation and on the dictionary entries) via the “virtual office”.

I’m also available today if you want some more help.


i confirm reception of these!



I am attaching several proofread files, which require spellchecking and issue resolving. Most files actually have no issues, but in file 19e we found several untranslated lines. Please scroll the files – comments are marked clearly in third column, and if there are untranslated lines, please translated them.

Additionally – spellchecking as before. Aside of spellchecking and the issues, there is no need to make any changes to to the text.

Please confirm, or let me know ASAP id you are not available.


No problem, I’m available 5 or 6 hours this afternoon, so it should be done pretty quickly, and I’ll probably have some free time after that if you need help.


In fact I’m working with today, so I might not have time to proofread the proper names files.


Hi, Marl.
Uh, don’t start work on 1b. It’s already done by someone else since we didn’t hear from you.

Work on 1c instead.


Yes, I do need some help.

Below you’ll find the file for 2a and 2d.

There’s also the glossary included. Make sure you check the Dictionary setting (Project -> Settings -> Dictionary) and make sure it’s loaded.

I’m trying a new approach. Instead of giving you an untranslated version and having you alt-insert, here’s a translated version and an updated glossary. On the English side you should see terms marked in red. If you are using View Type 2, you should be able to see the Dictionary term when you click on the red-coloured words. Make sure the French side is the same as the Dictionary definition.

There’s a lot of repetitions here. You may find it faster to use the Search and Replace feature when you run across repeated terms. Pay attention to capitalisation.

Thanks. Let me know if this is faster or slower than the previous method.

” Oh, I almost forgot. Work on 2d only. I’ll have someone else work on 2a.

“Received. Okay, 2d only. I’ll give you feedback on this new approach.


Please find attached the spellchecked files.
Total time: 1h10
Tell me if you still need some help, I have some free time.


I have completed the second batch. As for the first one, I added a file with my time on it.


Files received
Your availability is good news.

I am attaching 4 files for spellchecking. These are PROOFREAD files, I think they don’t have any issues for resolving (but if you see a comment – please resolve.

Please confirm.


Note if it looks like the new method is even slower than before, just switch back to the old method.

At the very least you have an up-to-date glossary. So you don’t have to look back and forth at the Excel file.

To switch back to the old method…. With 2d loaded, go to Options -> File Status -> Untranslated. Say yes if asked whether you want to replace the translation with the original English. This reverts everything to the raw untranslated status.

You can then do Insert All Terms from the dictionary, then set up the Reference Material (from TM.zip), and then do it the previous way. If you do this, make sure you go to Options -> Profile -> Settings and then UNCHECK the “Automatic Search with Alt-Insert”. You need to actually scroll through the segments, find out the English parts, and Alt-Enter it one by one. If we try automating it, Transit will replace the correct dictionary/glossary terms with the old terms from the TM.

We don’t want that. We want the TM to be used for whatever the dictionary doesn’t translate and only that.

Unfortunately we don’t know how to do that automatically. 🙁



” Actually I’ve reversed to the “old way”, which seems faster. Thank you for the tip about unchecking the Automatic Search with Alt-Insert, it does help. “Hi:

Just wanted to let you that I just uploaded the file 2a_French_Fabienne.TXF



Please find attached the spellchecked files.
Total time: 0h40
Still have a little time if needed.


File 2d uploaded. No comments this time (big change compare to the previous file!!! 🙂

I’ll be available again in 8 or 9 hours.

” hmm, seems to be working!

Fabienne, thank you for the upload. Are you available for more?

Let me know if you become available again.

Okay, let me know when you are available again.

Thank you for the files. Sorry I disappeared last night – power went and internet went with it.

Lead translator got back to me about the oe issue:
“The correct spelling is “Å“” though this character might or might not cause problems to be displayed correctly in the game.
This is really a detail though so don’t worry about this, just pick the one that is most commonly used in the files (I’m guessing it would be “oe” and fix the others for consistency if necessary.”

What I think, is that if it’s really not that important. If oe is commonly used to avoid issues with software – let it be oe. But I really wouldn’t focus on this considering all other problems we have with the files.

For today I have a little different mission: I attach several proofread and vetted files. They need to me spellchecked, and the terms abbreviated to 31char length. I run on the files a special macro, which marks the cells the content of which is longer then 31char with yellow.
Please spellcheck and abbreviate the yellow cells.

I am attaching the macro for you – all you need to do is to have the macro file open along with the files you are working on, and press Ctrl+Q shortcut.

Please confirm.

” Hi, yes I am available all weekend…. ”

thank you for the files.
I have few more proofread for spellchecking.
There are some issues in files:
9n – line 148
9k – lines 497,499, 505, 513, 521 (there was inconsistency with other files in translation of the term “provisions”, and in 499 there was a misplaces &sex&)

Please confirm.


prepared the following:

can you farm out 1c and 3a-d
while I sleep? They’re in:

How much of these can you handle?
Perhaps other translators will get online soon. And will get up later and can continue.


OK, I take 1c.

Fabienne” Okay, let me know how long it takes you. Have all the instructions? apparently prepared these such that they should go quickly.

“Received. I’ll try now and tell you if it’s working well with my computer.


Okay, all working. I’m adding in addition a little formula calculating the number of characters. I’ll leave this column in case you want to see what has been change (the background will be blue). If not needed, just delete.



Just got a job from . I’ll post another message when I’m about to be available, which might be in a couple of hours.


Could you please pass this message to the leading translator and ask for instruction?

One more issue about tha translation of LV (for Level). I’ve been told that NV was the correct translation, but I recently saw Niv as well as LV (not translated). I do believe myself that Nv would be the best choice (upper then lower case). But at least go for a 2-digit abbreviation and not a 3-digit one (so please do not pick Niv!!!)

Waiting for your response to modify my files accordingly.


No problem I’ll work on it in a moment (in less than 2 hours though).



Sorry, I’m working on spellchecking with and I won’t have so much time today, so if you need me to proofread some proper names files I guess I won’t have enough time.
If it’s a short one maybe I can help though.

” I have all the instructions, but it’s not really picking up so much translated content. Anyway, I should be done this afternoon. Well, you shouldn’t proceed if its not working properly. I really do not have a budget to get files translated twice.

“The files should all be in French already. They may not be marked as translated, but if that’s important to you, just click on the French side, then go to Options -> File -> Status and choose Translated, and that will mark all the file as translated.

You don’t need to run the dictionary, or to set up a Reference Memory and doing Alt-Insert. It’s just regular proofreading, paying attention to capitalisation, the 31 character limits, and maybe conjugation.

Contact me if there’s any problem and describe them in detail.


Please find attached the spellchecked files.
Total time: 0h45
I still have a little time if need, not that much but if I can help…


I asked myself this question a week ago.
LV, Niv etc are wrong. NV was selected as translation to LV.

Here is the list of abbreviations:

SP (Spirit Points) – PE (Points d’Esprit) [sometimes also Spirit can be abbreviated PE, when matching the context]
AP (Attack Power) – PA (Puissance d’Attaque)
AOE (Area of Effect) – “Zone d’effet”

Please use this list on your files. I have to correct lots of these on vetting, already after proofreading – proofreaders somehow ignore them.

Do you have lot of left with the files I uploaded earlier?


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